The Best Paddle Holster Money You Can Buy in 2023

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Buying a gun is one thing, and using it is another.

If you care about your safety, convenience, and style when using a gun, you must get the best paddle holster possible.

There are a lot of holsters out there, but we know the best option for you is. Those are right here.

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How to Know if a Paddle Holster is Right for You?

First of all, let’s see why you need to have a good paddle holster:

  • It protects and holds your firearm.
  • It provides instant access to the gun.
  • It keeps your gun in place, preventing theft and losing.
  • It prevents unwanted discharging.

What features should a paddle holster have to assist you in your gun use?

Hallmarks of a Good Paddle Holster

When you pick a holster, make sure that it ticks off all the items in this list.

Its high concealability means it helps the gun stand out less from beneath your clothes.

Most of the time, a person with a gun doesn’t want to flash people with their firearm.

Therefore, the best paddle holster should also keep our gun in a discreet position.
It fully wraps the trigger

There are holsters on the Internet that don’t cover the trigger fully. It is a bad design because anything stuck in can pull the trigger and discharge the bullet.

It is made of strong material

High-quality paddle holster and low-quality holster differentiate themselves mostly by the material they are made of.

While a flimsy material only covers some poorly manufactured holster. A reliable holster is always covered with Kydex or leather.

Kydex is a polymer composite material that is especially useful for holsters, knives, and guns.

Made with Kydex, your paddle holster can proof water and scratches.

The material also reduces noise. It is also easy to wipe clean and generally low maintenance.

Many brands make their holsters with a Kydex Shell on top of a leather base, which is alright, too.

It has good retention and grip

Good retention and grip mean your holster will keep the gun steadily.

There’s a simple method to test if the holster is functioning well.

If you put the gun in the holster and turn both of them upside down, if the gun doesn’t fall out, you have a decent holster.

But if the firearm falls out in such a situation, make sure you have adjusted the holster with a screw.

A gun holster should have good retention so that the gun will only come out if you tug it on purpose.

It has a state of comfort

The holster isn’t only meant to protect the gun, but also your skin. Some low-quality holsters made of rough materials can cause dents and bruises on the skin.

A safe and comfortable gun holster has a minimum disturbance.

Comfort came in useful when we went on a hunting trip.

It was dawn, and the view was obstructed when a rattling pops up behind us. One member of our group reached up to his gun, only to find that he didn’t leave it at home last night because it wasn’t rubbing against his skin too much.

Comfortability made him appreciate the softness of a holster a lot more.

A friend of ours even has his jeans ruined because of a badly made holster. So, you don’t want that happen too.

How many Categories of Holsters are There?

There are a few categories of gun holsters when it comes to concealability:

  • Inside the Waistband (IWB)
  • Outside the Waistband (OWB)
  • Below waistband (BWB)
  • Shoulder holster
  • Appendix rig
  • Belly band holster
  • And many more varieties

Among them, IWB is superior in concealing your gun.

IWB helps to carry your gun inside your pants, hence concealing the gun better.

Among many IWB holsters, the appendix IWB offers the best concealment.

An appendix IWB helps to carry right in front of your belly button and end on the pelvic bone, as shown below.


**Everybody is different, and one gun might be discreet for one person but is too flashy for another.


We consider this type of holster to be the best in concealability

It keeps the gun between your pants and your underwear. Which means the gun will be sitting tightly against your body.

People won’t be able to notice the gun as much as other options on this list.

IWB also lessen the printing (when the outline of the firearm) can be seen on the cloth.


  • Appreciated concealability


  • Lessen the withdrawing time
  • Require practice to get familiar



The outside waistband is the type of holster that rests on the outside of your pants. Most people anchor it by the belt.

In comparison to IWB, this type of gun holster is more comfortable and doesn’t poke you on your skin. Despite that, it doesn’t conceal as much as the inner style, also prints out more than IWB.


  • Provide better grip in positive combat

  • More comfortable on the kin


  • Showcase the gun figure

  • Need a large top to conceal the gun

Shoulder Halters


Generally, wrap around the shoulder, this is also the gun holster that you see a lot in movies. The gun will sit on the side of your rib cage.

It looks bulky but great for people who are on duty. With a jacket or a coat, nobody can tell whether you have a gun on you or not.


  • Keeps your gun steady

  • Provide front reach for your gun


  • Gun tend to fall out more than other holsters

  • Have to reach inside of the jacket to take the gun out

  • Reduce your combat positivity


This is also the type of holster that keeps the gun the furthest from your reach.

That’s why people often use ankle holsters for their backup gun, not the major one.


  • Good concealability

  • Help you carry multiples firearms at a time


  • Hard to get your gun

  • Pull on your leg skin and hair a lot.

Best Paddle Holster - 3 Editors’ Choices

The Blackhawk CQC features the patented Serpa LOCK, which guards the trigger tightly. This lock is safe for all situations because it only releases when you draw the pistol out.

Reinforced with full master grip, the holster assists you with superior yet straightforward. This further helps you aim correctly for the target.

The bundle comes with a belt loop and paddle platform so you can use the holster right out of the package.

You can rig the paddle, or remove some screws and turn it into a belt insert holster.

As with all holster, the concealability depends a lot on the tightness of your clothes, or your moving manner. However, the Blackhawk CQC conceals better than others, even in humid weather.


  • Good price for multiple accessories

  • Comfortable upon the skin

  • Users can remove screws to turn it into belt loop holster


  • Retention button is not highly responsive

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This is actually a platform, that comes with a paddle attachment.

The bundle is more convenient to use. It offers you more customization in how you wear your holster. The bet attachment is designed for every body shape.

It always sits at the right position on your thigh, neither too low nor too high, thus never bounces even if you move rigorously. If you want to secure the firearm higher up, use the paddle for better security.

May holsters on the market don’t have good retention or grip.

Because of its bargaining price, many users choose this paddle holster to secure the firearm on their sides or backs. It is perfect for fast deployment, without needing to remove or adjust the belt.

The Paddle attachment gives users multiple levels of flexibility when using their firearms.

You can wear the holster inside your pants comfortably or use it with a belt, or in a suit. The platform allows you to install the holster in two different lengths.


  • Flexible in use

  • Help modify existing holsters and platforms

  • Auto Lock System secures your firearms tightly


  • May deteriorate if exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Any gun lover knows about Safariland for its high-quality.

The Safariland Model 6378 doesn’t only have the celebrated Auto Locking System but also provides supreme concealability.

Many people consider this as their 3rd hand because it assists them so well in using a weapon. Once the user puts the gun inside the paddle holster, it instantly locks the firearm into place.

Compared to standard open-top holsters, the Safariland Model 6378 offers more security. You can de-activate the ALS by the thumb, all the while posing a full master grip.

This holster also features the up-to-date injection paddle design that is highly concealable and can be put as close to your skin as possible. No longer worry about other people spotting your gun.

The Safariland Model 6378 is made fitting to the standard 567BL belt loop, and compatible to 1.5” - 1.75” belt widths.

Additionally, the matte finish also blends in well with your clothing, allow you to carry your gun around whenever and wherever.


  • Designed with a slim and low profile
  • Simple use
  • Sturdy paddle design for easy on and off
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Final Thought

All these three paddle holster models are the cream of the crop and have their pros and cons.

Among them, my choice is obviously the Orpaz Low-Ride Belt & Paddle Attachment.

The two pieces of the bundle come separated, so we can use each of them to modify unfitting gun accessories.

It also ticks all the boxes that the best paddle holster should have, like good grip, made of good materials, have high concealability, soft to the skin, fully cover the trigger.

On another hand, it goes a step above the versatility that the rest offers, by fitting all holsters and pouches.

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