Reasons Why You Should Invest In Best Tactical Lights For Glocks

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If you are on the lookout for the Best Tactical Lights for Glock then your search should end here. 

These are some of the best models in the market and they are packed with incredible features that make them unique from the others. Install any one of these and watch how you improve on your shooting by a huge margin. Here is what you should know about these flashlights.

How to choose Tactical Lights For Glock?

Here are the qualities that you should look before you go out and decide to buy a tactical flashlight for your Glock weapon.


Firstly you would want to buy a product that is strong and sturdy. So settle for one that has a strong aluminum build and is resistant to shock. You also want something lightweight as you do not want your gun to become overly heavy.


Buy something that can produce a bright light and which also covers a good distance. Bright light can help you tackle an attacker. Also, focus on buying something with laser and strobe light functions. These will be immensely helpful in getting you to spot your target.


Finalize a budget as it will help you find exact what you are looking for. Stick to your budget. Nonetheless, remember that the price may go up, but get one that is helpful at end of the day. This will also make sure that you can use your ammunition wisely.


Go for a flashlight that has a wider or a tighter beam as this will make a positive impact on any dire situation. Take the time to look at various brands that are in the market, as this will help you comprehend the product better.

Review Of The Best Tactical Lights For Glock

Below is a rundown of the top tactical lights for Glock:

Streamlight happens to be a very reputed brand in the market and this tactical flashlight is simply outstanding. This flashlight is resistant to high temperature, it is waterproof, lightweight and very compact.

This has all the features that any customer will fall in love with instantly. It features an ambidextrous switch, a programmable strobe, and a shock-resistant LED technology. With continuous usage, this one will get accustomed to its functioning in no time.

The flashlight is quite bright and it gives you a perfect view of your target, this can also be used to distract an attacker. The overall construction is superb as the body is made using aluminum and completed with an anodized finish. This is resistant to weather conditions too.

If you manage to have a strong grip on the gun then this light will not come in contact with the muzzle. The quality and the affordable price are both enough to win you over.


  • This is easy to attach and remove from the gun

  • This will work continuously for 90 minutes

  • The battery can be replaced very easily

  • The manufacturer gives a warranty valid for a lifetime


  • The strobe light goes off once the finger is removed from the switch

  • The light may be too bright

If you are on the lookout for an affordable option in tactical flashlight then this is exactly what you should get. This is not only very compatible with Glock pistols but with a host of others too, this is what makes this flashlight unique. This has a 500 lumens LED beam that has an easy access strobe function.

The light is so bright that you can fight off any intruder by blinding him. This is very easy to operate and can be used by almost anyone. This is compatible with a wide range of pistols.

The overall construction is very sturdy as it is made from very sturdy aluminum. This flashlight is extremely resistant to water and can endure all kinds of weather conditions. This can go through many rounds without experiencing any malfunction. There is no doubt that this is worth purchasing.


  • This has a 12 month warranty

  • Very lightweight and the body is made from very strong aluminum

  • This compatible with any type of rail

  • Has premium features for an affordable price

  • Illuminates a wide area


  • The battery is not high quality but overall the flashlight is very long-lasting

  • The strobe function  does not have an intuitive setup

If you are looking for the best tactical flashlight for a reasonable price well then you should look at this one for sure. This is perfect for any user using a Glock pistol. The installation is very easy.

The overall quality is very impressive and there is no doubt that this will last forever and will go without a scratch. The body is constructed from very strong aluminum. The robust design makes this tactical flashlight withstand various climatic conditions.

This comes with three different settings and you can even combine two modes and use them. The brightness goes up to 100 lumens and can reach an area of 90 meters.

The installation and removal are pretty easy. This can be readily bought online and it is very affordable too. The lightweight of the product is what makes it a preferable choice for all the users.


  • Completely ambidextrous and has three different modes for operation

  • Features a soft touch button to turn on the light

  • Very easy to detach and attach

  • The price is just right

  • Quality is very good and the construction is solid


  • Achieves a brightness of only 100 lumens

This is one tactical flashlight that should come on top of your list. This produces a brightness of 125 lumens that is quite good as it can help you spot your targets in the pitch dark.

This is powered by a single CR2 battery and can provide light nonstop for about 1.5 hours. The switch is ambidextrous so use any one of your hands to switch it off. This features a red laser that can go up to 640mm and it can be used for almost 11 hours, this is one brilliant aspect of this tactical flashlight.

The laser can cover a very wide area during the day and it turns on from the minute you touch the gun. So you no longer have to operate too many buttons. The construction and the quality of the flashlight is very impressive and it is built to last.


  • The red laser is very visible

  • Has three modes that it operates from

  • Has shock resistance mechanism

  • Requires no special tool for installation

  • Very lightweight


  • This does not come with a strobe function

  • The clamp is made of plastic and it is fragile but that does not affect the performance of the flashlight.

This is a combo that includes a compact and light in weight tactical flashlight along with a green laser. This brightens up to 100 lumens very easily. This fits very well in between the muzzle and trigger and does not cause any obstruction at all.

The great thing is that the laser can go up to an area of 200 yards during the day. The laser comes on automatically immediately after drawing it. So you do not have to fiddle around with too many buttons at all.

This features many different pulse modes and a good strobe function and the brightness is undisputed. This can be used to ward off assailants very effectively. This is powered by a CR3 lithium battery and it gives more than 4 hours of laser use. The sales package comes with two different mounting screws. The installation is quite easy and quick.


  • The flashlight is very compact and the sturdy construction makes it resistant to impact

  • The strobe produces 140 lumens

  • The laser is very bright and crisp

  • The installation is very simple

  • Gives a good sighting of the target

  • Very affordable

  • Great value


  • This has minor problems with the laser turning on or off


What About The Installation Process?

The installation process for these tactical flashlights is quite easy but the process may vary from model to model.

What About Warranty?

Typically the manufacturers offer a warranty on these products but the period may be different for each brand.

Are they Water Proof?

Yes, most of the flashlights are waterproof and are designed for outdoor use during heavy rainfall.

What Is The Body Made Of?

The body of most of these tactical flashlights is made from very sturdy aluminum.

What Batteries Do They Use?

These flashlights use rechargeable batteries which are not too hard to find.

So this was a list of the Best Tactical Lights for Glock that will be very compatible with any Glock pistol that you use. These will enhance your aim and strategies too. You will notice a major improvement in your performance during night chases. There is no doubt that this is a very useful tool. All of the above models have their share of positives and are found to be reliable owing to their undisputed performance.

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