The Best Kept Secrets About Prostaff Vs Monarch

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What Hopes For Scopes Are There?

Nikon is a big name in the hunting industry. Most hunters, like us are fond of their products. Be it scopes, binoculars or more. Nikon is a trusted name that has proven itself ever since their early inception in 1911. 

If you are new to scopes, then Prostaff vs Monarch is quite an obvious dilemma that will catch up with you. There is no harm in it. As both are excellent products and they belong to the same company, Nikon. 

Don’t worry we are here to help you get past this stage where you have no ideas as to which one to trust. Both are a great choice, but they do differ in ways. Find out how they differ.

What To Choose From The Prostaff Vs Monarch?

The first thing we need talk about in this post is that these two scopes belong to Nikon. Okay, let us see things they have in common first. This is the starting point of our conversation, so we are trying to make it easy. 

Both are adorned with the quick focus technology that Nikon is proud of. It must be added that these scopes have clarity and optics to start with. They are shockproof, waterproof and most importantly fog proof. Both come with Nikon’s lifelong warranty and that really sweetens the deal.

Both have multi-coated lenses that come with anti-reflective layers. The sharpness, contrast and brightness of images look life like. Utilization of all this technology certainly makes a lot of difference for these modern day scopes.

If this interests you then keep reading to find out more on them. We have spent hours, days, weeks and months, researching on them. Here is what we have observed.

How Do They Differ?

In this analysis about the Prostaff vs Monarch we tell you how these two differ. However, we have to state that both add value to your hunting or target practicing experience. Nonetheless, this is what makes them different:

  • Clarity – If simply put, Monarch any time wins in this category. This is because Monarch uses special glass that is of low dispersion. It means your image will not diffuse and you will get the clarity you seek for the money. These scopes also have the ability to reduce glare and can serve you well in low lighted conditions. Hands down, the Monarch is way better than Prostaff in terms of clear images.

  • Budget – Now, this is something that the Prostaff is good at. They are way cheaper than the Monarch series and there are doubt about that. So, if you are on a tight budget, then this is certainly the one for you.

  • Image – Monarch has parallax adjustment and with a knob on the side, you can reach heights of precision. Prostaff also has this facility and their MOA can be modified by 1/4th of click (positive) like the Monarch. This suggests you get ergonomic knurling with this line. The result is clear image owing to this kind of fine tuning. 

  • Performance – We have already told you that the Monarch performs pretty well even in low lighted conditions. This is true because it allows 95% of light transmission. The good light remains trapped and this helps forming images in real time. In contrast, Prostaff can optimize the light transmission. It is also good for low lighted areas, but not as good as the Monarch. 

  • Build – Monarch is made from aluminium that is aircraft grade that has been anodized for good. Prostaff is made from aluminum too and a few models even make use of environment friendly optics.

Yes, we know the comparative study goes neck to neck, and you have to take the final call. We can only highlight the features in this post, but it is ultimately you that has to make that decision.

Who Are They For?

You can use these scopes for hunting or target practice. It is your choice and totally up to you to use them to their capacities. Mention has to be made about one thing that the Monarch is primarily for hunters.

We must emphasize the fact that if you have the budget then you can go for Monarch or else, the Prostaff is no less. It is equally good and you can be assured of its performance among all adverse conditions.

What Kind Of Magnification Should Be Expected?

It is seen as one of the most important of all things while choosing a scope. The Prostaff collection ranges from 4x to 24x and that is a quite a significant amount. 

Conversely, the Monarch can be found within 4x to 20x range. It is a good scope with optics to die for. Undoubtedly, these produce the kind of images you have dreamed of.

What Reticle Do They Contain? 

This is patented technology of Nikon, and this prescribes it will be found particularly in Nikon scopes. It has a straightforward ballistic circles with markings for long and short shots. Thus, you can get that perfect shot with this scope in view. 

In most Nikon scopes, the BDC reticle assumes a dominating job. The Monarch and Prostaff are adorned with this technology. The ballistic circles in the extension offer you with a range for shooting. Be it a long or a short shot, you are prepared with a crisp image.

What Is The Image Quality To Be Expected?  

A Nikon never stops baffling you, so do both these scopes. The multi-covered focal points permit greatest light transmission. This boosts your experience and you can shoot from sunrise to sunset. 

The striking quality of the pictures of these scopes will astonish most users. The Quick Focus innovation enables you to concentrate persuasively on your objective. This adds to your hunting or even target practicing in a positive manner. The difference and clearness are far better owing than Nikon's forefront innovation.

What Is This Instant Zero-Reset?  

Nikon has facilitated Zero-Reset component into these riflescopes for your benefit. You just need to find point and lift the spring enabled adjustment handle. Doing so, you can reset the scope to zero. So, this infers you can zero down now with this riflescope for more convenience.

What Kind Of Eye Relief Do They Have? 

Speaking of which it must be added that the Prostaff series have a comfortable eye relief of 3. Inches to 4 inches. This keeps your eyes and brows safe for sure. You have nothing to worry about when you have a Prostaff scope at hand. 

Alternatively, the Monarch also has 4 inches of eye relief. Not to mention both these are a good choice for a scope. Ultimately, your perquisites define your selection. This denotes that it is your final call that matters.

What Value Do They Bring? 

Speaking of value, we must remind of one thing that both are Nikon products. This implies they certainly add value to your game. Be it hunting or shooting practice, you will be amazed to find their image quality to be extremely good. In fact, the Prostaff range can manage to produce such good results at that price range is quite surprising for some.

What Is Our Verdict?

Look, what we have inferred with our blood, sweat and tears of research is that it is your requirement that is most important here. You need to find the right balance of satisfaction and performance when you buy a product. The product must accomplish what you want it to do.

On the other hand, we must also include that it should fit the bill. That is right, budget is a sensitive issue, but it is something that we cannot overlook. In this Prostaff vs Monarch discussion, we have to be blunt about it. The Monarch is on the expensive side, whereas the Prostaff is manageable. 

We are sure now you how to the foot the bill without a doubt. Just take that call now, as we know that you will not regret it. Go get one today!

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