Wake Up Your Inner Hunter With The DPMS Oracle 308 Rifle Review

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There are times when you have this irresistible urge to go hunting. Or you just want to have some fun on the firing ground. It sounds excited to fire the gun!

Except for one thing!

How are you supposed to pick out the best firearm? Which type of gun will fit your needs? And how can you be sure about your gun’s quality?

Lucky for you, we have got an answer!

If you are still pondering over your choices, we highly recommend you have a look at a DPMS Oracle 308 rifle. It is among the most popular products from Panther Arms, and DPMS Oracle 308 has made a name for itself thanks to the superb quality.

But what are the detailed features of this rifle?

In the article below, we will offer you an insight into this widely loved weapon. Everything from the construction of the gun to its performance will be discussed with the highest level of accuracy.

More than ever, we are ready to provide you with a detailed review of the DPMS Oracle 308 rifle.

The question is, are you ready?

Let’s scroll down to find out more about this favorite firearm!

Necessary Information about a DPMS Oracle 308 Rifle


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  • A DPMS Oracle 308 features a .308 Oracle model, with a .308 Win caliber.
  • The barrel is 16-inch in length.
  • The whole firearm is 8.3 pounds in weight.
  • It is a semi-auto weapon.
  • It functions based on the centerfire rifle mechanism.

The Construction of a DPMS Oracle 308 Rifle

Now that we have got the basic specifications about this rifle, we will continue by giving a review on a DPMS Oracle 308 Rifle.


Although the gun has a bulky look, it is very portable. Even if you have been walking for miles, you will still find it effortless to carry around.

But what are the factors that make this DPMS Oracle 308 so lightweight?

The answer lies in its weight and its size. With a precise weight of roughly 8.3 pounds, DPMS Oracle 308 is pretty much a compact design. It is not the lightest but compared to other products; a DPMS Oracle 308 is already moveable.

However, there are some concerns around the length of its barrel. Many experts have voiced that a 16-inch barrel is too much to be convenient. But rest assured everyone!

Because Panther Arms has got your back, as every DPMS Oracle 308 has made sure its 16-inch is portable enough, but not at the expense of firing ability. So every DPMS Oracle 308 review will not miss mentioning this fantastic feature!

Barrel Construction

DPMS-ORACLE 308-568-yard

Do you know what is the essential part when it comes to gun durability?

If you are familiar with firearms and weapons, you will know the answer. It’s the barrel! The barrel’s job is to shoulder the pressure of a gun and make sure your rifle remains sturdy.

The structure of a gun makes the barrel most vulnerable to abuse. The force of recoil will directly transfer to a gun’s barrel, increasing its breakability. And do not forget about how much heat and flash are produced inside a barrel!

In short, a well-built barrel is vital to your gun’s efficiency and longevity. If you purchase a firearm with a mediocre barrel, the chances are that it will not last long.

To solve this problem, most producers craft barrels out of steel. It is flexible and robust, thus maintaining the performance of a barrel.

But a barrel made by steel will be very heavy, and shooters will struggle to move it around. So what is the alternative in this situation?

After careful researches, Panther Arms has come up with the ideal solution. A DPMS Oracle 308 prides itself on the Chromoly - a synthetic material. Chromoly is wear-resistant and can endure the heat caused by making a fire.

While the DPMS Oracle 308’s durability is fantastic, it does not come with the cost of its portability. To add one last charm to the gun, a hard-coat anodized finish is used to increase the strength.

The Receiver

The receiver of a DPMS Oracle 308 is also a notable feature. Both the upper and the lower receivers of the gun can fall prey to destructions. To prevent this from happening, a DPMS Oracle 308 make use of aluminum.

The upper receiver is made from 7029 T6 aircraft grade aluminum, while its lower counterpart relies on a 6061-T6 aluminum. Both of these materials are well-known for their durability, which will ensure the lifespan of your gun.

And the best part of all?

Aluminum is sturdy and durable, yet it is not heavy at all! Kudos to all of you who are concerned about the design of a gun, everyone!

It is worth remembering that the upper receiver of a DPMS Oracle 308 is flat. In other words, you can place any optical device you like on the gun. Even gun accessories are applicable in this situation!

The Stock

The stock is a tiny yet powerful detail in every type of gun. When it comes to DPMS Oracle 308, we can see that its stock is carefully designed.

Let’s explore the pros of this feature together!

With a Pardus 6-position, a DPMS Oracle 308’s stock is collapsible. It means that you can fold it for easy storage, or when you need to transport the gun.

While the DPMS Oracle 308 is a rifle, the stock used is similar to that of a carbine. This design allows even more room for the weapon’s portability.

Overall Construction

While each compartment is vital to a gun’s performance, it is how all parts linked together that makes or breaks a firearm. In our review on the DPMS Oracle 308 today, we will also dive into the general setup of this gun.

Since DPMS Oracle 308 is popular among those interested in weapons, many people have attempted to vex its process. The result is more than satisfying. The procedure of building a DPMS Oracle 308 does not have even the slightest flaw.

Before engaging in construction, all materials used to craft this gun are hand-picked to guarantee maximal quality. Even the package and shipping service of a DPMS Oracle 308 is second to none.

Accompanied every DPMS Oracle 308 rifle is an A2 Birdcage flash hider to suppress the power of the gun flash. This device will help to protect your eyes and to minimize failed shots.

But the surprise does not end there!

You will also find a Koeble single rail gas block system in the shipping box. And next to it? An optic used for rear mounting rail. What could be better than this?

The Performance of a DPMS Oracle 308


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A typical rifle will require a visit to the gunsmith right after you get the product. But with a DPMS Oracle 308, you do not need any expertise anytime soon.

This rifle can come into handy as soon as it leaves the package! Your target is 100 meters from where you are? Easy game! Even if that number goes up to 200, you will still find the target shot down by your DPMS Oracle 308.

But hold on a second! What should you do to achieve such an optimal shooting accuracy?

Don’t you worry! All you need is to implant suitable optic tools and load the gun with its compatible bullets. Tada, now your gun is ready for use!

The Pros and Cons of a DPMS Oracle 308


  • Durability. The aluminum coat of the gun increases its longevity. If you get tired of changing rifles after a few years of usage, this will not let you down. With care and attention, this gun can promise to last a lifetime.
  • Lightweight design. Instead of relying on steel, the gun makes use of synthetic Chromoly. It is not bulky, yet it still maintains the performance of a firearm.
  • Portability. The 16-inch barrel along with the gun’s overall design is compact enough to move around. You will not have to waste a lot of effort in carrying the weapon.
  • A high percentage of accuracy. With proper adjustments and supporting devices, the gun can prove to be a dependable weapon. What is the point of having a fancy firearm without actually aiming for an accurate shot?


  • The gun’s hammer is not as robust as other compartments.

To Sum Up

Finding the right gun for your adventure can be a difficult challenge. If you cannot lay hands on a suitable weapon, then your experience with hunting will be awful.

Therefore, we hope that you are pleased with our recommendation on the DPMS Oracle 308 rifle. It is versatile and powerful, thus guaranteeing that you will have the best time on the firing ground.

If you find this DPMS Oracle 308 review helpful, please do not hesitate to share it with your friends and families. They might need some help with gun selecting as well. And we are more than eager to spread our support as much as we can!

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