Five Best Choices Of The Coon Hunting Light! Check Them Out Now

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Hunting is a kind of sports that can be done during night or day time, depending  on your purpose and your targeted animals.

Most hunters understand that a successful hunting trip needs the best equipment and obviously you cannot miss the flashlight.

For saving your time, here is a list of coon hunting lights:

Five Best Coon Hunting Lights For Your Consideration

  • Hunting headlight: Kohree XPG 8W Cree LED Mining Lamp Hunting Headlight Headlamp
  • Zoomable headlamp: GRDE Zoomable 3 Modes Super Bright LED Headlamp
  • Hunting light riffle: Orion H30 Predator Red or Green Premium
  • Hunting headlight: Kohree 80000Lux Cree XML U2 LED Coyote Hunting Light K111Lm Mining Headlamp
  • Hunting light riffle: Streamlight 69227 TLR-1

Before discussing further details of our best picks, let’s find out the reason why we need a coon hunting light.

Why Does A Coon Hunting Light Be Important?

Your Safety

Night hunting is more dangerous  than in the day time. Even the most experienced hunters must equip themselves from head to toes. Especially, night time is also the hunting time of predators.

Light becomes the most valuable equipment for surviving, supporting to locate the animals in the dark and assisting you to find a safe place.

Improve Your Vision and Accuracy

Fortunately, depending on what kind of animals and location you choose, then you can enjoy your hunting time without worry about dangerous animals.

However, I do believe that if you miss a deer just because of the wrong light or lack of light, your enjoyable time can be disappointed.

What Should You Consider Before Choosing A Coon Hunting Light?


Your rifle is heavy, and it also carries a scoop, so don't add more weight  on it. It can affect your accuracy, especially, when you run after your hogs.


This factor affects the quality of light during hunting. You do not want to scare your deer of hogs away as the light is too strong.


This is the most critical factor. If your battery  works well, you can track the animals longer; moreover,  you have better chance in any survival situation.


As we discuss before, hunting is sometimes a dangerous sport. You don’t want your flashlight to accidentally drop in water and become useless.

Five Best Choices of the Coon Hunting Light

Now it's time for the central part!

Kohree XPG 8W Cree LED is made of high intensity, full-sealing construction. Strong support such as waterproof, dustproof, impact proof, and explosion proof. The weight is light so that you can carry around for a long time of hunting.

Kohree XPG 8W Cree LED is suitable for many activities such as marine, coal mining, outside activities, camping and so on.

The headlight equipped a LED brand CREE XPG will support your view to 150 meters and even farther. The battery can last up to 9 hours with 6600 mAh.

The package includes a hunting headlamp, a home charger, a car charger, a USB charger line, four optical filters, and a headband.


  • 4 type of colors for the different purposes
  • Shine bright and stable at day and night
  • Explosion proof, impact proof, moisture proof, waterproof, and dust proof
  • Battery life is 500 cycle time, and you can charge in the car or wherever having a USB connection


  • Some users claimed of its hard-to-use function without a manual

GRDE Zoomable 3 is the only product in top 5 to provide two rechargeable batteries. Life battery can be up to 100,000 hours; it also equips 1800 lumens which support long distance of view and  brightness.

The product dimensions are 6x4 and 8x3; the weight is 12.8 ounces. GRDE Zoomable 3 will guarantee to offer only convenience during your hunting game. There are three models of zoom which are low, middle and strobe.

The product package includes a headlamp, a wall charger, a car charger, two rechargeable batteries, a headlight USB line, and a handbook.


  • Waterproof, handsfree and zoomable
  • Two batteries, so you have a backup for longer using time
  • Charging time only take 6 hours
  • Quickly change the zoom functions.
  • The cost is reasonable


  • One-year warranty
  • Depending on the mode you use, the battery using time is different (about 4 hours for the brightest mode)
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You got to like this Orion H30 Predator. This product supports hog hunting; however, based on some researches, the model can help you hunt many kinds of animal. 

The battery life is quite impressive which can last for 17 hours, depending on which level of light you use during hunting.

The light is made according to a military standard, so it’s great for hunters. Based on some reviews of previous users, they love the light because they can see farther, and they rarely miss their targets.

The LED is Cree XP-E2 support the night view to 273 yards. There are four levels of brightness settings. Orion H30 Predator equipped with IPX-8   can light up 30 minutes under 6 feet of water. The weight is light so that you can carry around in a long journey at ease.

The package includes a hunting flashlight, a battery, a charger, a lanyard, two silicone O-rings, a rubber button, a barrel adapter, a rail mount, a pressure switch, a 1 inch scope insert, a 30mm scope mount.


  • Long hours of use
  • The new rate of waterproof
  • Based on a military standard
  • Lightweight
  • Ten-year warranty


  • The cost is a bit high.
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Kohree 80000Lux Cree XML U2 LED Coyote boasts long lighting time; it is up to 20 hours with four optical filters, strong power  equipped with 11000 mAh capacity battery.

Kohree 80000Lux Cree XML U2 LED Coyote is not good if it drops in water. The waterproof rate is IP54 which is a bit old. It weighs only 2 pounds so that you can bring with you all day long.

Package comes with a hunting headlamp, a home charger, a car charger, a USB charger line, and a headband.


  • Lightweight
  • Big capacity of the battery
  • Can use for about 20 hours depending on the modes.
  • Long distance of the light


  • Longtime charging (about 18 hours)

This product provides an extended vision, a long-range beam which can reach 350 meters. Streamlight 69227 TLR-1 has green C4 Led, which provides a long-range identification and strong support during the night.

However, the weight is 8 pounds, quite heavy for  handling.

The product equips 3V CR123A battery which can keep lighting last for 1.75 hours. It can be mounted directly to the weapon. Streamlight 69227 TLR-1 package includes various rails for  different kinds of weaponry.

The IPX7 waterproof protects the product for 30 minutes under 1 meter of water. The warranty for a lifetime is limited.

According to a user, he dropped the light for many times, he even beat it  against hard surfaces, but it still survived. It served him six months through every difficult situation.


  • Shockproof
  • Impressive and powerful lifetime which can reach 50,000 hours.
  • Can mount with a variety of weapon
  • Equip 10 lumens – 350-meter beam


  • Limited time warranty


Is there anyone uses the red for coyote of Orion H30 Predator?

The answer is yes. Both red and green lights work well, but I think the green illuminates better.

Is GRDE Zoomable 3 suitable for hiking?

It is  perfect for outdoor activities.

Will Streamlight 69227 TLR-1 work for hog hunting? Is it something scares the hog too fast?

According to users’ experiment, the hog is not bothered by the light. Many users use this light for all their hog hunting times.

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What is Your Final Decision?

From  different perspectives, to get the best coon of hunting light, you need to consider many related factors which we list in the questions above.

If you can pay for any of products, then we suggest you choose the Kohree Coyote Hunting Light K111Lm Mining Headlamp. Both products qualify all the requirement for the best hunting season.

If your budget is tight, then GRDE Zoomable LED Headlamp and Orion H30 Predator are suitable. The Orion H30 Predator Red or Green Premium is good enough for any hunting trip, and the price is quite reasonable. 

As always, this is our suggestion; you are the one who makes the  decision for yourself. Wish our review helps you.

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