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You probably know that a holster is very important to store your weapon and carry it around. There are various kinds of holsters and some also come with extra space to accommodate extra ammunition. There is no doubt that having a holster is very useful in dire situations. 

The one issue with such a product is the level of comfort so it is important to invest in the Most Comfortable Shoulder Holster. You have to make a careful selection after considering a host of factors. There is no perfect product in the market and it only becomes perfect when it matches your expectations. You need to figure out your personal preferences before acquiring any.

Are you still feeling confused about how to proceed? Have no fear as we have created this post that will help you out. Just make sure that you do not rush, evaluate all your options, and then proceed.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Comfortable Shoulder Holster

When you are out to look for good holsters you will come across many brands that may leave you feeling a little lost. However, if you adopt a systematic approach nothing can stop you from getting a good holster. Here are some important points that we have compiled to give you a better insight.

Safety And Accessibility

There are two of the most important features of a shoulder holster. A good holster should be capable of keeping your firearm very secure at all times. Any user who is into very vigorous activities must go for a holster that keeps the weapon firmly secured. A reliable holster will always include a very good restraining strap.


Most of the holsters feature ambidextrous adjustments. To make sure you get this go through the product description well. You will also come across certain brands that offer adjustments as per the size of the body. This feature is very useful so try to focus on getting holsters that offer this, you may have to pay a bit extra but it will be worth it.

When it comes to looking for features that offer quick adjustments you should make sure that the shoulder straps can also be adjusted to the fullest.


You should buy from a reputed brand as you will be assured of getting products of the highest quality. This way you will not have to worry about seeking frequent replacements for your holster. Premium brands will cost higher but at the end of the day, they are worth investing in.

Reviews Of Reliable Shoulder Holster

We are proud to review five of the most popular holsters in the market. Have a read and educate yourself.

#1. Aker Leather 101 Comfort-Flex Shoulder Holster

When it comes to looking for the best Most Comfortable Shoulder Holster this brand will never disappoint. From the very finishing of the product, it is evident that the brand never compromises on quality. This is made from a host of raw materials and tanned cowhide is one of them. You can choose between the colors black and tan. The design has incorporated an ‘open-end’, which means this will accommodate compact and full-sized handguns very easily.

This not only has wide straps but also features a contoured harness. This is also very comfortable to wear for long hours. This will also help to conceal your weapon well. This can be adjusted to fit a chest size of 62 inches. The double magazine pouch in this holster is a blessing in disguise. Now that you are aware of how useful this product is, maybe you should consider getting it soon. Here are some of the pros and cons.


  • This can fit a chest size of 62 inches
  • This comes with a pouch for two magazines
  • This distributes the weight of the firearm evenly
  • The design, quality, and longevity of the product are very impressive


  • This does not come with any warranty

#2. UTG Deluxe Universal Horizontal Shoulder Holster

If you are not very keen on splurging while acquiring a shoulder holster then this is what you are going to love using in the long run. This is fully adjustable and it has a nice and firm fit on your body. This keeps the weapon secured at all times. This is designed to fit bodies of all sizes. This is an ambidextrous holster, which is a very positive aspect of the product.

We have tested this product and we found that it will certainly live up to your expectations without any fail. The shoulder harness has sufficient padding, which makes this very comfortable to wear for extended hours. So, you already know that you are getting quite a bit for your money. Just go right ahead and get this holster. Let us look at some of the pros and cons of the product.


  • The stitching on the product is top-notch
  • This features a magazine pouch with loop and hook closures
  • This is fully adjustable
  • The shoulder harness is very comfortable
  • This has a universal fit and it will fit all Body types


  • Unlike most holsters, this is made of PVC and not leather, but this is not a huge disadvantage

#3. Galco Miami Classic Shoulder

This brand is known for making some of the best holsters in the market. The company put out its very first line of holsters in 1970 and since then the company has gone from strength to strength. From the finishing of the product, you will notice that the manufacturer has indeed put in a lot of effort into creating this perfect product. The manufacturer has put this through several tests for durability.

The good thing about this product is that it is very comfortable as it features a backplate with a swivel, harness pivot, and leather construction.  This is a modular holster and you can choose between tan and black. This works well with revolvers and semi-automatic weapons. Do not worry about the longevity of the product as this is built to last for a long time. So, you can relax as you do not have to go out and look for frequent replacements.


  • This is a very durable product
  • The holster is manufactured from good quality saddle leather and it comes with screws, an ammo carrier, and harness
  • The quality is very impressive
  • It brings you good value for money
  • Very comfortable to wear for a long time


  • This only suitable for right-handed users

#4. Barsony New Brown Leather Shoulder Holster

If you use automatic pistols that are compact then this holster will do a good job in concealing the weapon. You can use weapons such as Walther PPS, S&W shield, and Glock 26 with this holster. This is made of good quality leather and this means it will last for a long time. This features a neat leather snap that keeps the weapon in place at all times.

This is very comfortable to keep on your body for an extended period as it has well-padded straps. The straps are quite wide and they play a good role to balance the weight of the firearm. In terms of features and quality, this holster is second to none. We have tested this holster and it is certainly worth acquiring. Use this once and you will never think about getting another brand. Here are some of the pros and cons of the product that are worth viewing.


  • This holster sports a very strong construction
  • The straps on this holster can be adjusted very easily
  • This features a loop belt tie-down, which keeps the gun in a secured position
  • The harness has four different settings to achieve a better fit.


  • The right side area of the straps could have been padded as well

#5. Gould & Goodrich 804-G20 Gold Line Shoulder Holster

You cannot discuss the Most Comfortable Shoulder Holster without mentioning this brand. You will find this in brown and black. The good thing about this holster is that it is made from good quality materials, which means it will not wear out even after regular use. This is a very cool feature. We have given this product a go and we can confirm that this will strike a positive note with you. This features two flap cover pouches for extra magazines. This will hold magazines that accommodate 15 rounds of ammunition.

This holster gives very easy access to the weapon, which means during emergencies you can draw out your weapon real quick. This leather holster has a real firm fitting. If you are on the lookout for something reliable then this is the one for you. Do not miss out on this wonderful product. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of this product.


  • This is made from very high-quality leather
  • This is manufactured in America
  • This works well with Glock 36, 30, 29, 21, and 21
  • The product has good longevity and it will not wear out easily


  • You  will have to buy the tie downs separately


So, these were the reviews of five popular choices for the Most Comfortable Shoulder Holster. They are made by reputed brands that are known for their outstanding quality. With these products, you can never go wrong at all. These are certainly worth acquiring.

No product is created perfect and these too have their minor flaws, but you can easily work around them and give your weapon the security it needs. Once you start using these brands you will never have to look back or depend on other brands to fulfill your requirements. So, go ahead and use one of these today.

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