What Is Different Between Ar15 Vs M4?

Being lightweight and having massive damage, the AR15 has become one of the most popular self-defense weapons for millions of people in the United States, especially American households.

Meanwhile, the M4, an impressive version of M16, has been widely used in the military. These two rifles have several similarities and differences as well. If you desire to explore how Ar15 and M4 distinguish from each other, don’t miss the exciting features below.

How Were Ar15 and M4 Born?

Each type of weapon came into existence in its own way and has experienced a long history of development before performing well, as we can see today. First and foremost, spend a little time learning about the development history of Ar15 and M4.

History of Ar15 

Ar15 - the most popular civil gun

Ar15, also known as ArmandLite Rifle-15, was created by ArmaLite - a small company in Hollywood in the late 1950s.

After that, because of some financial issues, in 1959, ArmandLite sold the Ar15 model for the gun manufacturer named Colt Firearms. Immediately after this event, the original AR15 was significantly improved, leading to the coming of the M16.

With significant innovations in design, at that time, the new version of Ar15 gained popularity in the American military and began to be mass-produced. On the other hand, different from the Colt, another manufacturer called Bushmaster produced variants of the Ar15 as civil guns.

Until now, apart from Bushmaster, many other manufacturers such as DPMS Firearms and Stag Arms are also successful at producing many kinds of guns modeled on the original Ar15.

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History of M4

M4 Carbine - the best choice for military use

M4, or M4 carbine, can be regarded as a considerable improvement over M16, which is created based on the prototype of Ar15. Logically, we can say that the M4 took long strides compared to the Ar15.

In the late 80s, after having gone through numerous wars, the American military realized that the field was increasingly narrow. Even at times, it was only around 200 square meters. 

For this reason, the American troops badly need guns that are shorter and lighter than the M16. As a result, M4 was born to meet this demand.

This model comes with a shorter barrel than the M16, and several other parts are reduced in weight. From the mid-2000s, the U.S Armed Forces officially used this version.

Any Similarities Between Ar15 and M4?

M4 is a variant of Ar15; therefore, it comes as no surprise that these two guns are quite similar to each other. Then, keep reading to explore common things.

Place of origin

The first common point is that they have the same place of origin - it is America that provided us with such powerful rifles.


Quite many parts of Ar15 and M4, from the internals to the externals, show a remarkable resemblance.

Regarding the internal parts, receiver internals, charging handle, bolt carrier group, and trigger assembly are similar in both weapons.

As for the externals, handguards and rail systems come with some similar points.

What Is Different Between Ar15 Vs. M4?

As said above, Ar15 and M4 have many in common, from history to structures and functions. That said, we still can find out some differences between them. Let’s explore right now!


The first difference is that Armalite Ar15 is classified as an assault rifle while M4 is a selective-fire carbine.


In terms of length, because of military-related demand, the M4 is designed a bit shorter than the Ar15. Going into details, M4 Carbine is 33 inches long while the other comes in 39 inches.


Another thing that sets Ar15 and M4 apart is the size of the barrels. While the barrel of M4 is 14.5 inches (equivalent to 370 mm) in length, the AR15 features a 20-inch barrel (or a 508-mm barrel).

One more special point about the barrel of the M4 is that its cut is shaped like an hourglass. Thanks to this feature, soldiers can put grenade launchers into this cut.

Gas Tube

The barrel of the AR15 is longer than the other one, leading to the fact that the AR15 also has a longer gas tube than M4.

Due to this feature, M4 has some problems in reducing pressure. To solve this problem, M4 feed ramps must be adjusted and improved to ensure the proper operation of the next level.

Velocity and Effective Firing Range

Velocity and effective firing range are also some other factors highlighting the differences between both guns. Particularly, with 5.66 mm ammunition, Armalite Ar15 features an effective range of 500 yards (equivalent to 457 meters) and has a velocity of up to 3,300 ft/s (1,006 m/s). It’s amazing!

This number is slightly different from that of M4, whose effective shooting range gains 550 yards (equivalent to 500 meters) and velocity achieves 2,970 ft/s (910 m/s).

Official Permission

Last but not least, the most notable difference is permission for using these weapons. Residents are free to use Ar15 for various purposes, including hunting or self-defense.

In contrast, as mentioned above, the M4 is only for military use. In other words, in daily life, you almost get no opportunity to approach this rifle.

Anyway, don’t be sad about that. Ar15 is powerful enough for you because it can cover almost all functions M4 brings. Then, buy an Ar15 rifle right now and enjoy your hunting journey at any time!

In Conclusion

Both Ar15 and M4 are seen as great products of firearm technology. After reading this article, you certainly get more knowledge of the development process and outstanding features of these two. They generally share many features, but there are still a few differences.

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