Dirty Little Secrets About The Nikon Buckmaster 4-12×50

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What Can You Say About Nikon And Its Scopes?

Both target practicing and hunting need you to remain focused and shoot. What do you do, when you need a reliable scope? Simple, turn to Nikon for help! 

Nikon had been consistently offering us with scopes that are based on cutting edge technology and more. This is exactly what you get in the nikon buckmaster 4-12x50 as well. 

If this interests you then do read this post till the end. This will give you a better understanding of how you can use from this scope like a pro.

What Is Nikon Buckmaster 4-12x50?

In this review of the Buckmaster 4, we have to admit that this is just the scope you may be looking for. With that much of light transmission and lucidity you can take that perfect shot you have dreamt for years. 

What makes this riflescope in demand is its price. When you get a Nikon for within this range, there is hardly anything to complain. Yes, but you need to set it properly to get started with it. 

Hands down, this scope has satisfied hunters as well as shooters all across. As a true Nikon, it lives up to the expectations and delivers as it promises.

How About Some Salient Features?

You can use this at a competition or for hunting, either ways you get great results. Here are a few of its most prominent features that you can rely on:

  • Design – It is made of solid components that make it realistic. The optic chamber of the scope is purged with nitrogen and the O rings are sealed. This makes it durable and renders the scope to be fog proof. Of course, it is a waterproof that remains unaffected by the weather conditions.

  • Magnification - It is viewed as one of the most pined scopes due to its amplification. It ranges from 4x to 12x and that is quite a considerable amount. Envision multi-covered focal points and extraordinary transmission of light added to it. The outcome is clear picture with a sufficiently bright reticle scope.

  • Image - You can never doubt a Nikon, and this degree is no special case to it. It permits 92% transmission of light. This implies that you can utilize it under low light conditions as well. Dusk, nightfall, or overcast weather will have no effect to your shooting or hunting drive. You get a fresh and completely clear picture with scope.

  • Lens - The multi-covered focal points of the Nikon Buckmaster really help in making that ideal picture. This scope allows the good light to pass through it, but blocks the stray light. The outcome is precision that you look for while taking that shot.


There is so much more to this scope, like:

  • It is good looking scope that adorns a rifle

  • It has a scratchproof matte body

  • Comes with fog eliminator technology that takes care of external factors pretty well

  • Has side focus adjustment facility

  • The Quick Focus is a resource that can sharply focus on your target

  • Very affordable in spite of all this technology

  • The Nikon lifetime warranty adds to it


Just like any other, the nikon buckmaster 4-12x50 is not free of flaws.

  • Lacks the parallax efficiency

  • Somewhat is a bit heavy

Who Is It For?

This scope is specially designed for professional shooters and shooters in general. This does not mean hunters cannot use it. You will be surprised to know that it can be operated by the “SpotOn” app quite conveniently. What more can you ask of a riflescope?

How Is The BDC Reticle Of This Riflescope?

This is a licensed innovation of Nikon, and this recommends it tends to be discovered distinctly in Nikon scopes. It has a transparent ballistic circle with markings for long and short ranges. As a result of this, you can get that ideal shot with this degree in view.

What Is The Precision? 

The Buckmaster 4-12x50 sits secured even in rifles with heavy recoil. It has 1/4th MOA click modification that helps you zero quickly. This positive reticle tuning assists you with adjustment in an efficient way. 

This makes shooting for practice and hunting seem like textbook. The placement is firm and you can take that shot you have been yearning for years. Try it now!

What Kind Of Eye Relief Does It Have? 

The eye relief in this Nikon riflescope is 3.7 inches. In the event that, you have a rifle with quite heavy recoil then you should be cautious while utilizing it.

What Is The Exit Pupil Like? 

The exit pupils are large and they improve light in low light regions. Not to mention, this feature is much loved by hunters, as they go out in the wild and work in different conditions.

How Easy Is It To Mount It? 

Simply place the rings and utilize the main tubes for establishment. These cylinders suggest you can get any extension ring and begin with your routine of mounting it.

How Would The Field Of View Be?  

The Buckmaster 4-12x50 offers you with a distinctive scope of 24.3 feet field of view at 4X and 8 feet in straight field at 12X. This implies, at any day you can find your objective in a scene and go for that kill safely!

What Is Our Verdict On The Nikon Buckmaster 4?

All in all, we have to mention that the nikon buckmaster 4-12x50 is a highly trustworthy scope. You can fight the elements of nature with this one and aim at your target for that perfect shot. It is a hunter’s dream scope and Nikon totally delivers on this one. 

If you want a scope from a brand and that is bang on the buck, then this has to be it. Its price point, clarity and durability need to be kept on mind while taking that call. What keeps you thinking?

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