How To Zero A Scope? Steps To Follow

For any shooter, zeroing a scope is among the most important and the first thing to know. If you plan to join any hunting activity, here are some steps to zero a scope. From here, you will surely take a closer step to becoming a pro in the hunting game. Let’s begin.


How To Zero A Scope

Scope Installation

Attach The Rings And Base On The Scope

To start, you might need a good ring and base mount to make sure that the scope will stay steady in the next few years. It will be much better if you spend on a high-quality mount rather than on the scope. With this, you won’t need to constantly adjust your gun once you have your sight in.

For mount installation, tightened the screws with the mounts following the manufacturer’s instructions. It is best to proceed according to the X pattern, which keeps you away from pulling the scope in the wrong way. You will first have to loosen the screws before making any essential adjustment.

Arrange The Rifle With A Scope

Leaving the bracket with the scope during this process following the manufacturer’s instructions, you must orient the eyepiece correctly. Next up, leave a torpedo level on the scope to check the level before tightening the rings firmly.

Correctly Put The Eyepiece

In the next step, you must set the appropriate distance to correctly position the target. Finally, the target image must be clear and sharp when looking over the eyepiece.

Level The Cross-Hair

It would help if the rifle is kept at a steady position on a stand to keep its stock at a suitable level, creating a square with the ground. After that, rotate your crosshair to the point where its vertical is at 12 o’clock, or the top dead point.

Finally, create an image in your head on a cross-hair line directly run through the rifle center. It is possible for you to make other amendments later, but it is necessary to have the cross-hairs orientation in the right position before tightening it down.

Tighten Securely The Mounting Base

You need to ensure the cross-hair still stays at the top center before gradually tightening the mounting rings. Then slowly, tighten each screw to only half of a thread at one time while constantly checking the checking-hair movement. 

Zero Setting 

Start The Range

The only way for an accurate sight-in of any scope is to hit from many different positions. You can do this freely at any gun range, where you can assure of the backstops and distances. Be sure to stay safe during this process. More specifically, you should remember to have a firearm, eye and ear cover, and enough ammunition for a shooting day.

You can have a unique bulls-eye target as an assistance for your zeroing. This might offer a lot of measurements for the correct rifle amendment.

Set Your Gun At A Good Rest

You should Set Your Gun At A Good Rest

When zeroing a gun, avoid as many user errors as you can. For the most correct zero, mount the rifle into the special rest for this target. You can find this at almost all outlets offering sporting goods and even some gun clubs in your area do not own a solid rest, at least have your gun in a solid point suitable for shooting.

Even books, boots, or jackets can keep the gun rest in a steady place for a more accurate shot. The important thing is that you should make sure the rest is clear without any bolt.

Load And Have Three Or Five Rifle Shots

At this stage, wait for the hot range’s signal before looking over the scope. With a good stock for cheek weld, keeping your usual sight picture following rifle safety will help you to zero scope. Hold the exhale end for some second before squeezing the trigger firmly, without jerking, for a perfect shot, Repeat this 3 to 5 times for a correct first run. 

Check The Shot Grouping

You must wait to see the cold range in this step, then safely unload the rifle. Finally, retrieve or examine the target using the range sight for the best accurate shot picture.

Use Knobs For Adjustment And Check One More Time

To have a perfectly correct rifle, you should make use of knobs adjustments staying at the scope side and at the top. So again, you might have some unique mechanism of adjustments for different scopes, but normally, they are principally the same.

At Each Distance, Set A Specific Zero

Generally, any marksman hopes to sight-in their rifle at many different positions, with the most focusing one being the right distances for appropriate shoot. In each point, you find the same adjustment and basic process for a great measurement from two or even five distances.

Making Appropriate Adjustment

Check The Adjustment Of The Knob

Almost all scopes have double dials, with each one at the side and the top for adjustment and zeroing. As a result, your view at this point is the target of the rifle. With the top knob, you can adjust the crosshairs down and up. On the other hand, the side version is for the left and right adjustment of the scopes.

Move Your Sight Toward Any Misses

In case you fail on the high, you must amend the scope for a higher position. If you pass over the left, change your scope to the left. Continue the adjustment until your steady and secured rifle regularly hits the bull’s eye.

Carry Out Any Adjustment Slowly And At A Small Change

At any scope, every click turn of the dial can move zero at 1/4″. That means, with four knob clicks, your scope might change a around an inch. Thus, be sure to carefully read the instructions for correct adjustments.

Equipped With A Boresight As Needed For Additional Adjustments

A laser bore sighter can save a lot of ammo and reduce the chance of wearing them on your shoulder. Otherwise, you can go to any dealer selling sporting goods nearby to adjust them with boresight.


That is all you need to know on how to zero a scope. You might now have a clear vision of what to do. With each type of scope, there might be a unique adjustment for zeroing, so make sure to read the instructions from the manufacturer!

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