Is FailZero BCG Good or Bad? (Discover The Answer Here!)

Are you a beginner on the firing ground, or have you become familiar with using firearms already? Do you need to improve on your rifles? Whatever your answer is, FailZero will not let you down by its wide range of choices.

Scroll down to learn about the best sides of FailZero!

What FailZero Has to Offer?


FailZero is a brand focusing on defense accessories. If you are thinking about buying a separate bolt carrier for your gun, then FailZero can provide you with AR-15 or M4/16 bolt carrier groups based on your needs.

But bolt carriers are not the only thing available at FailZero stores. Here, you can also find the best coating for the slides and the barrels. And don’t you worry about the compatibility. FailZero has gone to all lengths to make sure its coating fits most of the handguns on the market.

What differentiates FailZero from its competitors is the patented EXO technology. Typical bolt carriers or gun coating can be a nuisance.

Why is that?

Because the oil can turn your gun into a messy stick, redundant components can cause gun jamming. No hunter signs up for these when they start using firearms!

FailZero has successfully applied its brand-new technology to avoid these problems. A layer of dry lubricity is sprayed on the surface of your weapons, ensuring a long-lasting shield of protection.

And do you know what you can earn from this?

The answer is little maintenance yet optimal efficiency. The coating will not fall apart or become rusty. It will not accumulate crud on the cracks either; thus you do not have to worry about the smoothness of your shots.

In short, FailZero can boost the performance of your weapons. Its products are affordable, reliable and are widely trusted among the community.

Who uses FailZero?

FailZero takes pride in its bolt carriers and patented coating, which guarantees to upgrade the use of tactical weapons. Rifles such as AR-15 or M16/4 will benefit the most from FailZero.

Since these firearms are dear to the law enforcement section, as well as other military professionals, they will be the first to use FailZero.

But that does not mean ordinary users cannot take advantage of FailZero. Even the most inexperienced gunman needs a well-coated rifle that does not rub off quickly. What else should you pick besides this well-known brand?

Pros and Cons of FailZero BCG


  • A high level of compatibility. FailZero coating can apply to most handguns available on the market.
  • Quick delivery.
  • With proper care, the coating will last a long time.


To Sum Up

Having a gun that suits your needs is good, but upgrading it to a new level is even better. FailZero will provide you with the most tactical improvements, which promises to bring out the best of your firearm.

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  1. I have written to you on a couple of occasions and have not received a response. I have a BCG I bought from one of your dealers last year. I built my 6.5 Creedmoor using your BCG and I consistently had failure problems. Through trial and error, I found that my problem was in your BCG. I started to notice that the firing pin was puncturing the primer thus not releasing the casing and jamming the rifle. I would like to return the BCG to you for a refund or have you send me a new firing pin of the correct length. Please contact me via the email address above

    Thank You For Your Assistance.
    Gordon Miller


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