Best Iwb Holster For Glock 26 – Ultimate Buying Guide

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Are you a proud owner of a Glock 26? Do you want to keep it protected all the time, even when it is on you? Worry no more because we have found a way to help you by providing you all the details about the Best Iwb Holster for Glock 26.

The Glock 26 is a great concealed gun that has been a hit ever since its inception in 1995. It holds 9 mm ammo inside its magazine that can fire up to 12 rounds. This is what the model a popular choice with many gun enthusiasts and we will learn more about how to keep it safe in an inside the waistband holster.

Quick Answer: The 4 Best Iwb Holster For Glock 26

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How To Choose The Best Iwb Holster For Glock 26? 

You could be an undercover agent or a detective that does not want to make it apparent about a weapon on them. You could be simply someone that enjoys keeping a weapon but your state laws need you to conceal them. What do you then? You invest in a gun holster or an IWB holster then.

Now, the problem that you face with is in regards to what kind of holster should you choose? No worries, we have got you covered for that as we have found a few pointers to help you decide. Read them with care.

Concealing The Weapon

Of course you are getting an IWB to hide your weapon from the public eye. You must choose a holster that goes well with your present set of clothes. There is no point installing a new wardrobe for a holster otherwise. The holster should sneak inside your clothes like your second skin and there should be no qualms about it.

Pricing of The Holster

Let your needs decide on this, because if you are an avid shooter, a law enforcer or someone from the military then you need to get a sturdy and expensive one. However, if you do it for fun or into recreational shooting, then you must think about getting a moderately priced one. We would suggest there is no need to get a fancy one, be pragmatic and get a holster for your budget.

Comfort Of Carrying

This goes without saying that the holster you are eyeing must be secured yet snug. Yes, you cannot carry a discomfort on your back all through the day. So, you must make a smart choice of selecting something that is really comfy on you.

We can share a tip for this that of looking into the material of the holster you are about to buy. Make sure the material does not make you sweat and has a shield between you and the gun to keep the moisture away.

Material of The Holster

Speaking of materials, brings us to this discussion that you must give the material a serious consideration. You can get leather for your holster or the latest hybrid Kydex that has been turning heads round can also be contemplated about. What about good old neoprene?

Don’t you think that makes for a great preference as well? It does right? Just remember that some of these materials may vary with seasonal changes, like leather which is a not so great option during the summer months. Keep all this in mind and you will end up buying the best one for you without problems.

Ease Of Installation

This is self-explanatory and we need not say much about this for sure. You should purchase a holster for your Glock 26 that can be installed easily. You would not like to spend your money on something that is tight and does not help you draw when there is a need. On the contrary, you want a holster that mounts on your belt without any trouble.

Benefits Of An IWB Holster For Glock 26

An IWB holster has a lot of advantages to count on and only people that use it know of it. Nonetheless, we thought of composing this post to give a better idea about what they are all about in a thorough manner. 

  • Hands down, this is a safer option over an OWB for obvious reasons of safety
  • These holsters do not print and help you hide your weapon
  • You can wear all kinds of clothes with an IWB, like you can tuck your shirt in or let it hang loose
  • You may not even need a belt with some of these holsters
  • These work very well for individuals
  • You can keep your weapon hidden from a suspect and conduct a sudden attack to scare them away 
  • Moreover, you can walk, run or carry with your day to day activities with these holsters unperturbed

Top 3 Best Iwb Holster For Glock 26 Reviews

The Best Iwb Holster for Glock 26 is one that will help you in all means and here is a small list of the real good ones. 

To start with, this holster can be carried even with an un-tucked shirt. Doesn’t that make it impressive? This certainly means that it is an easy to hide holster. One that you know will not intimidate others, keep your handgun secured yet will not fall off as you move. This is a very durable holster that can last you long and let us find out more about it.


  • The matte black finish really adds to its charm
  • Materials like Kydex make it a sturdy holster
  • Not to mention, that has a sweat guard which keeps the weapon dry
  • It is designed with an anti-lock facility
  • The Posi Lock keeps the weapon intact and the retention helps in quick release
  • The best part about this holster is that you can carry it in different angles as you can adjust it according to your needs
  • You get a lifetime warranty for this holster


  • The holster is way too wider and the manufacturer can work on it
  • Needs a little bit of heaving while taking the gun out

The Galco KT224B Kingtuk can carry a range of weapons and this makes it a versatile holster to begin with. That is correct, it can custom fit your Glock 26 to make it look as they were made for each other. It is made from a mix of Napa leather and Kydex that has been riveted with steel bolts.

Moreover, it locks in your belt pretty well and you remain at ease even if you carry this on with you for the whole day. Here is a brief synopsis of the product:


  • It is a good looking holster for an IWB
  • Designed especially for right handed use
  • Can fit into belts of 1 and ¾ inches size
  • Is made in the USA
  • Has an adjustable angle and this is what makes it the Best Iwb Holster For Glock 26
  • Long lasting because of its build 
  • Easy to use and mount
  • You can take out your gun without any difficulty out of this holster


  • The holster may not be comfortable while sitting
  • It is not very fast to draw and if you need it promptly, then you may have to give it a thought

The Pro Carry HD is one more example of holsters that can hold an array of Glocks. This adaptability makes it the choice of many. What makes it more resourceful is that it is available for left and right handed people. It has a stronger side and can be drawn very fast when needed.

Made from grain leather and bonded polyester makes it a durable selection for sure. Below is a breakdown of the product that speaks about its ups as well as the downs. 


  • Made from premium materials and the polyester is mold resistant
  • Can be purchased in brown or black
  • The steel clips have retention points that make it effortless to use
  • Most importantly, it keeps your weapon secured
  • The handgun fits into flawlessly 
  • It is comfy to wear all day long
  • Conceals well and proves itself even during sultry summer months
  • The competitive pricing makes it more meaningful
  • Is a long lasting holster that makes it worth every penny


  • Tight fit may make it difficult to draw at times
  • Very thick owing to its leather make


As a matter of fact, we have provided all that we could in regards to finding the Best Iwb Holster for Glock 26. You can follow our list of considerations or combine it with your knowhow. Choice is yours, but make sure that you know what you are getting is quality. A Glock 26 is a sturdy but a sophisticated weapon and you would not like to fidget with it.

It is advisable that you put your trust into the names we have suggested as the reviews speak for them. We are not the only ones claiming them to be authentic, but there are others that are of the same opinion. On that note, we would like to take your leave, in the hope that you have liked this post. Do let us know about this and more by recoding your precious comments.

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