Fiber Optic Vs Tritium – The Truth Is Out There

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Have you ever wondered why people need to use Tritium or Fiber optics? Here is something you should know that visibility plays a very vital part in achieving accuracy. So, to get the best out of your firearm you must consider installing the optics. Of course, you will find it confusing when it comes to the debate on Fiber Optic vs Tritium. This is why we have put this post together for you.

This post will highlight the different aspects of both sights so that you understand the technicalities. You have to understand that different optics have different functions. So, make sure that you read the information properly before you proceed.

Understanding The Aspects Of Fiber Optic vs Tritium

Here is some valuable information that you will find helpful. Have a read and educate yourself on the matter as it will help you.

For Handguns:

The Tru Glo sight is perfect for handguns and they can be used for competitions and hunting purposes. This uses many colors as a result of which the users will find it very easy to handle. This uses a red sight in the front and it has two green sights in the rear.

You can expect to see a clear picture at any time of the day. Also, these sights do not cost a bomb and you get good value for your money. These work really well with Glock and Smith & Wesson pistols.

#2. Trijicon Night Sight Sets (Tritium for Handguns)

This optic is just what you need for your handgun. These are used by professional shooters all over the world. They are used by security professionals, police officers, and soldiers. These are very suitable for protecting yourself. 

The sight located on the rear has a ribbed texture and has a tritium vial that is very much visible. This tritium vial is perfect for shooting at night and the orange ring is very helpful in shooting situations during the day. This feature will let you locate your target very fast. This is also helpful for critical combat situations.

For Rifles:

#3. Fire Sights Ruger 10/22 (Fiber Optics for Rifles)

If you are looking for something easy to use then this is what you should use. In terms of performance and quality, this is super reliable and certainly worth the cash. The manufacturer has used contrasting rear and front sights, which enhance the visibility by a large margin.  If you intend to go out and indulge in a hunting session when the light is low this optic will help out to a great extent.

Now, do not worry about the installation because the procedure is very simple. Most importantly this optic does not cost a fortune. Fiber optics will work great for those who have bad eyesight. These work great with rifles.

#4. Meprolight Ar-15 A1 Sight Set (Tritium Optics for Rifles)

Now if you use a rifle like the AR15 then this sight is more than enough. This has a sturdy construction and most importantly this comes with night sight. This has a glowing dot that permits you to spot your target without any problem.

Whether it is competition, combat, or hunting this sight will do a splendid job. The other good thing about this is the simple installation and you do not need professional help for this. This has a nice and bright glow to it and it will fit well with your sporting rifle.

For Shotguns: 

#5. TRUGLO Glo-Dot Universal Sight (Fiber Optics for Shotguns)

There is no doubt that TruGlo has earned a reputation in the market by producing some of the best fiber optic sights. They have constantly strived to incorporate improvements in their products and this sight is a perfect example. This sight utilizes two colors, which help shotgun users achieve accuracy with each shot.

The manufacturer has created this sight to help users take down targets that move fast. These are mostly used for shooting clay pigeons. Bird hunters who have been using other sights should consider switching over to this. The orange dot is placed very neatly on the green fiber sight this makes shooting quails and ducks very easy. This is easy to operate and an affordable option.

#6. XS Sights (Tritium for Shotguns)

Many people think that a shotgun is used for shooting clay pigeons or hunting birds, but the truth is different. The shotgun is often used as a weapon for self-defense. It is also used by the military and police for combat situations. To get a good performance out of this weapon you need to combine it with the right.

This provides a clear sight no matter what the natural lighting condition maybe. You can install this pretty fast and that is a positive aspect of this optic. You will certainly enjoy using this.

The Pros And Cons

The most commonly used sights are the Tritium optics with night sights as compared to fiber sights. Now, it is no secret that each of them has its advantages and disadvantages and you have to figure out what works for you. There is no flawless product.

Tritium sights are typically built to provide good visibility during low light conditions and last for a long time. On the other hand, fiber optics provides good visibility during the daytime, so these sights are ideal for competitions.

Pros And Cons Of Tritium Sights

Here are the pros and cons of this sight.


  • The sights typically have parts that are machined and consist of high-quality metal
  • These are very durable sights
  • These are very safe to use
  • These sights maintain their glow for more than ten years
  • They resistant to impact
  • They use Glow dots with a higher level of contrast
  • Works well in low light


  • The design needs to incorporate more steel
  • This appears translucent under bright light
  • The price tends to be steep

Pros And Cons Of Fiber Optic

Here are the pros and cons of fiber optic sights


  • The design is very simple
  • These are easy  to use
  • Quite affordable
  • Strong construction
  • The visibility in bright light is very impressive
  • These come with multiple color options
  • These multiple options for diameter


  • The rods on the optics are not resistant to solutions that are used for cleaning
  • The rods tend to be a little fragile so you have to handle them with care
  • These are suitable under bright light.

An Overview

If you are looking for sights that will work great under low light then Tritium sight is perfect for this. These sights are always illuminated. 

Fiber optics, on the other hand, can be used effectively for competitive shooting. Since they have rods of smaller diameter the accuracy level is higher. The rod comes alive with illumination under bright light.

Which One Should You Choose?

The answer to that is not as simple as you have to take into consideration your personal preference. You must also go over the features of each optic and understand the technical side to them. Never make your choice based on someone else’s decision as everyone’s experience is different.

You should know that the optics have different features and they perform differently. So, figure out how you would like to use them and then go and acquire them. You also have the option of buying both of them for different situations.

How To Buy Them

The market is filled with many brands that are offering such optics, but not all of them are good. So, you have to be extra cautious by doing some research on popular brands. Study their features and the price before you acquire them. Conduct a detailed comparison of them before you settle for either of them.

Take the time to evaluate all the options in front of you before you go ahead. Do not rush the process. Stay away from brands that claim to provide you with the best quality for low prices.


We hope that this information has been helpful to you and that you can understand all the aspects related to Fiber Optic Vs Tritium. Both the types of optics are reliable and you can expect to benefit greatly from them. There are several reputed brands out there that make them and you will not be disappointed.

Just like other products, these may have certain drawbacks but they will not discourage you from acquiring them. You just have to work around them, which can be accomplished very easily. No matter which optics you select it will be a win-win situation for you. So, install them right away.

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