Secrets You Can Learn In This Nikon M-308 Review

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Here Is The Nikon M-308 For You

Did you ever find yourself in a place when you thought you were learning about the rifle more than shooting? Trust us, we all have been there and that is how everyone picks up their true skills. 

Once you know what rifle worthy of your form of shooting, be it for hunting or target practicing, it will become easier for you to figure out how to go for the kill. This is true and if truth be told, then we have to agree that Nikon has paved way for a good many shooters with their scopes.

This nikon m 308 review will play along what they bring to the table. Even though we have spent hours, weeks and months with scopes, yet we found this to be quite a player.

The Nikon M-308 Review

Did you know that normal human eye can differentiate objects within 100 yards? Well, a Nikon M 308 can read 4,655 yards for you. Which one will you go for, when you go for that hunting trip? 

Much to your relief, we must add that the Nikon M 308 is an affordable scope. It originates from the Monarch collection of Nikon. This is why it has been laden with special features like parallax adjustment, tactical turrets, a reticle and much more. We will discuss all that in details in this post. 

As for the Nikon M 308, we must that it is calibrated for what is known as the .308 cartridge (Winchester). This means if you have a Winchester, you must own this scope in the least. 

Apart from this, we must also state that it is a sturdy scope that you will never regret investing in. Nikon uses cutting edge technology and the same goes for this scope too. Just read through the next section to make things clear.

Features Of Nikon M-308

A nikon m 308 review cannot go on without discussing the features of this device. In case, you are new to this arena, then this will be of immense help for you. So, pay attention and read this sec with care.

  • Design – This is a durable contraption that remains unaffected by external factors like fog or water. It is made from one single tube and that certainly makes it stronger. It is a shockproof gadget that will make you proud. 
  • Magnification – It can magnify up to 16x; but the best part is you may need to use it within a range of 4x and 8x. The lens is 42 mm in diameter, which means it is a lot of clarity that you may seek. This implies that 7.62 NATO shells get enough push from this scope for the perfect image.
  • Technology – Nikon is well-known for using advanced technology and the Nikon M 308 is just another example of it. It comes with spring loaded turret, Spot on Ballistic Match Technology and quick focus of the eyepiece. Hence, this scope is rendered as an adaptable and highly applicable device. 
  • Reticle – The Bullet Drop Compensation or BDC can shoot faster because you don’t need to adjust it. It may be tangled, but the magnification is pretty accurate. The NikoPlex Reticle, on the other hand, needs some calibration. Use them judiciously depending on the rounds.
  • Eye Relief – Alright, we have to say that Nikon is a pro at this and that means your eyes remain safe in the best possible ways. They have a consistent 3.7 inches to 4 inches clearance. Doesn’t that sound good?


We have covered much of this in the segment above. However, there are a few things that need to be underlined about the Nikon M 308 and they are like:

  • As mentioned, the scope is pretty rugged, but lightweight

  • Yes, it has multi-coated optics that allows 95% of transmission of light

  • Can offer you clear view under any weather condition

  • You get a lot of eye relief

  • Is fog, shock and water proof

  • Very easy to mount

  • It is reasonably priced

  • Backed by a Nikon lifetime warranty


Like any other product, the Nikon M 308 comes with its own set of flaws. They may not be deal breakers, but are shortcomings.

  • For accuracy, owing to the BDC reticle, it is better to focus on short range

  • Getting it in the .308 category, blocks out other possibilities

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How Is The Image Quality?

Okay, you can use it low light with a combination of 10x to 12x. It has an elaborate field of view, but the eyebox is a bit small. This will not matter until, you are aiming at something running at a distance of 16x.

What about the Turrets?

Both NikoPlex Reticle or Rapid Action Turrets and BDC 800 or MOA Turrets are good. You can enjoy precision, tactile competence and crisp image. More or less, turrets are super easy to use and zeroing seems quite an exciting job.

How Good Is The Parallax?

It is modifiable from 50 yards to infinitude with a focus knob on the side. It is appropriate for playing the longer ranges for sure.

Who Is It For?

The Nikon M 308 can be used by hunters as well as target shooters. This suggests in expert hands and eyes it can prove to be more than just an accessory. Its high quality precision and user friendliness sweetens the deal for you. Undoubtedly, it makes very good of a first time scope.

Our Verdict

Look we have used many a scope, but this one here really is a versatile scope. It offers all that you may need in a high caliber scope. Moreover, the price tag seems just right for this range. This is another aspect that should not skip your mind. 

We have tried to incorporate everything in this nikon m-308 review that can make it lucid. All we need is to help you find what is best for you. Hope we have succeeded in our endeavor and wish the best of luck for the same.

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