How To Cut Carbon Arrows Safely?

Are you worried about the length of your carbon arrows? Do you want to cut them safely but do not have the means? Get over with them, as we have something interesting to share with you.

We know that carbon arrows are still required for hunting. You could be a hunter of varied style like nock, wrap, fletching or vain angle. You may need more customizations to your arrow for convenience.

Why not do it yourself because you will save some hard earned money by doing so as well! Save yourself from traveling down to a shop and the gas money. Now, who wouldn’t like to save a little?

Plus doing it yourself means you are in total control of things, yes but you need to do it meticulously and have the patience to do it. Once you learn it, you can always do it on your own.

Still thinking How To Cut Carbon Arrows, then read this post till the end to get a solution.

How To Cut Carbon Arrows And Equipments As Required


You may be thinking that if you can get trimmed arrows, then why is there a need to cut arrows? The answer is even simpler because it may not be suited to your style of archery.

Again the lengthy ones need some customizations that could be done at a shop, but it requires lot of time and money. Hence do-it-yourself is the best option for this and you can be assured of the outcome too.

Now, you need must be wondering as to how can an arrow and tools do you need to do so. We have compiled a list for you to look into it carefully and then arrange the inventory. Have a look at the list with care:

  • Table for working
  • Rulers for marking
  • Sliding clamps to hold the arrows in place
  • Masking tape as per requirement
  • Hardware for mounting
  • Arrow cutter for making the process effortless
  • One more, would be to use a power tool like an abrasive wheel with 5000 RPM for best use as this would cut faster and with precision
  • Another option would be to use a hacksaw as the cheapest method, some may not approve of this, but with little tactic you can achieve perfection
  • Sandpaper for finishing

The Finishing


Speaking of which, brings us to this discussion that you need to sand the ends of your arrows with sandpaper for best results. Once you have, then you are ready to add inserts to the shaft and go on your hunting expedition!

Nonetheless, do not forget that you have to clean the area to make it safe for others. Carbon may expose you to health risks, so the first thing that you must do is to vacuum the area properly after you are done. The main intention should be to stop the carbon from scattering around.

Most importantly, you must keep your family and pets safe from the carbon dust.

Step By Step Instructions To Follow

Finding an answer to How to Cut Carbon Arrows may not be that troublesome as you get tons of videos and material to read on it. Nevertheless, we found it impossible to find one resource that would explain it in an all-inclusive manner.

This is why we took the initiative to clarify everything that you may need to know for cutting your carbon arrows.

Arrow Cutter

Okay, this is the oldest method and is also an inexpensive way to go for it. It all depends on your needs and budget that you are willing to set apart for cutting your arrows. Keeping all that aside, let us have a look at how you can achieve your goals by an arrow cutter.

  • Take the ruler and line up the arrow against it
  • Now, you can clamp the arrow to start cutting (you may skip this step if you are confident enough)
  • You can use masking tape to make markings to cut along
  • Cut through the shaft
  • Then finish it off with sanding paper

While some say that this is not good for the nock style, yet a few would use it to keep the expenses under control.

Power Tool

Using a power tool like drill and pipe cutter may make it easier for you to cut through the arrow, but you need to know one thing for sure that you should be skillful at it. This means you need to be dexterous while working with a power tool.

The accuracy that these power tools provide you is quite astonishing.

  • Place the shaft into the hole
  • Remember to be gentle while spinning the cutter as tighter tension may cause the arrow to break
  • Use pressure gradually on the arrow
  • Once you get a hang of it, it will become easier
  • Remove the shaft from the cutter
  • Break along the slit
  • Now use the sanding paper to even out the edges
  • Repeat the process with the rest of the arrows

Just keep this in mind that you should never put pressure on the arrow while cutting as that may damage it severely.


This actually is the age old way to cut arrows and carbon arrows are no different. For centuries people have been cutting their arrows using these simple tools and they are no exception in today’s world.

To be honest, this does not differ much from the arrow saw process, but the precision may differ a bit. Yet, that would depend on your expertise as well.

  • Line the arrow
  • Mark it with the help of a ruler
  • Clamp it if required
  • Use an atomizer if possible on the blade before cutting
  • This can evade dispersion of dust and this is known as ‘encapsulation’

You certainly cannot perform this encapsulation with power tools, but using this method can make this process safer without a doubt.

As you are done, please clean the place to avoid any hazardous infestation or accidents. Do what you are required to do and protect yourself from the dangers of working with carbon.

Tips For Cutting

The first thing that we would ask our readers to learn from this is to follow safety measures while cutting carbon arrows. We have discussed them in details in the forthcoming segment, but we constantly are reminding you keeping it safe. There is more to this like:

  • You must measure the arrow from the end of the NOC to front shaft for best results
  • Use a ruler to measure the length and then mark with a pencil
  • Mark the part to be cut off with a masking tape or any other tape for exactitude
  • If using power tools, then make sure that you drill the arrow in opposite direction once
  • Most importantly do not breathe in anything and we request you to wear a mask all the time while working with carbon arrows
  • Vacuum the area once you are done with your cutting for the good of all

We have tried to cover all aspects about How to Cut Carbon Arrows in a comprehensive way. Hope you have liked this discussion on the whole, but there is one advice that we want to share with you and that would be to invest in an arrow saw.

It could be an investment of a lifetime and there is no harm in getting one if you think of cutting the arrow on your own. However, what you must keep in mind is the safety rules that we have been talking about, like:

  • Wearing protective gear while cutting (heavy gloves, eye protection and a mask)
  • Remember carbon is a good conductor and it may cause accidents, so it advisable that you use a vacuum with HEPA filters to clean up
  • We must caution you of the health hazards that involve in this procedure due to the presence of carbon, like irritation of the eyes, vomiting, nausea and respiratory tract uneasiness


Moreover, this is a different approach to archery as you explore other avenues by experimenting with your length and even your strength as for that matter. It is totally up to you to choose the correct length for you. You can create a comfort zone for yourself and practice more with it for accuracy.

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