How Many Magazines Should You Have? The Ideal Suggestion

As we all know, any gun will entirely lose its validity without a magazine, no matter how awesome its exterior is. So, how many magazines should you have? Gun owners, particularly the new ones, often get into trouble with this question.

But no worries, this review aims to help you choose the best magazine capacity for carrying with. Let’s scroll down for more detailed information.


How Many Magazines Should You Have?

Well, spare magazine capacity probably varies according to the main purposes of shooting for gun ownership, including hunting, self-defense, or range shooting.

Number Of Magazines For Hunting

How many magazines do hunters need for every hunting game? Well, hunters should judiciously consider those capacities based on the animals hunted and hunting regulations for each conservation area.   

In the prospect of animal species harvested, the faster the animal speed is, the bigger the spare magazines should be carried. 

As you might know, pronghorns are one of the 12 top fastest animals in the world. Striking 53 mph of running velocity, they potentially pose several challenges for shooters when running and moving around. If you are making a plan for hunting them, your harvest might be less successful with just one or two ready-to-go magazines. As a result, one or two magazines prepared is too little to cope with pronghorns’ speed. 

In contrast to pronghorn hunting trips, experienced hunters can successfully harvest coyotes or hogs while working with a spare magazine and a rifle with plenty of ammo in magazines. However, if you are a beginner hunter, you have to struggle to attain the targets. Perhaps you will need more than one spare magazine. 

Before making a hunting plan, you should carefully look at legislation on the magazine capacity of the hunting region. For example, Maine and Oregon restrict magazines to hunters, with allowable five magazines. 

Number Of Magazines For Personal Defense

For self-defense, you might need to up the count of magazines you carry. Shotguns, rather than high-powered AR-style rifles, will be your best option due to their compact design.

Specifically, Glock 19, Glock 43, Sig Sauer P320 are the five top-rated handguns for self-defense. These popular semi-automatic shotguns are equipped with a magazine that has capacities of 15-30 rounds. 

Meanwhile, in almost every American states’ restriction, residents are only allowed to hold less than ten rounds in place. So, if you only have a maximum of ten shots to engage the target, three extra ten-round magazines for grab will be the best suggestion for you.

One loaded and three backup firearms probably are enough to deal with suddenly dangerous situations. No matter how expensive a magazine is, you should always hold at least three spare magazines. They will work as a backup plan against losing or breaking.

Number Of Magazines For Home Defense

Of course, you have a right to defend yourself and your beloved; hence, owning a gun is a wise decision. You should always have a gun and backup magazines on hand to protect your home from any intruders.

So, how many magazines should you have for home protection?  Well, you can prepare spare magazines for any amount, as long as you feel those are enough to keep your family safe. 

Unlike hunting and carrying for personal defense cases, you can store several magazines, each with a maximum of 30 rounds. Thanks to the compact assembly dimensions (210 x 210 mm or 148 x 148 mm), you probably secretly hide in a dresser, nightstand, or desk.

Number Of Magazines For Range Shooting

When it comes to range shooting, none of any legislative compliance is required. The shooting range does not limit ammunition amounts, and it closely depends on your reloading magazine frequency only. So, you can only go for one magazine and iteratively change after every shooting at the range or carry all magazines provided and reload all magazines once. 

Particularly, if you would like to participate in a shooting game in the United States, you can access shooting ranges and follow its safety requirements and equipment. 

For indoor range shooting, you will pay under $50 to serve 50 rounds of 9 mm ammunition and rent range for an hour. To sum up, it might seem to be more relative to your budget than caring how many magazines you should have. 


Where are you heading to? For hunting, self-defense, home defense, or range shooting? With all of that information in mind, you can recommend yourself the most proper number of spare magazines to follow.

Hopefully, this writing has helped you answer the question, “How many magazines should you have?”Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for our next article. See you then!

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