How To Uncock A Crossbow – What You Might Not Know

Hunting has long been a hobby of many adventurers. To meet this need, they must become familiar with some of the weapons used during the hunt, and the crossbow with night vision scopes is one of them.

However, many people are not even aware of how to uncock a crossbow effectively and safely. If you are also in this case, our post would be a great help to you!

How To Uncock A Crossbow

There are many methods to open a crossbow, but we have compiled the three easiest and safest ways for you. 

  • Firing an arrow to the ground
  • Using the rope cocking aid
  • Using a defuser

Let’s take a look into their details.

Firing The Unused Arrow To The Ground:

Shooting arrows to unlock is the easiest method, and it does not require too many tools to support the process! Let’s explore more on how to do it together!

Select Arrow, Find A Suitable Ground

The first step is to select the appropriate arrow and ground because we need to ensure safety during the process. Then how can we do that?

Soft ground would serve just well for everyone. It helps avoid hurting the user, recover the arrow easily, and prevent seriously damaging the arrow.

When choosing an arrow to shoot, it’s best to choose used arrows or faulty ones because these are not too sharp and won’t stick too hard into the ground. Also, you only need to uncock your crossbow. There’s no need to waste a brand new arrow.

Fire The Arrow To The Ground

All you need to do now is shoot the arrow from a higher height to the ground. The act of firing the arrow would also result in uncocking a crossbow. After a successful shot, don’t forget to retrieve the arrow, and now you can freely use your crossbow for hunting.

Using A Rope Cocking Aid:

The Rope Cocking Aid is the preferred method by experienced hunters because it will reduce the chance of damaging your crossbow.

Collect Tools

Almost all major crossbow brands now offer a compatible archery kit. That’s why you should carefully research your crossbow manufacturer before buying a roping kit.

You can order roping kits through online shopping platforms, and Amazon is a good choice. With only about 10 to 20 dollars, you can own a set of strings. Keep in mind that choosing the longer string would benefit your uncocking process.

Fix The Crossbow String With The Hook Of The Cocking Rope

This step plays an important role in determining the success of the whole stage, so do it carefully! Secure the crossbow with the hooks of the rope cocking aid. You also need to make sure your crossbow has an arrow preset. Don’t worry if your wire gets tangled because it won’t ruin your process.

Switch From Safe Position To Firing Position

In this step, all you need to do is to change the crossbow from the safe position to the firing one. Ensure the crossbow always allows you to access the safety latch when needed. One note for you, be careful because when the crossbow is in the fire position, it might injure you.

Complete Uncocking The Crossbow

Now we’ve reached the most important step. Read carefully to bring about the best result!

First of all, use your feet to firmly fix the bow of the crossbow to prevent potential damages. Secure the unlocking device to prevent it from ruining your crossbow. Because dry-fire can cause damage and may even break your tools. No one would want such incidents to happen.

After the preparations, hold on firmly to the rope with your dominant hand. Kick forward hard and, at the same time, pull the trigger with your non-dominant hand.

When you perform these three movements simultaneously, the crossbow will receive enough force to open itself. And that is how we tackle the mission!

Using A Defuser:

Of all three methods, this is the quickest, also easiest way to open the crossbow. Many hunters favor this method as they can carry this compact defuser anywhere with them.

Prepare A Defuser

You will surely need a defuser to perform this method. Each crossbow is usually compatible with a certain defuser. Some brands supply customers with this device, whether in the crossbow package or not. If the brand does not assist you, there are also online platforms selling defuser kits.

However, this method is more suitable if you are not too strict about finances because this product has a rather unreasonable price. Usually, buyers will have to spend between $100 and $200 for a defuser product.

Latch The Defuser Knob Into The Crossbow

First of all, you need to loosen the knob on the defuser, then place it neatly into the grooved barrel of the crossbow. Slide it slowly under the retaining spring to avoid damage to both products.

After preparing the gas, tighten the T knob and U-frame on the defuser. Note that all the buttons mentioned above must be tight enough for the uncocking process.

Fire The Arrow In Safe Direction

Make sure once again that you have tightened the defuser knob and bracket to avoid breaking the crossbow. Once confirmed, turn the firing position on and get ready for uncocking the crossbow.

Here, all you have to do is compress the trigger, where it makes a sound like that of your hand clicking your computer’s mouse. When you hear this sound, check your crossbow to determine if the string has returned to its default position. If yes, that means you have successfully uncocked your crossbow! And now you only need to remove the defuser from the crossbow. Mission completed!

Some Tips To Uncock A Crossbow:

As mentioned above, if you choose to uncock your crossbow by shooting it on the ground, make sure the area is away from your own feet and away from others to avoid injury. It is best to draw a safe target so that you can focus on shooting.

You should always ensure that the crossbow’s safe position is on before lowering it from your holder. All for the safety of yourself and those around you.

Our final tip would be unlocking your crossbow after each shot. Although it’s a bit complicated, it improves the life of the crossbow, increases your shooting ability, and saves you the trouble of uncocking it next time.

Some Last Words

Using a crossbow for hunting is a traditional hobby of adventure lovers. Thoroughly understanding how it works can avoid trouble using it. We hope you have found the information you need and are ready for your next hunt through this How to uncock a crossbow post.


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