Outsmart Your Peers With This Nikon M-223 2-8×32 Review

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What Is This Nikon M-223 2-8x32?

The Nikon M-223 2-8x32 has been designed especially for AR rifles. It certainly is a new scale that people use in terms of pricing and precision. A Nikon is way to believe that finesse can be achieved with simple means. 

In fact, that is what we intend to do with our Nikon-M 223 2-8x32 Review today. This post will help you comprehend what a scope can do for you. You can hunt or practice shooting with it right away. It is very easy to install and there are no reasons why you should not be scared of doing it by yourself. 

In short, it is a reliable accessory that is a must have if you really want to enjoy your game. There is more to this scope and we have spilled all the beans in here. So, keep reading you please.

What More Does This Nikon M-223 2-8x32 Review State?

Installing a riflescope on an AR rifle means you are looking for more accuracy. It has to be mentioned that this is no child’s play. Nikon, on the other hand, with its Nikon M-223 2-8x32 performs in a stunning way.

It is a remarkable piece of equipment that tells you a lot from a pretty far off distance. This means you can take that shot and enjoy your sport (be it target shooting or hunting) by all means. 

It is fast, safe and provides you with the accuracy you need. This is an award winning riflescope that will not put you down. What more can you ask of a scope?

What Are The Key Features?

The Nikon M-223 2-8x32 is laden with features and that too at this price point. It is true that only Nikon pull off something like this. Their cutting edge technology is something that needs a lot of applause here. 

Besides, here are a few things that you may like in this scope. They are as follows:

Design – A Nikon never fails to impress you and the Nikon M-223 2-8x32 is no exception to this rule. It is a good looking scope with matte finish and is made from one tube. This means it is both durable and light in weight for a scope. These are aspects that you need to look into a scope in the first for consideration. 

Image – You can expect 95% of light transmission, which means you get a clear and crisp image at any cost. It makes use of ultra ClearCoat technology for the optics and the result is brighter and sharper images. In addition, it has large exit pupil and a wide field of view that help you capture well in low lit conditions as well. So, you can understand that the image quality is way superior than you may think of. 

Magnification – It has 2x to 8x capacity to magnify an object, which is quite a lot. Moreover, it uses something called the Rapid Action turret that helps you elevate in between 100 yards to 600 yards in less than one revolution. This makes the process smoother and you get full magnified images. This means you can adjust according to your needs. 

Eye Box Technology - It also uses Eye Box Technology that has 4 times the zoom range with a constant of 4 inches. Additionally, there is a big ocular lens that develops high quality images. 

Parallax – This is riflescope has 100 yards parallax and the BDC reticle encourages you to use it in the best possible ways. The multi-covered focal points help in ideal transmission of light.


There are a few more things that go into its favor as there is more to this scope.

  • Winner of Field & Stream Best of the Best Award in 2010
  • It has even featured in the Field & Stream magazine’s Gear of the Year
  • It is a gorgeous scope that is strong as well as accurate
  • The scope is filled with nitrogen
  • The O rings are sealed
  • This makes it fog proof, waterproof and shockproof
  • You can adjust it to 1/4th MOA and the maximum internal adjustment would be 80 MOA
  • It has a large exit pupil of 16.0 to 4.0 mm
  • It is backed by Nikon’s lifetime warranty


Like any other product the Nikon M-223 2-8x32 is not free of a few problems, like:

  • Beyond 100 yards using 8x may not be a good idea at times
  • This may not do well if you want to shoot at tight groups

Who Should Use Nikon M-223 2-8x32?

It is regarded as an ideal combination for AR rifles. You could be a hunter or target practice oriented, you can use this scope with your gun without a doubt. More or less, it has a trajectory for “.223 Rem 5.56 NATO” and for polymer ammo of 55 grain as per Nikon’s official website.

What Is BDC And Does This Scope Come With One?

In short, it really makes the most of your shot. The BDC reticle's circles offer you with distinguished ballistic ranges. These ranges were viewed as difficult to reach before. Be that as it may, Nikon created focal points that made it conceivable. 

Their advanced technology made long and short shots quite convenient. The BDC 600 actually offers you with open targets that you can take down in a somewhat relatively appropriate way within a range of 100 to 600 yards.

The BDC 600 reticle and the multi-covered focal points make the Nikon M-223 2-8x32 a great scope. You will be surprised to see the clarity you get and precision of your shot within a range of 0 to 600 yards. 

What Kind Of Eye Relief Are We Talking About? 

It has a liberal space of 3.8 inches to 4 inches as its eye relief. This implies you are safe when you take that perfect shot. You don’t have to worry getting hurt while taking a shot as the distance is moderate. Of course, you have to maintain a safe distance as well and remain careful while shooting. You can relax and enjoy your sport, when you have a Nikon scope at hand.

What Kind Of Quality Is It? 

We have spent hours with Nikon scopes of all kinds. Both low end and high end scopes have one thing in common and that is quality. We speak from experience and we observed that quality is something that Nikon has never given up on. They have dedicated to serve for good and they have live up to it time and again. 

Nikon has proven itself over the years and there is nothing you can do will rob them off this privilege. The Nikon M-223 2-8x32 is easy to operate and you don’t have to worry about them at all. A Nikon is a name that is synonymous with trust and there is nothing beyond that.

Is The Technology Confusing? 

In other words, they are a quality brand and their technical superiority speaks volumes for them. They have made ballistic software approachable and comprehensible by all means. Their optics is way more than impressive, but in no way, will you find them complex. They are user friendly scopes that can be used for simple enjoyment.

How Easy Is It To Mount? 

Mounting this scope on a rifle is pretty simple. As you get the rings set up, you can complete it inside minutes. Once mounted, do get it balanced for that ideal image. It is a useful scope that can be used in various light settings. So, be ready to use it at various events. You may even have people borrowing it from you. Yes, it is that good and you will know once you get one. Yes, why not get one right now?

How Do You Procure Nikon M-223 2-8x32? 

You can find them online and at traditional shops too. You can also visit their official website for more. Most leading online retailers have Nikon scopes in their inventory that you may look into. You are more than free to read reviews like these and take a call.

What Is Our Verdict?

Look, when it comes to money, we all prefer to optimize our budget. Speaking of budget, the Nikon M-223 2-8x32 is a real deal. You get what you want without having to worry about breaking your bank. 

This Nikon M-223 2-8x32 Review must also talk about how accurate this scope is. We have given you a fair idea of that as well. So, far we think we have covered it all and wish that you have received it well. 

What makes us cast our vote in its favor is the amalgamation of these things. Why don’t give it a try and find it yourself?

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