Beginners Guide: How To Clean A Bore Snake

Bore snakes are renowned for its availability and practical features that can help clean the guns’ barrels.

As time goes on, no bore snake can keep its cleanliness since some areas in it might get not only carbon fiber but also anything else - dirt, rust or lubricant.

Bore snakes can become cleaned by either hand- or machine-washing. Let’s have a look.


Wash by Hand

Step 1: Soak the Bore Snake in Soapy Water

Fill a bucket, sink or any container with warm water and add few spoons of laundry detergent to make it soapy. Place your snake in the water for over 20 minutes.

If your snake is extremely dirty or oily, keep it in the water from 30 to 40 minutes.

Step 2: Wash, Brush and Rinse the Cord with Your Hand

  1. Twirl the snake to remove the dirt or oil
  2. Use a thrown-away toothbrush to clean its braided floss part
  3. Slowly scrub the bronze bore brush
  4. Finally, rinse the bore snake until you no longer see any soap.

Step 3: Squeeze out the Excess Water

Use your preferred hand to gently squeeze the water out from the top to bottom until you reach the bore brush. Continue in the same way for the rest of the bore snake.

Step 4: Pat Dry and Air Dry it

Pat the bore snake down in a clean and dry cloth. Force out as much water as possible and then hang it on a clothes hanger or a line with fastened clothes pegs to dry.

Machine Washing

Step 1: Put your bore snake in a bag

Place the snake in a wash bag or small pillowcase and then tie it tightly. Also, you can use a white shoelace or light-colored machine-safe cord to tie the snake.

Please always bear in mind that you don’t use the snake’s pull cord since it will get tighten during washing, which might make you have to cut off the cord when finishing.

Step 2: Prepare the washing machine

Set your washing machine to the lowest power with a small load. Then, start filling the water in the washer and add a few spoons of laundry detergent. When the washer finish filling, turn it off.

Step 3: Soak your snake in the washer

Let the bore snake soak in the water over 15-20 minutes if it isn’t dirty. Soak it longer in 30-40 minutes if it’s very untidy.

Step 4: Let your washer do the rest and air-dry the snake

After soaking, turn on the washing machine to let it do the rest. Once the cycle ends, take the snake out or loosen the bag and then hang it on a clothesline with the pins.

Pay attention!

  • Dry the bore snake carefully before using it again.
  • Use only one toothbrush to scrub the bore brush. Do not rub a sponge or textured fiber cloth over the bronze bore brush if you don’t want any leftover sponge pieces or threads.
  • Do not use dark-colored shoelaces or cord to do so. If not, you will not determine what is dirt, oil or just a stain.

All Things Considered

It is recommended to keep your bore snake clean, either by washing by hand or using a machine. If you don’t remember all of those steps above, bookmark our article to save the tips. And if you can, spread this information to your friends who may concern!

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