What is Mossberg Shockwave? and is It Legal in Ohio?

What is Mossberg Shockwave?

Mossberg Shockwave is a firearm which has a barrel length of just over 14 inches and is a smooth bore (not rifled). Its overall length is only over 26 inches with a magazine capacity of 5. Shockwaves are pump-action and equipped with a pistol grip, which Mossberg calls a bird’s head pistol grip.


It is quite challenging to put Mossberg Shockwave into any category. It is not a handgun as its barrel is not rifled and the overall length is too long. It is not known as a rifle because Mossberg has no barrel and is not shoulder-fired.

It also does not belong to the AOW (any other weapon) category because this type does not contain weapons with length more than 26 inches. Mossberg shockwave is not a machine gun as it does not fire in rapid succession when the trigger is pulled.

Because many people do not know whether it can fall into any types of weapon, they still cannot determine whether Mossberg shockwave is legal in their state or not. And, we are here to answer your question.

Is the Mossberg Shockwave Legal in Ohio?


Depending on each federal regulation, Mossberg Shockwave is considered legal or illegal. According to our legal analysis, the Mossberg Shockwave is banned in Ohio. It is NOT legal.

Therefore, we definitely advise caution when it comes to purchasing and possessing this firearm!

The Final Words

Since Mossberg Shockwave is not legal everywhere for everyone, you need to learn about the regulations of each place before deciding to own it. Hope you find our article helpful and thanks!

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