What Are The Best Paintballs for Woodsball? – List & Buying Guide (2023 Edition)

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Woodsball: Is it a bad or good game to play? The answer depends on various factors. However, the kind of paintballs loaded into your gun might be the most important one.

Wrong paintball choice can ruin the whole experience of flying colorful paintballs and.

Let’s See The Best Paintballs For Woodsball!

First, check out our comparison table!


  • Hit the intended targets with ease;
  • High-quality materials;
  • Easy-to-clean fill;
  • An ideal choice for both kids and beginners.


  • Dents in the paintballs;
  • High price.

The top-notch materials are the reason why the Wrek Elite Premium 1000 Count Paintballs are perfect for woodsball. Additionally, Wrek Paintball offers a bundle of 1,000 paintballs in a pack.

There is no need to worry about running out of these paintballs while you are in the middle of a woodsball game.

What we like most about this product is how accurately it hits the target. Efficient work aside, its fantastic color also increase its value. Even the most demanding customers will be satisfied with this product.

You might think that the Wrek Elite Premium Paintballs’ price is a bit high. But, its accuracy, quantity, and performance are all worth your money.


  • Come in a bundle of 2,000 paintballs;
  • Great precision thanks to the seamless build;
  • Brightly colored fill allows for fast spotting;
  • Eco-friendly;
  • No dimpled parts;
  • Impressive paintball structure;
  • More durable and thicker shell compared to other products;


  • Heavier paintballs;
  • Disappointing packaging.

As you can see, the first impressive fact about the Valken product is that they come in a bundle of 2,000 paintballs. It means that you have an almost ultimate source of paintballs while playing in the fields.

However, it is not the only factor to give it the Best Seller title. Each of the paintballs shoots straight and in an exact manner. As a result, we can beat our opponents without any difficulty.

Moreover, the more durable and thicker shells make it a favorite choice of experienced woodsball players.

However, novices may find this product unsuitable because of its heavier weight compared to other models. The potential power might hurt your enemies.


  • 50% higher range and greater accuracy;
  • Work best at the extended intervals;
  • Fin stabilization technology;
  • Polystyrene shell;
  • Ultra-thick fill ensures an impressive level of visibility;
  • Solid and stunningly consistent;


  • Bigger caliber than usual .68;
  • A little bit expensive.

No list of the best paintballs for woodsball can be complete without the Tiberius Arms First Strike Paintballs. They guarantee you nothing but satisfaction.

Firstly, the combination of the aerodynamic design and the fin stabilization system allows the product to handle all situations in the woodsball fields.

Additionally, the professional woodsball players give this model a high rating for its decent range and unparalleled precision.

Another great feature that makes the Tiberius Arms First Strike Paintballs a top choice is its polystyrene shell. It withstands the most extreme weather conditions — for example – moisture, humidity, dust mites, and heat.

The biggest drawback of this product by First Strike is its caliber. It is much bigger than the average .68. Thus, for the best performance, you need to find an accurately bored barrel.

Why Do You Need The Best Paintballs For Woodsball?

Paintballs are inaccurate, or its range is or poor. Paintballs are stuck inside your gun due to their sizes. Or paintballs hurt the players.

They are all the worst scenarios that no one wants to experience in a woodsball game! And the best way to avoid them is by finding out the perfect paintballs for woodsball.

So why don’t you invest in the best paintballs for woodsball?

Features To Look For At The Best Paintballs For Woodsball

While shopping around for the best paintballs for woodsball, some factors can influence your final decision making.

Below are some points to bear in mind:


The paintballs' price is one of the most critical factors that can affect our ultimate choice.

All customers want the super-quality product. However, the mismatch of the low price and disappointing performance or high price and our budget can be a hindrance in the buying process.

As a result, we have to compromise several less vital features and select a cheaper product. Among a lot of methods, the easiest one to choose a suitable paintball is to evaluate the elements of a model associated with its price.

It seems the most time-saving method. All you have to do is to check your financial situation against the price of paintballs.


Narrow down the list of choices and carefully compare them based on how budget-friendly they are. Also, make sure that the missing features do not hamper the paintballs' overall quality and accuracy.


Check the paintballs’ caliber! It is one of the very first things to do when you are looking for the high-standard ones. Believe it or not, the more your paintballs fit the barrel’s bore, the better performance the model can deliver.

Typically, the caliber of woodsball paintballs is .68. But, it is not always that case. We can find other qualities available such as .71, .50, .43, or .40.


Durability is a unique feature of the best paintballs for woodsball. They should possess a robust outer gelatin shell, regardless of their caliber.

Ideally, it should be sturdy enough to withstand unexpected events like being hit by a bolt. Generally, the more expensive the paintballs are, the better their durability is.

But, carefully searching and shopping around will help you find cheaper ones with the same quality level.

Quality of The Paint

The last thing to consider is the quality of the paint color.

Are you planning to play woodsball in dimly lit fields or when the sun comes down? Then, the brightly colored paintballs like red, navy blue, neon, or orange are the best choices.

They will certainly stand out against the dark colors of other players’ clothes and masks.

They all tend to wear out so quickly, though. After long-term use, gelatin naturally becomes weaker. That’s why paintballs break before touching their intended destinations.

Other enemies of the best woodsball paintballs are humidity and moisture. To reduce the risk, you have no choice but to get a box of freshly colored paintballs.


Why Do Paintballs Break In Your Barrel?

Paintballs breaking in their barrels will piss all players off. After pulling the trigger, you will hear nothing except a goop explosion. After that, all shots are either the same paint spray or wrong in all directions.

The most common cause of paintballs breaking inside a barrel is their quality. How to avoid them?

Open up your paint bags on a humid day to provide them with some moisture. Otherwise, making the shell more elastic is another suggestion.

How Much Painful Is It When Getting Hit By A Paintball?

Sometimes, we may get hurt after being hit by a paintball. However, the pain is not as terrible as you might expect unless you are caught in sensitive parts.

How To Reduce Pain When Being Hit By Paintballs For Woodsball?

  • Cover your body with several layers of clothing;
  • Especially protect sensitive areas such as jugular;
  • Play smart;
  • Be strict to safety rules;

What Are The Best Woodsball Paintball Manufacturers?

The best paintballs for woodsball should have all of the factors mentioned above. Then again, each consumer has his or her taste. Therefore, which is the best manufacturer in the market to step up to this game?

It all depends on your personal preference. However, if you want some suggestions, here are our recommendations.

Final Verdict

Now you have gone through our recommendations on the best paintballs for woodsball in 2019. Which one will you choose?

Hope that our list and buying guide on the best paintballs for woodsball is useful for novices and professional players in this sport. As for our favorite choice, the Valken Infinity Paintballs best meets our requirements.

They come with up to 2,000 paintballs at a reasonable price. They are accurate. They shoot straight. And, they do not break inside our guns. That’s all the features we expect at a high-quality product.

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