Amazing Things About Best Glock 19 Iwb Holster

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Are you looking for a holster for your gun? We are talking about not just any holster, but an IWB holster here. Is that what you are in search of too?

Then this post is for you, as we have covered three of the Best Glock 19 Iwb Holster that you may need to know. Read this carefully to get a fair idea of these holsters.

How To Choose Best Glock 19 Iwb Holster?

Yes, you may be asking yourself this question that if you want an IWB holster, then is there a set of rules that may help you find the perfect one for you.

Well, we can promise you that we have laid down a few pointers that may help you find the suits you.


When camouflaging your weapon is your prime concern, then you must look for a holster that gives you the best of it. That said, we advise you to invest in a holster that suits the clothes you wear.

You must be able to hide it well under your clothes and that should be its main purpose. This indicates that your holster will not print through the layers of clothing by any means.


This certainly plays an important role in taking a call as you will be carrying the holster day spanning. This suggests that the holster should be made from skin friendly material like leather, nylon or polymer.

In fact, these days you get the holsters from hybrid fabrics like Kydex and shell that make then equally strong.


This should be the most important aspect of buying an IWB holster. It has to be comfortable as it will sit on your for hours.

Yes, you must be able to run, walk or crawl wearing it depending on the nature of your job. Make sure that you buy a holster that takes care of your basic needs.

Easy To Re-holster

Just try to get a holster that does not crumble down once the gun is drawn out of it. You need to replace your firearm quickly at times and you may regret investing in something that is difficult to re-mount.

Seasonal Changes

It is true that some people have assorted holsters for different seasons. Like for the summer months, you may think of getting a nylon holster as leather may not be a good idea for.

Again, if your holster has a neoprene back, then make sure that it has a mesh ventilation design. This denotes that if you live in a region that has seasonal variations, then you may also give this approach a consideration.


Everything comes down to this and a holster is no exception to this. You must purchase the one that comes at an affordable price.

You may have a budget and we know not all can pay for fancy holders. You decide and let your requirements define them. It will be easy for you if you break it down like this.

Benefits Of An IWB Holster

Most law abiding citizens that carry a gun, tend to conceal it well. They will never wear it on their arm as they are responsible and will never risk the lives of people around them.

So, they know the importance of carrying a firearm and know well to keep it covered. There certainly are some advantages of using an IWB holster and you can sum them up like this:

  • An IWB holster will print less and that signifies that it will reveal you carrying a weapon at all
  • This is a safer option in compared to the OWB or open carry holsters
  • There is no need to tuck in your shirt all the time if you are opting for an IWB
  • You can keep it hidden from intimidated criminals and strike when absolutely required
  • Nowadays, you may come across some IWBs that don’t even need a belt
  • These holsters don’t get in the way of your day to day activities
  • They work perfectly fine for individuals as a whole


These IWB holsters are good for individuals, but they may seem to be uncomfortable at times. Like any other product, these are not free of flaws and we have found a few of them. Here are a few of the problems that we have figured out:

  • You may have to wear oversized clothes while using an IWB
  • It may be harder to get a grip while drawing your gun in a haste
  • It is more time consuming than the others
  • You need wear a pair pants if you want the gun to be placed in the middle of your body
  • They tend to collapse owing to the pressure from your belt

Top 3 Best Glock 19 Iwb Holster Reviews

We have collected a few names that may help you further.

The Kingtuk is among the few that are designed for perfection and comfort. You will not feel much of a difference if you are busy in the field all day long with this IWB holster.

It has advanced features that make it one the most wanted holsters and there is more to it like:


  • It is made from 100% Napa leather and Kydex
  • It is very easy to use and is not at all complicated
  • Glock can fit 17 to 33
  • It is made for high handed use
  • Made in the US, if that sounds comforting
  • It breaks in faster as compared to any other in this category
  • It is an adjustable holster for those who may want to know it better
  • Could be a reasonable alternative to those looking for an IWB holster


  • The Kydex part is little tight and that means you need to be careful while drawing your firearm
  • The steel clips can be a problem as they may create a jagged metallic edge if not take care of

This is a doubly stitched holster that is suggestive enough of its durability. This adds to its longevity and rest assured this clip on is really one of the Best Glock 19 Iwb Holster that you may come across.

It is made from genuine soft leather that makes it very comfortable to carry around. It is very convenient to use and is suitable for Glock handguns and more.


  • It is very light in weight holster that you can ask for
  • It is soft and easy to conceal (in case you are looking for an IWB, then these are two qualities you really cannot ignore)
  • Is comfortable to wear while standing as well as sitting
  • This can clip inside the waistband and will not come out easily, that means it can hold on pretty well
  • It is small but manageable in case you were wondering


  • It is little small to be accommodating firearms on the whole
  • It is a thin holster and will collapse once you remove the weapon from it, that means re-holstering the gun could difficult

Okay, for starters, this is a handmade holster that makes it an ideal everyday carry thing. This implies that they are absolutely made and are designed in the U.S.

These holsters are made to custom fit any kind of a gun into it, especially the G19, G 23 and G32. Care to know more about it? Then read the next two sections vigilantly for that.


  • Firearms can fit into like a glove
  • It comes with a black oxide finish
  • It has an anti scratch design
  • Has as integrated sweat guard
  • For additional safety, it has been planned in a way that the trigger area remains covered all through
  • Moreover, it has something called “Posi-Click” that ensures your gun is safely mounted
  • Made in the U.S. from start to the end
  • You get a lifetime warranty with this holster


  • The tang may need some working as otherwise that can scrape your skin
  • It is not as tight as you may want it to be, but is just right for the price


Hope we have been able to provide you with a thorough understanding of the Best Glock 19 Iwb Holster. You may want choose something that suits your requirements well. All we would add here is to select a holster that offers you with a practical solution. Get something that serves the purpose as we know it is an important thing to do.

Remember to carry your weapon in a concealed way. Follow the norms of the state you plan to actually carry them around in, if you want to stay out of trouble. If the reviews dole out, then you can certainly pick one from them. Your decision to invest in a holster altogether is wise enough and we know you will do well while choosing the right one for you too.

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