Ultimate Guide On How To Bleach A Deer Skull

When it comes to house decoration, some people think it’s complicated to do a bunch of tasks. But these days people are using antlers and skulls for a minimalist space. Simple, but never old-fashioned.     

How about you? Any thoughts of interior decor with a deer skull? Perhaps, both hipsters and hunting enthusiasts may indulge in making up their beloved apartment with a certain vibe. Yet prior to mounting its head for decor, a manual of how to bleach a deer skull may be vital.

Why Learn How to Bleach a Deer Skull Yourself?

To be honest, bleaching a deer skull is a skill you need to master before mounting it for display. All owners want to make sure their belongings always look clean, bright, and new after the hunting process. Deeply bleaching will last the skull’s beauty and lifespan longer. 

What’s more, no skull is initially white in advance. Each also has excess fur and blood around, which makes it lose all potential white color. As a result, proper bleaching is a must-have to further using and preserving the deer skulls. 

Eventually, mastering the skills of bleaching yourself will aid in saving both time and effort. Sometimes, you may find it costly when hiring an expert to have all steps done. And, of course, you will be more proud of what you can do with your artwork. 

You could absolutely share your valuable experiences with your friends, relatives, relatives, or teammates. They will value your advice and ability so much.

How To Bleach A Deer Skull

You can have a deer skull bleached with ease within just a few days. Time for this process is up to how long you bleach and the drying period. There is no need to have someone help you throughout bleaching, apart from carrying the skull.

Take a look at our guide on how to bleach a deer skull to get the ball rolling. 

The Materials In Requirements

Here’s a list of materials you need in the process. Gaining the best result will make you proud of what you are doing. With these materials, you can bleach a deer skull rapidly.

Protective Gear

Be careful with any chemicals you use while whitening the deer skull, as they are not good at all and even cause harm. Plus, you need to prevent yourself from exposing chemicals or blood while you are handling the freshly hunted deer.

Boots, aprons, and latex gloves are all essential in such cases. Also, be mindful of using glasses and goggles whenever you whiten the deer skull. These devices are a handful against getting smoke and tissue into the eyes. 

Large Pot Or Container

It’s undisputedly a big container or pot, the best one to submerge the deer skull. Once you find the best one to fit the whole skull, get started bleaching it. 

Knife And Tongs

Once you skin any residue from the feet of the skull, you could find a knife indeed helpful. With the fresh-handling deer, you should use tongs of various sizes to eliminate both tissue and muscle from its skull. 

Water And Hydrogen Peroxide Or Bleach

Like ways to clean the deer antlers, using either hydrogen peroxide or home bleach is safe. Both will not harm or damage your skull in any way. Ensure that the amount of peroxide is at least  6 % concentration, and say no with any products over 12%. 

Besides, it’s a significant matter in using chlorine to bleach as it will turn your skull yellow later. Thus, preparing a gallon of water for bleaching or simmering is also a recommendation. 

Lacquer Or Coating

These kinds of stuff have the power to maintain the skull always clean and white over time. In return, if you find it unnecessary to coat the skull, let’s think twice about how to save the skull’s color and conditions by other methods. 

Fire Pit

A fire pit is required to boil the deer skull for bleaching and cleaning easier.

Step-by-step Instructions On Bleaching A Deer Skull


Use a good skinning knife to cut the deer head off the neck. Continue to cut it from any tissues and muscles in the body. Next, perform a scalp peeling, start at the colon area, remove all excess tissue, patches of hair, and skin.

Continue the lower jaw from the head to remove the fleshy parts of the brain, eyeballs, and tongue.


Pour a simmering pot of water and get started to boil your deer skull. Let it sit for half an hour. Then you scrape off any excess. But don’t boil it. Just let it dry for a few hours.


As soon as the skull is dry, mix bleach or half part peroxide and a batch of half part water. Then, submerge the skull in the bath and let it rest until white. This step could take several days, yet avoiding leaving it for over one week, or else your deer skull could disintegrate itself.


Once your skull turns dry and white, add lacquer for the shiny and preserve its perfect colors by coating. However, be mindful of drying the deer skull prior to coating it with varnish. As soon as you find it dry, it’s time to mount your skull and display it anywhere as you aim to. 

Tips And Tricks On Displaying The Deer Skull

Moving on to another part with a set of extra tips on the best displaying your deer skull now. 

  • Connoisseurs of gamers recommend having your deer skull cleaned and bleached outside or in an open space. As such, the chemicals will maximize strong effects on the skull. On the other hand, you’d better wear protective gear to avoid sticking to chemicals during the process.
  • Holding the skull up by copper wire is a new idea most hipsters apply. Also, frequently cleaning the deer skull to maintain its white and bright look is good for you.

Our Final Words

Almost all marksmen aspire to showcase their outstanding skills. However, deer skulls are irreplaceable merit that often turns up in one hunting enthusiast or any hipster. Learn how to bleach a deer skull and you sure will make the deer skull best-looking and thriving. 

All in all, to establish your home look the best it could be, shopping for professional products and materials is vital. Follow our step-by-step guide to turn your space into a stylish living corner. We hope that our informative article fulfills your requirements. 

Thanks a lot for reading!

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