Best Coyote Hunting Lights: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

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Are you looking for hunting lights for coyotes? Then you have reached the right place to get all the information. 

Why would you need a hunting light for them? The fact is they are mostly nocturnal animals that are cunning, swift, and mean. You certainly need a light to find your way with them. This is why we have found you the Best Coyote Hunting Lights that will elevate your game.

How To Choose The Best Coyote Hunting Lights?

The whole idea of buying these lights is to get a good degree of visibility when you are out hunting at night. You do not want to end up with something that tends to be cumbersome for you. So here are some quick pointers for you to keep in mind before you make such purchases.


You have to remember that coyotes have very good vision even when it is dark but they do not bother about green and red. So, you should stick to these colors only if your primary goal is to hunt coyotes. So select a color that will help you stay in the dark without being seen.


Select a flashlight that helps you control the brightness of the light so that you do not repel the animal with too much brightness.


This is very important as you do not want to feel uncomfortable while using the gun with the light on it. So select something that you are comfortable with.

Price And Brand

These lights are available in various price ranges so fix a budget before you go out to buy one. Also, select a reputed brand that produces good quality products even if you have to shell out a couple of extra bucks.

Reviews Of The Top Coyote Hunting Lights

Here is a list of the Best Coyote Hunting Lights that are reliable enough:

The one reason why you will love this flashlight is simply that it is very bright. The brightness covers a lot of areas which what you would look for in such a flash. So if you are out on a hunting night this will be your best companion.

700 Lumens is the maximum brightness that this flashlight can produce and it is more than enough. You can also control the brightness as per your requirement. This is waterproof to a great extent and this makes it an excellent choice for you.

The Led light merely weighs 7.6 ounces which makes it very portable and so you can take it just about anywhere. The sales package also contains a mounting kit along with remote control for ease of operation.

You will also get a pair of completely rechargeable batteries and a dual-channel charger with a car adapter. The quality of the product is outstanding and undisputed. There is no reason that you will feel disappointed with this.


  • The package comes with a car charger, pressure switch, batteries, and mounting equipment
  • The beam emitted from the flashlight can cover an area of 377 yards and this is quite impressive
  • This can be used with batteries that can be recharged which also come with a car charger
  • The light is very bright and clear
  • This is perfect for hunting varmints, coyote, and predators
  • Very affordable and high-quality product
  • Can be purchased online without any problems


  • The green light and red lights are sold separately
  • The batteries do not seem to retain charge for very long but it does not affect the performance of the flashlight in any way
  • The light may seem too bright but the intensity can be controlled by tweaking the settings

If you are looking for the Best Coyote Hunting Lights this is one light that is a lot different than the others. The red filter gives you a very clear vision at night without being discovered by the animal. With a high level of brightness and red light you can get the best out of your shots every time.

This has an adjustable focus which makes things a lot easier for you, the light given out has a good range and can reach a height of 1350 feet. The focus will allow you to use it like searchlights to detect targets.

You will be given 4 color options for the light such as green, white, red and the standard IR850 light. The light has two settings high and single and the output is 100 lumens.  The total runtime is 3.3 hours. This is designed for hunting coyotes and predators.

The flashlight comes with a sturdy aluminum mount which can also be used with shotguns. This also features a remote switch that can take the pressure off from your hands. The button is noiseless.

The construction is pretty sturdy and it is designed for rough usage outdoors. You can use this in the forests and can also be exposed to rainfall as it is waterproof.


  • This can be mounted on to various weapons
  • This has adjustable focus and has light options of blue, red, green, and white
  • This is highly shock resistant and waterproof
  • The body is made from a special grade of aluminum
  • This is a very affordable product and it can be purchased online


  • The beam is square but that not affect the performance at all
  • The switch is not that durable but that also depends on how the customers tend to use it.

If you wish to buy a flashlight that covers a big area then this is what you should be looking at. With its multiple filter options, you can get the best out of your night hunting sessions. You will certainly have no qualms about buying this wonderful product.

The brightness of the light goes up to 1000 lumens which is combined with a powerful V3 LED that enhances the brightness. The P30 covers an area of 676 yards. This is a very good feature that most customers look for.

This hunting light is a very versatile product and it offers green and red filters, this can be used for a variety of situations such as hunting, and tactical operations. Even if you are first-timer do not worry as it is very easy to use. 

The interface features dual-button that gives you full control over the operation. The sales package contains a smart charger, rechargeable battery, pressure switch, mount, green and red filters, clip, battery magazine, lanyard, holster, and flashlight.

The overall quality of the kit is very good and the manufacturer also provides a suitable warranty on the parts. In short, this kit is all you need to have a fulfilling hunting activity.


  • This provides high visibility and the brightness is very consistent
  • The level of brightness can be fully customized
  • The kit contains all the right equipment
  • Features a dual switch to facilitate smooth control
  • It has green and light filters for different situations
  • The overall construction is very strong
  • Very affordable option
  • Readily available on the internet


  • The colored filters tend to make the light very bright but it can be controlled
  • The distance of the beam is not that good but it does not affect the level of accuracy
  • The pressure switch may be very fragile but with careful usage, it can last for a long time

Are you trying to buy a hunting light set that is worth every penny? Well, consider your prayers answered. This set from Windfire is just what the doctor ordered for you to have a fulfilling hunting game. So go ahead a read about its wonderful features.

Sturdy construction and high water resistance make this the ideal product to buy. The Greenlight adds a sufficient amount of brightness which is a very positive feature of this product.

With the right mounting kit, this is compatible with most shotguns, rifles, and hand-pistols. The sales package contains a barrel mount, pressure switch, charger, rechargeable battery, and green hunting light.

The beam from the flashlight can cover an area of 250 yards, this makes it perfect for hunting varmints, predators, and coyotes. You will not be disappointed with its performance.

The manufacturer has been in the business for several years and so you can be assured of getting a decent warranty on the product. This is super easy to operate so even a first-timer will not struggle with it.


  • This can be used with a wide variety of weapons with the right kind of mount
  • The flashlight comes with a pressure switch, mount, charger, and battery
  • The batteries can be recharged and come with a car charger
  • The green light does not scare the animals so you can take down your target with a lot of ease
  • The construction is very durable and the product is very water resistant
  • The price is quite affordable and this can be bought online


  • The flashlight is a bit heavy but does not hinder the performance
  • The mount may seem fragile but that hardly creates a problem
  • The pressure switch does not last but then again gentle and careful usage adds to its longevity

Spotting a coyote is no easy job and you need the best hunting gear to accomplish your goals. The Best Coyote Hunting Lights that we have mentioned in this post are quality lights that can add to your adrenaline rush. Try them. 

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