Which Shotgun Choke Is The Most Open? – The Most Detailed Answer For You

A shotgun is the most chosen gun for hunting trips. For your hunting to be as effective as it should be, your gun needs a good shotgun choke. Since not all are familiar with the use of this item, the most frequently asked question is which shotgun choke is the most open? But don’t worry about it, this article will help you answer!

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What Is Shotgun Choke?

We can use pistols for a variety of applications, such as hunting or simple home defense, yet its performance is not appreciated at all. As a result, hunters often use shotgun choke to improve this.

A shotgun choke is a threaded metal tube that is attached to the muzzle end of the barrel. It is similar to the faucet part of a garden hose. When the faucet is tightened, water will shoot out in a narrow and long stream. And vice versa, the water will shoot out wider if the faucet is loose or open.

The shotgun’s firing pattern or spread is controlled by a shotgun choke. It helps to shape the firing distance and improve accuracy and better range.

The shotgun choke – An important accessory ( Image from www.shootinguk.co.uk)

Which Shotgun Choke Is The Most Open?

People have compared choke shotgun samples by using sample percentage and density. For example, a 50% muting pattern indicates that half of the ammunition can reach a range of a 30-inch radius.

Choke samples are typically tested at 40 yards, with the exception of cylindrical and oblique. You can calculate this metric by dividing the number of hits inside the circle by the total number of bullets in the shell. The number of bullets is usually available in the manufacturer’s product description, or you can count it manually. 

The percentage helps determine the type of stuffing you will need for different goals. Therefore, this parameter is really important when you choose shotgun choke. A good tip for you is to find a choke that has a large enough sample size without scattering the bullets too far apart.

Please refer to the data table below:

ChokeConstrictionPercentIdentification (Notches)
Cylinder.00040 at 40 yd
70 at 25 yd
IIIII notches
Improved Cylinder.01050IIII notches
Skeet 1.00545 at 40 yd
75 at 25 yd
Skeet 2 (light Mod.).01555
Modified.02060III notches
Improved Modified.02565II notches
Full.03070I notch
Extra Full.04073

Based on the data in the table above, we see that out of all the choke types available, the cylinder choke is the most open. It’s called the “no groove” thing.

What Types Of Shotgun Chokes?

Shotgun choke includes three kinds:

Fixed Shotgun choke: This type is very difficult to replace unless with the assistance of a gunsmith. Therefore, make sure that your changes are necessary for a long time.

Interchangeable Shotgun Choke: Unlike the fixed choke mentioned above, you can easily replace it at any time.

Adjustable Shotgun Choke: It is appreciated for its ease of installation. You simply rotate the choke sleeve to change the position of the collet.

What Models Of Shotgun Chokes?

There is no doubt about the benefits of choke in hunting. However, only models with large apertures provide optimal performance. Can you guess which shotgun choke is the most open? 

Here are the most prominent representatives.

Some models Of Shotgun Chokes (Image by Hunters Ed Course)

Extra or Super Full

This shotgun choke model is ideal when hunting turkeys. Its stuffing part is extremely tight with dense structure, making your shots tighter and longer as you fire.


There is tight suffocation with dense structure in this shock, but not as much as in the sample above. It can fire about 70% of shells at a range of 30 inches when fired at a range of 40 yards. This performance is really impressive if you want to shoot guns, waterfowl, or turkeys.

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The tightness of this pattern is less than its two brothers above. Modified choke only conveys about 60% of bullets in 30 inches when fired at 40 yards. It is the best choke for waterfowl or highland bird hunts. In addition, you can also use this template in hunting small creatures like rabbits or use it to shoot traps.

Enhanced Cylinder

Compared to other chokes, Enhanced Cylinder is not as restrictive as the Modified one. This is because it will scatter 50% of the bullets at a distance of 40 yards. This choke pattern is often used by shooters when hunting waterfowl or waterfowl from close range.


Well, we highly recommend this choke because it doesn’t have any tightening. When fired at 40 meters, it only dispersed 40% of the bullets. Therefore, it is permitted by law for use in government pistols.


As mentioned above, choke selection is extremely important for gun users since it has a direct effect on the outcome of your shots. In response to the question stated at the beginning of the article, “which shotgun choke is the most open?”, we really appreciate the design of the cylinder.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will find the best choker model and have a safe and effective experience.

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