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Shot timers are one of the most useful technological gadgets, which are very small in size and fits into the users’ pockets. The best short timers are the ones that allow the users to mark the time interval between two individual gun shots or shot string.

The shot timer automatically starts on hearing the gunshot and records the time until the last shot is made. You can also set a tone in this, to indicate you, the start of your shooting session.

Quick Answer: The 6 Best Shot Timers

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Value Section

In order to advance your gun shooting, you will first have to measure your shooting skills. One of the best ways to do it is a well-built target. This target will help you to recognise how far and to what extent you can use your shooting skills.

However, this can help you to improve your targets, but this will not be able to tell you how quickly you have covered your targets.

What needs to be done then? Well, this is where; the best shot timer plays its significant role! Since time is a very important factor considered in the shooting, this gives you the exact feedback in what needs to be accurately done with your shooting skills.

Advantages Of Using The Best Shot Timer

  • It helps in recording your shots to the point so that you can improve your shooting with the recorded time interval.
  • It helps you to perform a particular shooting task in a regulated certain time period.
  • It also comes with par-time setting which allows the users to set the time for a particular shit or for consecutive shots, right from the point, when you start and exactly stop the shooting.
  • This also assists in practicing the shot dry fire with your shooting skills.
  • This also helps you like a chronograph and you can hold offs, whenever there is a high wind drift.
  • Coming at a very reasonable cost, shot timers are a very effective fun shot training tools.

Using The Shot Timer

The shot timer comes along with many features. Talking about the “Start Delay” property, this allows the user a few seconds to be prepared before starting the beep.

Yes! It assists you in practicing your draw right there from your relaxed position. And with this, you can set and work on your speed of the shooting goal through your shooting skills. It also helps you to work through your timing and improve your time slab with every consecutive shot.

The par-time feature helps you to set up your time for the start and stop points. This offers you practice for smoother movements so that you can start up with initial movement of drawing the pistol, targeting your target and then shooting it all the way.

Make sure, when you do it the second time with a par, you shoot before the shit timer even gives the second beep for you to start. You can practice both live fire and dry fire with the par feature of the shot timer, as you want.

Practicing on time is the most important need of a shooter. Closely determining what is the size of the target? How close is the shooter standing to the target? Is the shooter already using a security holster?

Whatever be the case, start your time comfortably and aim sharp to the goal, since it is very necessary for you to focus. Do not try to sacrifice your shooting form only for the sake of proper and improved timing.

This shot timer also comes up with a Review function! Now, what is this? The review function allows you to review last done gunshot in previewing the performance. It helps you to view the time you take in each shot that you fire and also lets you know, the time interval between two consecutive shots trigged.

It shows the time interval for all the shots that you fire, one after the other. With this, you will be able to measure the time you took, in shooting the first, second, third, fourth, and shots afterward so on.

The split time shows varied splits between each shot and helps you to identify the drawback and woke over them. This is one of the most functional features of the shot timer and has been really helpful to the shooters in analyzing and enhancing their performance.

Prerequisites Of Using The Best Shot Timer

There are some of the most important prerequisites that you need to have, in order to use tour shot timer as:

  • A Version of windows vista or something which is more recent.
  • .NET framework with 4.0 client profile is mandatory
  • Either a microphone or something else similar to that.

Top 3 Best Shot Timer Reviews

This is a pro shot timer, which comes in black colour and gives the best 3 configurations for the display of the screen. This shot timer also comes with the advanced 9-volt battery alkaline, which is great at using.

This also comes with the feature of an automatic turn after a certain period of time, and also has a large style belt clip to hold the timer for better use.


  • Very easy to use
  • Available at the lowest price, giving full value for the worth paid
  • Large buttons with enough space to fit in hands
  • Automatically turns down after 10 minutes of not in use
  • Readable display position from belt and bench
  • Separate shot sensor for best performance
  • Doing well through the hearing protection that comes with powerful 10 dB buzzer
  • Easy navigation and intuitive menu for the users
  • Clearer display even in the sunlight


  • Display colour on the shot timer cannot be changed
  • Par time feature is not very nice to use for the users

This shot timer comes in a proper size which has a start button on its side. Well transmitting through the hearing protection, this comes with 1500Hz buzzer, for the user support. This also has large buttons which possess enough space through fingers on bigger hands.

This is thus, one of the best sellers’ products and comes at a very reasonable price for the values that it serves.


  • The durable shot timer, which fits nicely in the users’ hands.
  • Navigation and menu on this shot timer are very easy to learn and remember.
  • Comes with an automatic feature of turning off, after 10 minutes of inactive use to the users.
  • Comes with the power of 9-volt alkaline battery that is very operational for the users.
  • Light in weight, which ranges in 2.5 pounds
  • Easy and efficient display on the screen
  • Supports the battery life of approximately 20 hours a day


  • It doesn’t have the memory of previous shots, to compare
  • You cannot freeze the shot string in this after it has ended

This is one of the best sellers’ shot timers for gun shooting. Comparatively very light in weight, this is very functional for the users and is worth every single penny spent. It also very clean and gives a better display on the screen.

Coming with sufficient and user-supportive battery support, this timer is one of its kinds and very durable for use. Very effective at the size, it can fit the users easily.


  • Comes with the sufficient battery life of 9 volt, which is great of use for the users
  • Very light in weight and easy to handle
  • The display screen is clear and very effective
  • Best for usage with the par time feature
  • Helps in reviewing the last done 99 shots
  • You can easily forward and backward the time on this shot, on reviewing your performance
  • Can be easily attached to the front pocket, and is the most friendly in size


  • There are no other display colours available for this product
  • A little complex to use for the first time


If you are looking for the best shot timer that can help in improving the efficiency of your gunshots, then the list of the above-listed products is the best answer for you. Matching your needs and preferences, you can pick up the right product for your shooting needs.

The list is even very helpful in fitting into your budget constants. The best shot timers are a great help in not just measuring the time interval for your gunshots, but also help in improving the time interval for the shots. You just have to pick up a shit timer, which you find, suits the best for your preferences.

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