What Should Be Used To Screw On Broadheads? – Tips For Bow Users

Bowhunting is a great sport that should not be played by the faint of heart and the weak of hands. If you want to get into bowhunting, you should know how to invest in the right equipment and take proper care of your tools.

Read this article on “What should be used to screw on broadheads?” to get started!

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What Is The Construction Of A Broadhead?

Broadhead is one of the various arrow types that you can get for your hunting trip. It is also one of the most commonly used arrowheads in the bowhunting community at this point, as you get a lot of benefits from using it.

Moreover, as the number of blades on a broadhead varies on your choice of products, you must choose them carefully. You will also be able to choose if the head is permanently stuck on the arrow shaft or switchable for you to customize more easily. 

This article will focus on the switchable broadhead and talk about how it can be installed. It is lucky for you if you already have a premade broadhead arrow. However, it means that you will not need to read these paragraphs at all. Otherwise, scroll down if you want to know how to properly connect the arrow shaft to the separate arrowhead!

What Should Be Used To Screw On Broadheads?

To install broadheads safely and correctly, the special broadhead wrench is the tool for the job. Aside from that, you will need some glue and other safety implements!

The Main Tool You Need

Since arrowheads are made to pierce through flesh or target boards, they are hairsplitting sharp. You will not want to put your fingers where meat can be cut through like paper, and wearing gloves is not entirely helpful either.

Therefore, it is a must to use the special wrench provided with the broadband package to ensure that the arrowhead is inserted correctly and firmly. Using typical industrial wrenches might work to a lesser degree, and you will not be able to tune with the ending result very well. 

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Other Tools To Consider

  • Arrow tip covers: Use arrow covers while inserting the broadheads into their designated place; otherwise, you would risk hurting yourself. Be sure to cover the entire broadhead, rather than just the tip. Don’t be a part of the casualty statistics!
  • Glue: It can be the cold type like superglue or hot glue like the kind you get from long plastic tubes and a gun. The choice between either of these options depends on you and your style of working. We will talk about this a little more later.
  • Cloth: It does not matter if you are using hot glue or cold glue. Please have a cloth beside you or near your working space so you can clean up any residue or glue spillage. This cloth will also allow you to wipe your hands when it gets too slippery from sweat; you will need squeaky clean hands while working with sharp arrow tips!

How To Screw On Broadheads

Prepare Your Tools

Gather all of the tools above before you start your work. Besides, take this time to check the broadhead’s shape to see how you can hold it without leaving a cut in your hands.

Start Gluing

Before gluing, cut your arrow shaft to your preferred length. In detail, the length of your arrow will completely depend on your shooting style, your stature, and the length of your arrowhead. (If you have trouble identifying the correct length for you, you can always ask your coach or the manufacturers for advice.)

Afterward, start to try on the arrow insert to check for alignment. Both the arrow insert and your alignment fletchings should be balanced enough that when you lay the shaft on a flat surface, both ends are touching the table at the same time. When you have balanced the tip, you should use a marker to make a fit mark on your insert.

Now, there are two ways you can go about gluing, which are either with hot glue or cold glue. If you’re opting for hot glue, you will get a stronger and sturdier screw job. Apply the glue to the base of your inserter and put it into the arrow’s body according to the mark you have made beforehand. Please be careful not to burn your hands while using the hot glue gun.

Using cold glue will be similar, as you will also have to add the adhesive to the base of your inserter before letting it join the whole arrow construct. However, cold glue is not entirely sturdy, so watch out for wiggly heads in the future! Using superglue works, but once you have inserted the broadhead, there is no room for adjusting, like with hot glue.

Follow The Alignment

Follow the mark you have made on both the inserter and the arrow’s body to ensure the fit is right. Additionally, our trick is to lay the arrow on a flat surface while you aim your inserter to make sure that only one of your hands will betray you.

If your application is not as precise as you think, and the inserter misses its mark, hurry and make the adjustments before the glue sets in. If you do not do this, you will end up with an arrow that is very difficult to tune while on your bow.

Be sure to clean up any spillage or sticky glue residue where the inserter and the arrow body meets. You will not want to start aiming and have the arrow tip get stuck to the bow when you let go. Besides, you will want to keep your workspace clean to make room for other arrows to be worked on as well!

Screw on the broadhead into the inserter with your special arrow wrench, and you are officially done with this particular arrow!

Repeat With Other Arrows

That should be all the steps you need to have a finished broadhead arrow. You can safely repeat these steps with the other arrows you have in your kit (as no one ever has only one arrow & scope). Just make sure your workspace remains spotless while you are doing your work, or the last few arrows are going to turn quite ugly.

We advise you to work on one arrow at a time and only move the arrows once the glue is completely dry!

If Necessary, Call For Help

If you make a mistake or can’t seem to bring yourself to work on your broadheads, you can always contact your dealer or any professionals to do it for you. You won’t regret the help!

Our Final Words 

That should be all for this “What should be used to screw on broadheads?” article. All in all, only if you take good care of your bows, arrows, and other tools necessary for the hunt will you be able to score the game and venison you want.

So we hope that this guide serves you well, and we wish you a great hunting trip!


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