Find The Best Iwb Holster For Xds Of This Year

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Are you a firearms owner who is looking for a weapon cover? If you are, then you have reached the right place to get all the information that you may need. It is true that it is our constitutional right to carry weapons, but at the same time it is our responsibility to carry them with care.

In fact, most state would require you to conceal your firearm in public places. So, what do you do then? You start scouring for the Best Iwb Holster for Xds if you want to access your weapon any time. In waistband or IWB holsters can make it easy for you to carry your gun in public. It has more to it and if you are really interested feel free to read this post till the end for more details.

How To Choose Best Iwb Holster For XDS?

When it comes to carrying firearms on you, you know that you need to conceal it to tug it along very well by now. What you may not know is that how can you choose the perfect IWB Holster for XDS? Don’t worry we have got you covered and have found a few indicators that will help you take a call.

Budget For Buying

This should be given maximum importance as this solely will help you understand what kind of holster you should look for. It has to be practical and you should not go overboard while selecting a holster. There is no point investing in a fancy one, if you need for everyday use. You may need something that can function properly is easily accessible.

Comfortable On You

This is another priority that you need to refer to because you will be carrying it for hours on you. Primarily, it has to be comfortable and you cannot ignore this fact. Again, you may need to run, walk or even crawl depending on your job responsibility or at least be prepared, so you must choose one carefully.

Concealment of The Weapon

Come on now, you must invest in a holster that can be hidden under your clothes. Do not buy one that needs to spend in new wardrobe. This means, you must make sure that the holster serves its purpose really well. There is no need to get one that prints through the layers of your clothes in the name of concealment. Be careful while you make that choice.

Material of The Holster

You may be carrying a weapon on you may throughout the day. So, you need to give this a thorough consideration because you surely want the material to be snug. You could go for leather, neoprene, shell or Kydex which is a hybrid fabric for this.

Seasonal Variations

It must be mentioned that while picking up your holster, you must also give seasonal changes a thought. Like leather may not be a good idea for the summer months. You must purchase a holster with mesh ventilation and may be with a neoprene back to avoid sweating.

Easy of Remounting

Yes, your holster should be easy to remount and that goes without saying. It should not shrink down after you remove your weapon from it. You should be able to quickly replace your gun when not required. You must think about this and there is nothing that you can do with a cover that collapses every time you take out your gun. Save yourself from embarrassment and invest in a holster sensibly.

Benefits of an IWB Holster For XDS

Okay, if you have a gun and have to carry it with you every day to work, for if you are security personnel, law enforcing officer or even in military, you will know the importance of concealment all the more. This goes without saying that an IWB holster has greater significance than you can think of. Here are some of the advantages of carrying a holster:

  • These are better than the OWB or open carry holsters as these are safer
  • These perfect for individual carrying firearms
  • These at as a good camouflage as they will not print the firearm
  • This means these holsters will never give it away to rogues or put them on alert
  • This certainly gives you the edge over criminals and you can strike when needed
  • You can keep your gun hidden from public
  • You need not scare the ordinary people with your priced possession
  • Plus these holsters will not get into your way of your everyday activities
  • You may not even need a belt for some of these holsters
  • What more, you will not need to look anywhere else for your gun but head straight to hip if need be
  • It makes you look better as it keeps your weapon concealed without intimidating others for sure

Top 3 Best Iwb Holster For Xds Reviews

This is an award winning Cloak Tuck 3.0 that is considered to be best in class. It is fixed on a flexible neoprene base that has zero break-in time. Yet, is sturdy and carries your gun safely for you. This holster has a marring finish and its retention shell is adjustable that adds to its functionality. You will get to know more about it from the forthcoming section. So, pay attention.


  • The neoprene means it has waterproof back
  • Can be adjusted for height and angle
  • Easy to access you gun because of the zero break-in we mentioned earlier
  • Is ideal for any body type
  • It is quite comfortable to wear around your hips
  • The latest version is way better than its previous editions
  • It is made in the USA
  • Comes with a 30 day trial period
  • Has a lifelong warranty to help you with


  • You may have buy a larger pair of trousers for a comfortable fit
  • It may take you a permutation combination to make it work

This is another IWB holster for XDS that can keep your gun protected from moisture and dirt. This Kydex holster is light in weight but is very durable at the same time. This is very comfortable to wear all through the day because of this. It really does not matter how you are going to be dressed for this. This suggests you can wear it with anything that you may have on your mind.


  • Comfortable to use and the Kydex makes it secured
  • Has an adjustable retention pressure
  • Posi click integration makes additionally safe
  • It also has a carry angle of 1 to 15 degrees
  • It can fit Springfield XDS of 3.3 inches
  • It has sweat lock shield to prevent moisture contact
  • Made in the USA right from the beginning to the end
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • The clip is designed for thicker belts and that could be a problem if you have a thin belt
  • You cannot wear it with your shirt tucked in with this clip

This is an ultra-concealable holster that is all about quality. This is a premium leather holster that has a Kydex finish. This adds a certain consistency to it by making one of the most long lasting holsters that you can ever come across. This second generation holster is feature rich and has all the attributes that make it game changer. You can find some more details about this holster in here.


  • This is made from durable leather, has a polymer stuffing and soft suede back
  • This creates a barrier between sweat, your body and the gun
  • Not to mention, this makes it very cozy
  • The Kevlar stitching joins the holster to the leather making it strong
  • Designed for a right handed shooter (usually known for 3 to 5 o’clock positions)
  • Requires no break-in period owing to its rounded profile


  • The gun sits little higher and may be a reason discomfort for some
  • It may be an ideal for running during an emergency, otherwise regarded as just the right deal for normal day to day life


It may not be that easy to choose the Best Iwb Holster for Xds for a novice. Nonetheless, you can follow the pointers that we have discussed to start with. We have provided you all the particulars that are possibly required to know while buying a holster. All you need is to focus on the comfort while selecting an IWB holster. This will prove to be the ultimate guiding factor as you need to be comfortable carrying it on your hips all through the day.

We have mentioned the top names that can help you reach a comfort zone and much more. Hope you liked our post and we would like you tell us more about that through the comments section. You can share your insights too in regards to this and share it with our readers for good.

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