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Top 3 Best Powder Measure Reviews You Need to Know

The powder measure is considered as an essential product when you want to improve your shooting or hunting. It plays a vital role in reloading ammo. The main advantages of powder measure are to save time and allow you to get the proper amount of powder for each bullet.

As the demand is increasing, there has been a significant rise in the industry of producing powder measure and most products are made with high accuracy and precision.

Here are our reviews of the best powder measure on the market nowadays! Check it out now and save a lot of time in choosing the best powder measure

What Are The Benefits of Powder Measures?

Although each user has their preferences in terms of reloading size or bullet types, all need a powder measure. Many reasons can be listed to explain why you want to use powder measure for more accurate shots.


Many people are concerned about the precision which can have significant impacts on the effectiveness of shooting. Typically, you can get a specific amount of powder as you expect when using the best powder measure.

It works as the first stage of measurement. Besides, it is suitable for everyone, including beginners, to get used to reloading. Not only does it help guarantee accuracy, but it also helps you become consistent in load size.  


The use of powder measure is not limited to small ones only. It can be used to do bigger measures, but you need to get the right type. It takes a little bit more time, and you need to be well aware when choosing the best powder measure so that you can use it to the fullest extent.


There are many different mechanisms inside a powder measure, and all of them contribute to your ability to get the right amount you need for your bullet. Once you get the precision, you can stay away from static electricity which usually happens in summer.

Therefore, a powder measure saves you a lot of time when you just need a few seconds to get it done and perhaps a couple of minutes to finish a whole round.

Simple to Use

There is almost nothing complicated when it comes to powder measure. You do not need too much time to figure out how to install or use it. With the support of a lock ring, you can set it up to a stand easily and adjust the height so that the reloading and measuring become very easy.

Get Better Experience

Can you imagine how hard it is to measure the right amount without the help of powder measure? It might take hours, and you have to pour all of your attention to make it right. In other words, a powder measure can help your experience of measuring become more satisfactory and relieved.

Efficient Powder Use

Adding or removing is things you need to do frequently to get the proper amount when you struggle alone without the help of powder measures. However, you can save a lot of powder because you only need to do it once or twice to get the right amount. You save not only time but also powder use thanks to a powder measure.

Things To Look For

After reading the benefits of a powder measure that we listed above, are you excited to get one immediately?

It is undeniable that a powder measure is a worthy investment you should consider to turn measuring into an easy task, compared to conventional ways. But, there are many different types of powder measures.

And before you get to know the best powder measure, you need to understand which factors are essential when it comes to powder measure.


Reloading equipment which costs you thousands of dollars might not be suitable. You do not need to pour a huge amount of money into it, expecting to get the best powder measure.

Take your budget into consideration first and then, look for something which is appropriate for it, but still provides lots of advantages.


Consistency plays an essential role in choosing a powder measure. No matter how people boast about the product, if it fails to measure consistently, it is just a waste of money.

It is understandable if the precision is linear. However, if it happens too often, you had better check it carefully.


In addition to high quality, you also need to consider durability as you do not want to waste too much money on repairing it later. Naturally, the powder measure will become less effective over a long time.

However, it is a great idea to check its durability before you make the decision.

Automatic or Manual

When it comes to this question, many people automatically think that the automatic will be the superior option. Is it true that manual option is inferior?

You should think about maintenance which is usually more complicated for automatic machines. However, at the same time, you will enjoy many more amazing features for this type.


What if the smaller charges are, the less effective your powder measure becomes? It would be a disaster. Therefore, you should look for adjustability so that your machine can help you adapt to any situations.

Besides, you also want to look for other additional features, including additional hoppers or universal stands.

Top 3 Best Powder Measure Reviews 

Now it is the part you all look forward to! Here comes the list of top 3 best powder measure reviews on the market that you want to grab immediately!

The Chargemaster from RCBS is undoubtedly one of the best powder measures you can find on the current market. It provides not only high accuracy but also many other fantastic features, including memory function.

It is simple to use as the manufacturer has provided an instruction manual which allows you to understand how to perform it within a few minutes. You do not need to be an expert to use this machine.

Weight is given along with the product to help you check its scale for precision.

The consistency is another excellent feature of this product. With the support of this machine, your measuring will be much easier. It works more efficiently than automatic measures.

Besides many incredible benefits, it is crucial to know its flaws. One of the most common reviews from users is that it is quite sensitive to temperature. So, you might consider this factor when measuring and reloading.


  • High accuracy
  • Simple to use
  • Provide weight to help you check the scale
  • Great consistency


  • Sensitive to the temperature

The Hornady has been the best powder measure for years. It is outstanding because of many reasons.

In terms of accuracy, this product is suitable for different types of powder, such as fine grain or the ball. The only exception is the stick powders. You can achieve the nearly highest precision in measuring your cartridge.

With the significant range of powders it matches, the versatility is undeniably impressive. Besides, it has high capacity, which allows you to add more powder, compared to other products on the market.

This powder measure also has a professional looking. The producer uses high-quality steel to improve its durability and reliability as well.

As mentioned above, stick powder seems unsuitable to be used with this machine. The reason might be that the size and shape of stick powder make it difficult to flow into its metering.

Besides, some users reported that it might be difficult for beginners to work with this measure.


  • Suitable for almost all types of powders
  • Versatility
  • High capacity
  • Professional appearance


  • Not simple to use for beginners
  • Does not work with stick powder

When your budget is quite tight, then this one might be the best powder measure for you. Lee is famous for affordable, but still high-quality products. Even though its appearance might make you think it is weak, its durability is very high.

The precision is another fantastic feature that you cannot skip about this product. When you need precisely 2 grains, then you will get 2 grains. If you doubt its accuracy, you can double check to make sure that the result is precise.

This product is suitable for those who just get used to reloading. It is easy-to-use.

While the Hornady is not a suitable option for stick powder, this one can do it perfectly. Stick powder is the most ideal for this powder measure. There is no case of leakage reported.

The drawback of the Lee product comes from its time-consuming process to calibrate. Besides, it might not be a proper choice if you work with professional equipment.


  • Reasonable price
  • High durability
  • Great precision
  • Easy to use


  • Time consuming


In general, the best powder measure depends a lot on your preference and demand. For some people, it should be the most expensive, while others are more interested in durability and quality.

We hope that our list of the top 3 best powder measure reviews is helpful for you to make the decision! From our perspective, RCBS Combo 110V-AC Chargemaster is a fantastic investment in terms of quality, price, and durability. The only thing you need to remember is the temperature to make sure that it works well.

If you have other ideas, do not hesitate to share with us!

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