How Long Will Ammo Last? [Detailed Answer]

Have you ever wondered “how long will ammo last?” while watching a TV show about the recovery of hidden artifacts? Do you want to know if such ammunition is still in use and how to preserve them in good condition?

This article will give you the answers to any of your inquiries.

How Long Will Ammo Last? 

The life of ammo also depends on many external factors such as weather, temperature, and storage. Besides, internal factors such as the material that makes up the shell, the gunpowder inside the bullets also affect their lifespan. So their lives are unpredictable.

According to some experts and ammunition manufacturers, the most common period for ammunition to last is ten years if properly maintained. The time can be longer if we keep them in good condition, still, there is no guarantee that they will work one hundred percent as expected. 

In truth, ammunition may not expire on the manufacturer’s stated expiration date. Ammunition may be kept for generations, decades, or even thousands of years in warehouses or buried underground. Ammunition may be used for a long period if stored properly. In contrast, ammunition stored in severe conditions may not be used before its expiration date.

Tips To Store Ammo Properly To Make Them Last Longer

Improperly storing ammo is risky and wasteful if they turn out usable. It is extremely dangerous because a corroded bullet can explode at any time, even if it’s not in the gun’s magazine.

Moisture is the most deadly enemy of them. So when you store them in paper boxes, they will be readily ruined. The ideal solution is moisture treatment devices, such as a dehumidifier and a moisture-proof cabinet.

Keeping ammunition in safe circumstances also protects the health and safety of the owner. If possible, get a moisture-proof cabinet large enough to hold the amount of ammunition you have.

Furthermore, because preserving massive bullet depots is extremely difficult, a large dehumidifier is the way to go to ensure their safety. Here are the three simple processes to reserve your ammo (can be applied even if you use a dehumidifier or a moisture-proof cabinet). 

Avoid using paper or cardboard cartons to store ammo. The alternatives are plastic or metal boxes since they are better at protecting your property from moisture and external influences.

Reduce the amount of moisture in bullet storage containers. To utilize an appropriate dehumidification technique, you must first measure the area where your ammunition is stored. If you only have a few bullets, a little bag of desiccant from the shop would suffice. If you have a lot of ammunition, you should invest in a dehumidifier, which will help you conserve them better than little desiccant packs.

Keep an eye on the ammunition on a frequent basis. Relying on a high-quality ammunition cartridge and a dehumidifier is insufficient. Check the location to store them regularly to verify if they are still in excellent condition to avoid unnecessary hazards and harm.


There you have the answer for how long will ammo last. When it comes to ammunition storage, the three most important considerations are location, environment, and safety.

If you keep all three of the above factors in good working order, the ammunition will last longer and be of higher quality. Hopefully, the information in this post will help you improve your ammo knowledge to get better at organizing your ammunition storage.

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