Let This Nikon P-300 Scope Review Show You How To Hunt Like A Pro

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What Can You Expect From The P-300 Scope?

The whole point of writing this review is to educate you on the wonderful things that this scope has to offer. This is truly a unique product and has wonderful features in it. This boasts of vast improvements over the previous models that have been released in the market. Nikon has certain followed the industrial standards very well while manufacturing this scope. This will certainly live up to your expectations

Why Not Read An Honest Nikon P-300 Scope Review?

This review will clearly help you understand all the technical aspects involved with this scope. Also you will have a clear understanding on why this product will benefit you greatly. So if you are interested in knowing more, go through the details below.


The Nikon P–300 has gained tremendous popularity over the years simply because it has the best features to offer to the users.

BDC reticle: The reticle on this scope is a vast improvement over the previous ones in the market. The aiming points are marked well up to 600 yards. The ballistic technology in the scope makes things a lot easier. The aiming circle definitely helps you spot your target easily.

Hand-turn Adjustments: Adjusting the reticle is not tough at all. You make adjustments with simple click. You can keep the same settings even when there is repeated recoil.

Multicoated Optics: The scope’s optical system has been specially designed to allow good light transmission and provide optimum brightness. The company claims that at least 98 percent of the light that is transmitted produces a very clear picture

Fast Focus:  The process of zeroing on the target is very easy as the adjustment knob is easy to operate. The eyepiece provided in the Nikon P–300 assists with quick focusing. As a user you will not face too many problems in operating this scope.


The Nikon P–300 has its set of pros and here are a few of them

  • The price is quite affordable compared to the other models
  • The construction is solid
  • It is fogproof and waterproof


Here is a list of cons that the Nikon P–300 has.

  • The maximum zoom is 7x which is somewhat of a disadvantage for shooting targets that are 250 yards away
  • The scope does not come with mounting rings

What Are The Dimensions Of The Nikon P–300?

The lens of the scope is 32mm and has a length f 11.5 inches. The weight is not too heavy as it goes barely over a pound. The eyepiece has a diameter of 44mm. The exit pupil has a width that spans from 4.6mm up to 16mm.

What Kind Of Magnification Can The P–300 BLK Provide?

As a user you can expect the magnification to be between 2x to about 7x, this is not bad at all considering the price of the scope. The contrast and clarity are simply outstanding. With this you can get an up-close view of your target even if it is 100 yards away from you.

How Are The Quality Of the Optics On The Nikon P-300 Scope?

You will be happy to know that the optics are coated properly to provide maximum transmission of light. The image clarity is simply superb. The focus eyepiece will help you spot your target fast. The BDC reticle that is included in the scope will facilitate accurate aiming. You will also get the chance to fine tune your aim.

What Is The Light Transmittance Capacity Of The Scope? 

As claimed by Nikon the light transmittance is 98 percent. This means that this will work fine even when the lighting conditions are poor.

What Can We Know About Field Of View? 

In case you need to track and spot your target within 100 yards this Nikon P-300 Scope will certainly do the trick for you.

What Is The Process Mounting The Scope? 

You should keep in mind that Nikon does not provide scope rings with the scope so you should purchase the rings way before you buy the scope. Other than that the process of mounting is not at all tough. However, must make sure that the rings are of the right type.

How Is The Durability Of The Scope? 

The good news is that the optic chamber is filled with nitrogen and this makes the product fogproof and waterproof. The scope is also resistant to shock and has a warranty for a lifetime.

How Is The Performance? 

As a customer you will be happy to know that the lens will perform really well even under tough weather conditions. It is built to withstand rough usage.

What Kind Of Warranty Does It Accompany? 

Nikon is known for providing its customers with good warranty and this product is no exception. As a user you will get a warranty that is valid for a lifetime.

What Is The Price Of The Product? 

The price is a lot less than most scopes in the market and you will not feel the need to buy anything else.

Who Should Buy This Product? 

If you are into hunting as a passion or profession then this product is for you without any doubt. Also certain people like to buy good quality products without spending too much money on them then this is what they should be looking at. Anybody who wants hunting to be less tiresome should look up this riflescope.

What Is Our Verdict?

There is no denying that Nikon is a reputed name in the industry and its products never disappoints. As this Nikon P-300 Scope review has shown you, that this product is worth buying as it is loaded with nice features. 

When it comes to price it is still a lot cheaper than most of the other brands in the market. This is truly built to last as it is very durable. With so many wonderful features you should definitely go out and buy this scope.

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