When Should You Carry Arrows In The Nocked Position?

Hunting has become a common outdoor activity nowadays. While going hunting, it is essential to know some basics about it, especially the position needed. Nocked position is the most important one, thus it is important to ask when should you carry arrows in the nocked position. 

We will unveil all the secrets right below. Keep on reading! 

What is a Nocked Position?

A nock is a small piece of the bolt or arrow which is attached to the shaft at the tail end. It is often made of plastic or aluminum

Whenever you hear that you have to get your arrow in the nocked position, it means that your arrow has been placed into the bow and is ready to fire the target with scope

When Should You Carry Arrows In The Nocked Position?

So, when Should You Carry Arrows In The Nocked Position? Generally, you should only enter this position when you see the target and are ready to shoot. By performing this position, you will be able to approach your target more easily and won’t waste arrows or time even if you fire them by accident. 

Only carry your arrow in the nocked position when you are about to shoot, or else your unintentional movement might produce a lot of noise, making the prey notice and flee. 

While someone stands in front of you, a bow hunting’s golden rule is to never pull or nock your arrow. And if anyone stands after your prey, you should also never get into this posture for extra safety. 

Consider your bow and arrow to be a real weapon (as the damage caused is quite the same). Although there are fewer accidents in archery, when they do happen, the death rate is comparable to that of a rifle. Even the greatest hunting carbon arrows may be misfired.

How to Perform the Nock Position? 

To begin, determine where your objective is and keep the proper angle with it. 

Perform this with your feet spread out in width equal to your shoulder width. 

You will also have to maintain a strong posture while still being comfortable. Some hunters even do a more open posture by stepping back with their front foot. 

When you lift the bow and nock the arrow, check how the feather heads to the left (for a right-handed person). Place the arrow 1/4 inches above the bow handle remaining after nocking it. Most bowstrings have a nocking point crimped on them to help things get done easier.

Step by step for how to perform a nocked position:

  • Take your arrow in your left or right hand and hold it between your thumb and index finger. 
  • Hold the bow steadily with your right hand, parallel to the ground, at around waist height for left-handed shooters (vice-versa). The string should be as near to or as close to the body as possible. 
  • Carefully place the arrow’s shaft on the rest of the bow. 
  • Ensure the feather is pointing up and the slot in the nock is aligned with the string. With the bow horizontal to the ground, nock an arrow. 
  • Finally, pull the arrow back to the tip until the string snaps into place.

What Are Some Safety Tips For Bow Hunting?

1. Only release the arrow when the shooting path is clear

Once the road leading to the prey is clear, it is the ideal and safest time to unleash your arrow. Never get overwhelmed and fire targets recklessly. 

Even if you are an expert shooter, you must pay close attention before firing the target since accidents do not occur without notice. 

2. Shooting in the wind is a bad idea

A little gust of wind might endanger your companion, who is just behind your target. As a result, you should fire when there is no one behind your target, as per the safety measures.

3. Shooting straight up is not recommended. 

Shooting your arrow towards the sky can be risky since the arrow will travel twice the speed of sound and may pierce through human heads. It occurs as a result of earth’s gravitational attraction, which pushes everything towards itself. 

4. Before a shot, try to stay relaxed. 

Being comfortable and calm while shooting the target is crucial as the whole performance depends on your location and movement when taking down the target. A small unintentional movement may lead to losing your target because of over-movements.

5. Never drop your bow before being sure about the target’s death. 

After you’ve shot the target, never put your bow aside. It is necessary to stick with your bow for a few seconds until your target is completely laid down.


Do You Nock or Notch an Arrow?

According to the English definitions, a notch is a v-shaped incision, while a nock is a grove in a bow that holds the bowstring. The notch is the cut that permits you to nocked or to get nocked in terms of action. 

Technically, you nock an arrow rather than notch it because the nocking procedure allows the arrow to be pulled.

How Tight Should Your Arrow Nock Be?

The nocking arrow fit is an important component for appropriate speed and accuracy. Your arrow nock must be neither too tight nor too loose but somewhere in the middle. 

The correct fit for your arrow nick is that it should be able to rotate freely and hold the bowstring by itself. Moreover, you should also be able to use two fingers to tape off the area.

Should You Glue in Your Arrow Nocks?

Normally, you don’t have to glue your arrow nocks in, particularly with press-fit nocks. All you need is just simply putting them in and taking them out; it works wonderfully with any sort of nock. 

Only one time glues on nocks are practical is when using the outset nock system, similar to the old metal one with a cone at the rear for the nock to fit over.


All in all, we hope after reading the article you will know “When Should You Carry Arrows In The Nocked Position” and be successful with your hunting. Besides that, it is crucial to know some safety rules while going bow hunting as it can help you lower some risks of injuries. 

Best luck with your hunt. Thank you for reading!

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