Single Action and Double Action – Which One Is Better For You?

When you buy or use a gun, you have to know that there are two common kinds of gunshots which are Single and Double action.

Because there are many guns with various sizes and shapes using these two action styles, some of them are similar.

Therefore, we cannot identify which kind of operation of the firearm just through the eyes; you have to use it to know precisely.

But there are some questions that you may concern

What is the most suitable handgun for you, a single action versus a double action gunshot? What style of firearms is more convenient to use?


But there is one question that many peoples ask.

Which action of firearms has more accuracy and power? Don’t worry since I’m sure that your questions will be solved after you read the detailed analysis and comparison about Single and Double action below.

The Comparison Between Single Action Versus Double Action

The Mechanism Difference

First of all, the most significant difference between single and double action is the operation of the firearm.

The single-actions gunshot forces you to cock the hammer before shooting. If you do not follow this operation, the role chamber will not prepare for you to have another fire. We can see this mechanism in almost classical guns.

Almost “cowboys” prefer the single-action gunshot. Nowadays, some royal families still use this kind of firearm for hunting.


So what about double action?

Unlike the single action, the double action allows you to pull back the trigger without coking the hammer before shooting.  By skip the cocking hammer step, the user will feel more convenient.

Therefore, the double action is more popular in modern weapons.

The Gun Cartridge Difference

Because almost the guns with single-action mode are classical style, so the manufacturers prefer to use the 45 Colt which is an excellent vintage bullet. While the modern weapons (include double-action gunshot) use the 44 Mag.

45 Colt is bigger and heavier than the Mag 44. However, they move slower because of the weight.

You may think that 45 Colt have more power than Mag 44 because of its size, but the power difference is not significant.

The-44 Mag-vs.-45-Colt

Depend on your preference; you can choose to utilize the guns using 45 Colt or 44 Mag. There aren't any differences between the accuracy and the power.

The Safety 

For a product that has many potential dangers like the revolves, users concern seriously about the safety system as the most critical part.

So which kind of action mode do you think is safer?

Many people think that the single action is safer because it forces you to pull back hammer after shooting, so you will not get into an accident.

For instance, if you don’t cock the hammer in single-action firearms, you will not accidentally shot somebody else when pulling the trigger uncontrollably.    

But think again.

Although the Double action weapons don’t force you to cock the hammers at each fire, you will still be safe when shooting because of the long trigger pull.

Why can the long trigger pull make the weapons safer?

The Individual Analysis

From my point of view, I suggest you choose the double-action mode weapons.

You may wonder why I prefer double-action?

Let check my summary of the pros and cons of double-action mode below, so you can see why I love double-action gunshot.


Pros of Double Action

Cons of Double Action

  • These revolvers can shoot faster than single action because you don’t need to cock back the hammer after each shot.
  • The bullets use in the rifle is Mag 44 - modern and popular bullets nowadays. The weight of the balls is very light, so you can be more comfortable when using the gun.
  • When the long trigger pulls, you will be safer because you can easily control each fire.
  • The long trigger pull makes the new user can feel inconvenient for the first time.

And for the single-action weapons:

Pros of Single-Action

Cons of Single-Action

  • Easy to use, the beginner can use the single action mode to practice shooting
  • High durability because of the cover of some unique metals outside the weapon.
  • Slow operation because you need to cock the hammer before shooting
  • Both the gunshot and the bullets are heavy, not very suitable to bring outside

As you can see, the double-action gunshots have many advantages that are very important for a modern firearm.

In my opinion, the single action weapons have only one significant advantage, which is suitable for a beginner to get used to with the guns.

And for a person who loves simple and convenient things like me, the double-action is my better choice.  

But if you are the one who loves the classical design and wants to have the feeling as a “historical royal family” or a “western cowboy”, then the single-action hand shot is more suitable for you.  

So depending on your desire, you have to think carefully before buying a revolver that makes you feel comfortable each time using it. But you can always use my suggestion as a reference also.

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In General

From all the information above, we have given you all the detail information about single-action and double action gunshot.

Now you already have enough knowledge about the firearm action. We hope that you can choose for yourself a revolver which fitting with your preference and demand.

If you find this article useful, please share it with your friends who have the same hobby bout guns.

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