How Hot Does A Gun Barrel Get? – Useful Information For You!

It is normal for the barrel of a rifle to heat up when using a gun. However, how hot does a gun barrel get is probably something we should be concerned about? Also, how will this affect shooting, and will it cause any negative outcome?

Let’s find out the answer!

Clinical Knowledge – What Causes A Gun Barrel To Get Hot?

First, we need to understand the principle of how a bullet is fired.

Simply put, when you pull the trigger, a firing pin inside the rifle fires the primer on the bullet. Then, the primer ignites, and the gunpowder is burned. At this point, the combustion produces gas and then creates pressure. It is the pressure that will push the bullet out of the barrel at lightning speed!

Thus, because gunpowder burns and expands rapidly, heat is produced. Specifically, according to measured data, 5000 degrees Fahrenheit is the amount of heat that gunpowder will create each time it burns.

In addition, when the gun user shoots many times, the heat generated is increasing. This phenomenon of heat generation affects the metal material of the barrel and makes it get hotter. Still, the barrel of a gun cannot give the heat off quickly.

That’s why the gun barrel is hot!

What Are The Side Effects Of The Gun Barrel Heating Up? 

The side effect is your accuracy will be affected when aiming. Under the influence of heat, the gun is ordered, making it difficult for the shooter.

Also, according to the manual, rifle barrels usually become more damaged when the temperature is heated for a long time. Hence, your weapons are more susceptible to damage.

The worst part is that sometimes when we are not focused due to the heat quickly heating up, we can damage our weapons with a few missteps. This is hard to believe, but it’s completely true!

How Hot Does A Gun Barrel Get?

How can you tell when your bins are too hot? While there’s no exact scientific proof, if the barrel of your gun is too hot to touch for more than a second or two, you probably shouldn’t fire anymore.

But, how hot can the barrel get? For this to happen, it would have to be around 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, at which point the barrel would turn a bright red, warning us to stop.

However, usually, this is very rare!

Is There A Way To Make The Gun Barrel Cool Down During Firing? 

You can cool down your weapon with these few simple tricks:

  • First and foremost, try carrying more than one rifle and alternating between the two. This will give each rifle time to cool down.
  • Second, take it out in the sun while the gun cools. Remember to open the barrel and keep the gun upright!
  • Finally, you can also place a cool, damp rag on the barrel, but make sure you remove any rust on the surface of the barrel afterward.

Final Thought 

Shooting has never been easy if you lack knowledge about gun barrels. Hopefully, this article gives you the answer to how hot does a gun barrel get and how will the heat affect the shooting process. 

Above all, keeping yourself and your loved ones safe must be the most important thing! Thank you for your interest in the article!

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