Top 3 Best Ar 15 Cleaning Kit To Look For

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There is no denying the fact that the AR 15 is a professional weapon. It needs regular maintenance to perform like one. Are you a proud owner of one? If yes, then chances are high that you are always on the look for the Best Ar 15 Cleaning Kit.

Today, we bring you the details about 3 of the best ones and more that you can take advantage of. We recommend you to read the whole of this post and then decide for yourself. 

Quick Answer: The 6 Best AR 15 Cleaning Kits

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How To Choose The Best Ar 15 Cleaning Kit?

This is no rocket science, but you need to have some basic understanding of how to choose an AR 15 cleaning kit. If you love your weapon, then you must keep it clean. In order to clean it you need a kit that will not only keep it well preserved but also help you with your outdoor activities.

We have noted down a few pointers for you to get started in this direction. Have a look and then decide for yourself.

  • Contents of the kit – This is no brainer because the pack you will be investing in must have the basic equipments to clean your rifle. How do you ensure that you have a kit with them all? Just read the instructions, online reviews or magazines (related to guns) to get the hang of things. You can even visit an online store to read the description of the contents of the kit and take a call. Doesn’t that sound like a plan?
  • Durability of the cleaner – Don’t worry, most cleaning tools are hardwearing and you will often find the cleaning tools to be very durable. An AR 15 cleaning kit should in the least last you long and for that it has to be sturdy. You must check on that to ensure that it serves it purpose well.
  • Safe – Make sure that your gun remains protected and your cleaner does not scratch your gun in the spree of cleaning. It must not have sharp or edge brushes that could cause more harm than you would think of. 
  • Efficient – Most kits can be carried outside the house but they are compact in size. Some of them even come with a belt clip to make it convenient to carry. You must be able to clean your gun thoroughly and that means you must get all kinds of gears for that. A quality cleaner will have it all and this will make your cleaning more proficient.
  • Easy to use – There will be no point in investing in something very critical especially if you are a novice. That implies, the Best Ar 15 Cleaning Kit will be effortless to use. This will make it less annoying for you to clean your much priced possession.

Benefits of an AR 15 Cleaning Kit

You need to quick clean your gun every time you fire it without a doubt. However, you must make sure that you of full cleaning of your gun once in a few weeks. Why so? Read the following discussion as it will answer for the benefits of the AR 15 kit along with this query:

  • A cleaning kit keeps your gun protected and adds to its endurance
  • Cleaning your gun on a timely basis ensures that it does not misfire when required
  • Prevents damage by elements like rust, dust, dirt, rain, dew or sunlight
  • The best part about a cleaning kit is that it helps you save a lot
  • You don’t need to purchase each and every component separately
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Top 3 Best Ar 15 Cleaning Kit Reviews

Here are the 3 Best Ar 15 Cleaning Kit that you would need to about:

This premium cleaning kit is a comprehensive maintenance gear. You do not need to look further beyond if you have this at hand and this is not an exaggeration for sure. It contains all the essential supplies that you need to clean a gun in an effective manner.

In addition to this, it must be told that this equipment serves good for novices as well.


  • This includes accessories like chamber brush, eyelet, brush head, bore brush and a clear instructions booklet to help you operate your AR 15
  • The rod is made from brass that makes it safe for the internal finish
  • It can be angled very easily and this flexibility is easily mistaken as it being flimsy
  • The brush head has nylon bristles for efficient cleaning
  • Moreover, the scraper makes removal of carbon a breeze 


  • The bore patches are thin and that means you don’t have to push down the barrel, in case you are one who likes little resistance, then this could disappoint you
  • The rods are weak and tend to weak easily

This is a modern gun cleaning kit that is the most affordable on this list. It is an inclusive ensemble of a rifle cleaning kit that comes with BONE tool (to clean the bolts), a zippered case, cleaning rods, bore brush and everything that you would need to clean your gun.

Besides, there is no need to explain that Otis is a renowned name in this industry and they know what to incorporate in their cleaning kits for certain. 


  • Very compact AR 15 cleaning kit
  • Specially designed for cleaning 5.56mm and 223 caliber rifles
  • The soft belt clip is very light in weight makes it convenient to tug it along
  • The bronze bore brush ensures safety of the internal lining of your rifle
  • Considered good for people with all levels of expertise
  • Makes up for a great field carry tool
  • By all means, it is made in the USA


  • It is too compact and that makes you lose your gear pretty easy if not handled with care
  • It lacks bore snake for a quick cleaning 

This is a complete set that does more justice to the name of Otis than any of its products. By far, this has to be one of the best creations that can not only remove carbon and other build up to protect your rifle, but also reach hard to places for achieving the desired results.

You get a MOLLE belt attachment for easy lugging, bore brush, lens cleaner and lens brush (for the cleaning the optics). In a way it can be said that it is an all inclusive gear that you must not miss out on.


  • The belt clip helps you carry it along for your field expeditions
  • You can use it both at home and outdoors
  • It can help you clean your weapon in an effectual way
  • It supports you maintain the functioning of your firearm
  • You are always battle ready with this kit around
  • The bronze bore brush makes it safe for internal usage
  • Expect smooth cleaning with this Otis and nothing more


  • The problem lies with some of the parts being too small, you must clean on a table or a surface if you don’t want to misplace anything
  • An expensive bargain that you can’t deny


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In your quest for the Best Ar 15 Cleaning Kit you must not forget that the AR 15 is a sophisticated weapon. It is perfectly capable of working in adverse environments and this is why it is very much in demand. A seamless weapon like the AR 15 certainly needs a little of your time. You must choose a cleaning kit with care for your precious gun because of this. It is an imperative to keep this gun spic and span if you expect it to function well. A good cleaning kit most definitely can make all the difference to your AR 15.

On that note, we would like take your leave, hoping you have our endeavors with this post. Please feel free to share your comments with us and let us know if you would like to know more about these accessories.

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