Things You Have Not Read In A Nikon Black X1000 6-24×50 Review

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What Is This Nikon Black X1000 6-24x50SF?

To be honest, the first thing that comes to our mind is we have paid more dough for the same quality. You can count it among biggies that of Vortex, Burris, and Leupold. It is no different and you can use it with a Ruger (Precision) or 6.5 Creedmoor, the results will astonish you.

This Nikon Black x1000 6-24x50 Review will reveal more about how this tiny scope can really revamp your game. If you are in for a ride then go ahead and read the rest of it.

What Does This Nikon Black X1000 6-24x50 Review Say?

This is a rugged riflescope that can really trap in some action at long distances. If you are looking forward to 1,000 yards target, then this is your go to scope. The other factor is that you get Nikon, which is a brand name. You add this name to your gear only to be a proud owner. 

In other words, Nikon is a legacy and the Nikon Black x1000 6-24x50SF could be the one for you. Yes, they last long and with a little care they may become your heritage. It delivers what it promises and you have nothing to worry about.

We have collated some more information on this scope and would like to share it with you in case you are interested. Have a look.

What Could Be The Main Features Of The Nikon Black X1000 6-24x50sf?

Yes, this Nikon is laden with attributes that are found in high end scopes only. You will be surprised to find wide eye relief and accurate parallax focus in this scope at this price. Wait there is more to this.

  • Design – Now, there is nothing that has not been said about a Nikon. This is an elegant scope with matte finish that does not need much of a discussion. It is made from an alloy of aluminum that is of aircraft grade. This certainly makes it light in weight and a sturdy companion for your outdoor expeditions.

  • Magnification – The arsenic free glass can magnify anything between 6x to 24x. However, the reticle has so been designed that all adjustments for magnification need to be done at 18x. All corrections and sub-tensions point at this magnification for best results. 

  • Reticle – This is a precision scope that depends on advanced technology like the MRAD reticle. Moreover, the illuminated reticle makes turning the dial in low lit conditions pretty easy. Now imagine with the 18x magnification what heights can you go to!

  • Parallax – You can fine tune your target with the turrets that are mounted on the sides. There is an adjustment knob that you can use to reach that precision. Don’t think you cannot use it for a close by shot, as you can use this parallax for aiming at 50 yards too!


We thought it would be better if these were explained in short in this section:

  • This is a sturdy scope made from high quality materials

  • You get generous eye relief for capturing that perfect shot

  • Is reasonably priced

  • Not to forget this is backed by Nikon’s lifetime warranty


We know everyone has a different pair of eyes and so does Nikon. This is why there are a few flaws that you can pick out in the Nikon Black x1000 6-24x50, but they definitely are not deal breakers. 

  • Not everyone likes to tune the turrets so fine

  • The reticle illumination could be done better

Who Is It For?

This has been designed for hardcore shooters that go out in the wild and like to pursue their game. Besides, you can use it for anything that you like. For example, you can take it out for fishing or any other outdoor activities that you may think of. A Nikon will never disappoint you for sure.

What Is The Image Quality That You Can Expect? 

Full multi-coated optics arsenic and lead free lenses that has anti-reflective constituents make it a dream. The image is crisp, smooth, clear, bright and sharp under any light condition. There is no need to question a Nikon and this scope certainly proves that. 

The striking quality of the pictures of this extension will astound most clients before all else. The innovative technology that goes into it enables you to concentrate strongly on your objective. This adds to your hunting experience or even target practicing in a positive manner.

What Kind Of Eye Relief Is Anticipated? 

The eye relief in the Nikon Black x1000 6-24x50 riflescope can be found in between 3.6 inches to 4 inches. If you have a rifle with heavy recoil then you should remain careful while utilizing it any which ways. 

This is a lot of space and you need not worry about anything. Yes, your brows are protected and you have nothing to fret about. This is to emphasize, all Nikon products are safe and they are time tested if not anything.

Are There Any Special Features? 

We know some of you will not believe that we found this riflescope to be of utmost use even in wet conditions. It has a sunshade like most Nikon scopes do, but this one surely keeps glare from sun rays as well as moist effects on your lens at a bay. Doesn’t that sound good?

Think about it, hunters are always on the go and they work under different climatic conditions. If you really want to invest in something that does not look intimidating, then this should be your go to scope. It helps you take that aim you have been waiting for and go for a kill.

Does It Add Value? 

Yes, the Nikon Black x1000 6-24x50SF does add value to your hunting or shooting proficiency. It has great optics to bank on, has a long range, keeps your eyes and brows safe, has illuminated reticle and can be operated under different weather conditions. Don’t you think it is a valued possession?

Is It Easy To Mount The Nikon Black X1000 6-24x50 On A Rilfe? 

It mounts effortlessly on a cantilever of a shotgun, on a Ruger or any rifle that you want it to use for. This seamless integration makes Nikon one of the most popular brands in the survival industry. Most hunters prefer their products over others because of this trust. It surely took them time to build this faith, but they are a well-known name in this industry for a long time. Undoubtedly, they are going to stay for some more time.

What Is Our Verdict?

In short, the Nikon Black x1000 6-24x50SF is a delight for long range shooters. More or less it comes with Nikon’s lifetime repair facility. This means if you ever need any replacements or service for this scope, it will be solely taken care of. The best part is you don’t have to pay for it. 

We had to incorporate that in this Nikon Black x1000 6-24x50 Review to show how Nikon adds value to its own products. This is a treasured scope and you must keep it that way!

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