Best Barrel Vise: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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Investing in the Best Barrel Vise is a very sensible thing to do. Working with barrels particularly with any rifle can be very tough. The installation has to be carried out very carefully as you have to apply the correct amount of torque. Removing the rifle from a barrel is also not easy. By now you have understood that a barrel vise is more of an asset than just another item on your list.

It does not matter how you are going to use the barrel it is essential that it is vised. A vised barrel will make sure that everything stays in place and it also eliminates the chances of the barrel slipping. Here is what you should know about a barrel vise.

How To Use The Best Barrel Vise?

Using one is pretty simple as they do not have complicated mechanism. You can find the best way to use them like this:

  • Typically they come with a comprehensive user manual that explains every thin in simple language.
  • Just make sure that you go easy with it as you do not want your efforts to turn into a disaster.
  • You could get also get a gunsmith to help you out with things.

Review Of The Best Barrel Vise

We have a rundown that can help you further with this quest of yours:

You can now pretty much forget about when you faced problems with vise jaws causing scratches or marring. This Best Barrel Vise from ATLN has special pads that are made from strong nylon that eliminate marring of any kind. The pads do a pretty neat job in holding materials such as threaded or anodized items in place.

The grooved design makes this a very versatile item. This can be used for activities such as making jewelry, gunsmithing, and woodworking. These soft padded jaws are compatible with any vise that measures 6 inches or more in length. These vise jaws are often used on bench vises, armorer vises, press vises, milling vises, and machine vises.


  • This boast of universal compatibility
  • The grooved design facilitates proper functioning
  • Ideal for AN fittings, tubing, threaded items, making jewelry, woodworking, and gunsmithing
  • The installation is very easy. The jaws will attach very easily with the vise thanks to the neodymium magnets. You do not need to use bolts or screws.
  • The jaws on this are very tough and have soft nylon pads that prevent the materials from sustaining damage and marring


  • The pads are not as soft as claimed by the company but the performance remains unaffected

This barrel vise is used by most professionals simply because it provides the best results with minimum efforts. The top end of the barrel vise is attached to a base using 4 bolts made of steel. This helps to distribute the pressure evenly all over the barrel. The body of the barrel vise is made using thick aluminum.

This vise includes two cowhides one has to be placed beneath the barrel and one has to be placed over it. This enhances static friction which provides the barrel with a lot of protection. The dimensions of the vise make it compatible with many barrels and standard shotguns.

Mechforce has kept the design very simple but has not compromised on the strength of the product. This is a very handy tool and you should include this on your list of things to purchase.


  • This is specifically designed for standards barrels
  • This is constructed in America, so the quality is very high
  • All the components are very strong and durable which means they will not wear out soon
  • Made from the highest quality of aluminum
  • The grooved design helps to reduce contact stress and protects the barrels from getting dented


  • For some users, this tool may be a little heavy owing to its aluminum body but it is no big deal as it still provides great results

If you were to have a conversation with other gun owners you will hear them mention Wheeler quite a few times. Wheeler is a brand that is known to make good quality gun tools, and this barrel vise is a perfect example. This may look like a conventional vise but it does work very well and you will certainly not be disappointed with it at all.

The body is a combination of wood and steel components, very reliable indeed.  This utilizes oak bushings and has 3 different types of bushings. One is for barrels that measure 1 inch, the other is meant for barrels measuring ¾ inches, and the last one is a solid bushing that needs to a diameter of your choice.

This is indeed a very useful tool as it offers a lot of stability when you are working on a barrel. The simple design makes it very easy to use so as a first-timer it should be smooth sailing.


  • This barrel vise works well
  • This ability to provide an adequate holding force
  • This comes with three bushings out of which one can be customized as per one’s requirements
  • The overall quality and design are quite impressive


  • The wooden blocks are fragile but if handled with care they will not sustain any damage

Are you looking for a reliable barrel vise that is reliable? Well, this vise from Viper is set to blow your mind with its outstanding results. This vise is small but does not let that fool you as it’s built to impress. The small compact size makes it seamless for congested benches while shooting.

The base measures 3x7 inches and the square plate on the top measures 4 inches and has 4 bolts locked in position. These bolts do a great job of keeping your gun stable at all times. The bolts come with a special support spring that will give the gun a proper fit even when you are tightening the bolts.

The bolts are made from premium quality steel and are designed for regular and heavy use. The body of the barrel is made from sturdy aluminum and is highly durable. This is a very simple tool and very reliable.


  • The barrel vise is made from a special 6061 grade of aluminum
  • Features a thick bottom that adds to the strength and stability
  • Has four threaded bolts along with a special support spring
  • The quality and small size of the vise makes it a unique tool


  • Since it has a sturdy build it can be a little heavy for some users but then again this is not a major problem as it performs well


What Is A Barrel Vise?

Ans. In simple words, it is a tool that makes it easy to install the barrel easy for you. If you love your weapon, then it is advisable that you invest in a quality barrel vise. It will provide the right torque when installing it and make it easier for you to remove it as well.

Is Installing A Barrel Vise Risky?

Ans. Look, this is an apprehension that will prevail when using a vacuum cleaner on the floor. Will it scratch my floors? The point is you need the vac to keep your house and office clean. 

Likewise, this barrel vise thing can make your job effortless. All you need to do is to lubricate the threads that are located studs to prevent rubbing. That should do the trick!

How To Look For A Barrel Vise?

Ans. Buying the right barrel vise is not easy but at the same time, it is not impossible. With a little patience and caution, you will eventually find exactly what you are looking for. Here is what you can do to make things easier, like:

  • Research about them more from forums and ask questions if required
  • Of course, take the pricing into account
  • Also look at the quality of materials that the vise is made from

So, now that you are equipped with the right knowledge you will no trouble buying the Best Barrel Vise in the market. The above-mentioned models are all very impressive as they produce great results when used the right way selecting the right barrel vise helps you from making expensive mistakes.

These models may have their cons but the pros out weight them any day and honestly, you could not ask for more. So do not hesitate, go out and get you any one of these barrel vises and you will certainly face no disappointments. These are nothing less than assets that will benefit you for a lifetime.

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