Facts You Never Knew About Aimpoint T1 Vs H1

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Aimpoint is a reputed company that goes back to 1975, it then that the company came up with optics that featured red dots. The initial models were quite heavy, but gradually the manufacturer improved on the designs and added more user-friendly designs.

This post is designed to help you understand all the aspects of the debate between Aimpoint T1 vs H1.

Once you go through the information provided in the post you will have a clear understanding of everything. So, you will not experience any difficulty in picking the right one for yourself. Have a look and educate yourself.

The Different Facts Related To Aimpoint T1 vs H1

Here are some facts on both the optics that might interest you and help you make a wise selection between the two. Read on to learn interesting facts.

Features Of Aimpoint H1

This particular optic was created for hunters. It has a very sturdy construction. Here are some of the features

  • This is free from parallax and this facilitates accurate shooting even during low – light conditions
  • This works great with any hunting revolver and helps to locate targets much faster
  • This optic does not add too much weight to a rifle

Features Of Aimpoint T1

It is always important to have equipment of the right weight and size during important missions. The T1 has introduced a sophisticated aiming feature that brings out the best from your firearm. This is very compatible with handguns, submachine guns, shotguns, carbines, and rifles. This can be used with big magnifying scopes, imaging scopes, and night vision. Here is a brief look at some key features.

  • This can be utilized by people during hunting sessions along with night vision.
  • This provides clear and bright images at all times
  • The lens has a special coating in the front for good light transmission
  • The build is very strong
  • The optics come with 8 dedicated settings for brightness and 4 different settings for night vision

The Similarities

Now what you should know about the optics is that they have red dot non-holographic reticles. Both of them are quite light and compact. They have good eye relief. They both operate on CR2032 batteries. The good thing about the optics is that they can perform for 50,000 hours in daylight settings. The quality is superb and so you can be rest assured that they will last for a very long time to come. They may resemble each other, but the truth is that they have a lot of differences.

Exploring The Differences: Aimpoint T1 vs H1

Now, you have to understand that both the optics have been created for fulfilling different purposes.  The T1 is for tactical and the H1 is for hunting purposes so it is evident that they will come with different features. Here is how they differ from each other.

Hunting Purposes

The H1 model is designed to be compatible with many different weapons such as compound bows, hunting rifles, shotguns, and bore revolvers. This optic is extremely versatile. So, if you are looking for something reliable and compact then this is what you should be looking at. You will certainly not be disappointed with this optic.

Tactical Purposes

This optic was always created to fulfill tactical requirements. The optic is used in weapons such as shotguns, and submachine guns. The biggest plus point that this optic has is that it is lightweight, which means it will not weigh down the weapon. This feature has gone down rather well with the users.

The Reticles

You will be happy to know that the optics utilizes 2 or 4 MOA red dot reticles. When it comes to the H1 model it has 12 different settings for daylight, this model also has settings to increase the visibility of the red dot. The T1 model has 8 settings for daylight and 4 different settings for night vision. You must keep these differences in mind before you go out and make purchases.

The Difference In The Mounts

The T1 comes with a very sturdy Larue mount. These mounts are most used by people who indulge in tactical situations. On the other hand, the H1 is available with a fantastic Aimpoint mount. The only thing that separates the optics is the trigger pulls.


The H1 comes at a much cheaper price compared to the T1 (you need to check the latest price) this is because it does not have the reliable Larue mount. The money you save from that can be used to acquire a hunting license or buy ammo. You must consider the price before you move ahead.

Rail Concerns 

The T1 is created to mount onto a Picatinny rail, whereas the H1 incorporates a base modeled on the Weaver-style. Everybody knows that Picatinny is perfect for tactical situations and every country uses this for weapons. Weapons like sniper rifles, MP5, and AR 15. People who indulge in hunting activities will go for the Weaver. This works well with crossbows and compounds that have rail mounts.

Weaver and Picatinny rails do not have a lot of differences. It is the size of the slots that differ. The slots on the Picatinny measure .206 and the Weaver has lots that measure.180. You always have the option of interchanging the optics and accessories, but if you wish to get the best performance then you have to use the correct base.


You have to consider the eight as you do not want to end up with something that adds too much weight to your firearm. Both optics weigh approximately 3.7 ounces along with the mount. The optics have the same dimensions, which is a good thing.

Others Areas Of Comparison

Well, you will be happy to know that both optics are incredibly efficient and well-made. They showcase durability, which is an indication that the products have a long life. The military force in the USA uses T1 for tactical purposes. The T1 has a higher level of resistance to water and can be dipped in water up to a depth of 25 meters. The T1 is often used on a carbine and produces good results.

The T1 and H1 give the users optic with high-quality. These optics have flawless performance and they come with a range of sophisticated features like Larue mount, water-resistant, and NGV capability. These may cost a bit of extra money but at the end of the day, it is certainly worth it.

The H1 comes with a very bright reticle, which is most suitable for the daytime. For hunters, this is an advantage as most of the hunting takes place in the late evening or early morning. The H1 may have fewer features than the T1, but it is not a major deal-breaker. However, the H1 shares a lot of compatibility with a variety of weapons such as handguns, compound bows, and many more.

Which One Should You Buy?

The truth is there is no simple answer to that. It all depends on what you want to use it for. Both optics are very good and have features that most users will love. As mentioned above if you are into hunting then the H1 is something that you should focus on.

If you participate in tactical combat situations, the T1 is your best friend. Always consider your personal preference before you go and procure. These optics are available online, you should read the description properly.  The manufacturer has introduced massive improvements to the optics so you will not have to struggle with the performance.

So, now that you are equipped with the right kind of knowledge. You now have the power to make the right choice when it comes to Aimpoint T1 vs H. Just do not make a hurried decision, go over the information mentioned above, and then forge ahead.

Like most products, these too have their share of pros and cons, but the cons are minor so do not let them discourage you. Both the optics come with advanced features that will allow you to achieve maximum accuracy with your firearm. They are super easy to install and use. Do not hold back any longer, use them once and you will never regret it.

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