Build or Buy AR15: What They Don’t Tell You!

Among types of rifles, AR 15 might not be the perfect purchase regarding price, speed, convenience or power. This model was built since the Vietnam War, and since then, there are many new fully automatic gun machines released.

However, we still find AR15 as one of the best options overall. Why was that?

Let’s scroll down then you’ll find some facts about the model AR15. And don’t miss our ultimate tips on how to build and buy AR15 even below.

What are AR15 guns?



AR15 is a semi automatic rifle invented by Armalite company. Shooters must pull the trigger every time to make a shot. So, if you are looking for a totally automatic rifle, this is not the one.

But in case you just need a simple gun for both tactical defense solutions and hunting games, it’s nothing better than AR15.

These rifles were to replace the M-14 rifle because of lightweight and easiness.


As weapons approved by US army, AR15 rifles perform extra that no shooters can ignore. Let’s see it closer.


The gun is primarily designed for combating; therefore, it promises great capacity and quick shots. The firearm can make dozens of shots in second that make it an unstoppable gun.

Shock Absorptive

Using AR15 gun, users feel no disruption while making continuous shots or run shooting.

Notably, there is a large spring at the end of the rifle where the shock is absorbed after each shot. Moreover, the recoil is low that helps gunners to take control better.


A standard AR15 that US Military uses in battles consist of the upper and lower part. A rifle like that guarantees different heights of bullets, then, match the different purposes of shooting.

Shooters can use AR15 for long shots that ask for precision in the far distance. Besides, close quarter combats (CQB) are not challenging at all to AR15. Now, so you see its power?


AR15 is made with simplicity. Shooters can customize the gun with other accessories such as scopes, laser, and others.

The flexibility makes AR15 suitable for a large number of customers who purchase firearms for different purposes.

Besides, AR15 is not only well known as a gun for battle but also hunting and self-defense. It's such a multi-purpose purchase.


Due to powerful shots that AR15 produces from its high velocity and violent ricochet, this weapon is considered dangerous to both human and animals.

That raises a wave of criticism where people object having AR15’s for sale.

Buy or Build AR15?


Buying a good AR15 is a problem of budget, sincerely. Therefore, many people come to another solution: Build AR15 on their own.

Many experienced gunners want to build a cool look and personal styled AR15, so they choose to assemble and upgrade by their own.

Building AR5 is a much cheaper plan because you save 11% of tax and the money for the whole gun. You just need a good upper then you make your own lower.

Other parts may be secondhand. The only requirement is that you must be good at building guns.

How to Build?

Each part of the gun must be assembled carefully: the catch, trigger safe, bolt catch, grip, receiver. Everything must be done in order and finish in perfection.

The lower is easier to customize. That's why we recommend buying complete upper and lower is for assembling.

Building personal AR15 is a quite sophisticated job that amateurs see no ways to finish.

So, build or buy AR15?

Thus, if you are about to own the first AR15, buy one. We have some recommendations in the next sections.

Tips on Choosing The Best AR15

We see that people usually misunderstand about the Mil-Spec concept and cartridge size when they purchase AR15.

Hence, we’ll give you a quick show on how to see through an AR15.

You should read the below guideline because no gun salesperson would split it out.

Mil-Spec vs. Commercial Parts

Mil-Spec includes production guide handed by the US military to manufacturers about materials, figuration, machine and other features.

It’s said that Mil-spec stands for national quality and promises a gun for battle. Weapons assembled with Mil-spec have Tax Stamp to prove their original.

To raise the price of AR15, gun sellers say that some are more "Mil-Spec" than others. However, you would never know if they are telling the truth. More than that, some Mil-Specs don't help you as much as expected.

The only feature that matters is the buffer tube. Mil-spec buffer tube is more sturdy than commercial parts. Usually, you can see from the size.

Mil-spec buffer is made off 100% metal and smaller while commercial ones are made with a bigger diameter.

Cartridge Size

In AR15, we have 5.56 NATO and .223 Remington as popular cartridges, and they are not identical as many people think.

The chamber for 5.56 NATO can fire with both cartridges, but .223 Remington only fits Remington. The gun still works if you tried to fit in a NATO to Remington chamber. However, we must warn you about durability.

The reason is that 5.56 NATO is a bigger Cartridge with a different neck. The 5.56 NATO is designed for military use, so it's more powerful.

And don't forget use your ar rifle with best scope for ar15, it will help you have the good target!!!

Top 2 Best AR15

#1. Daniel Defense - DDM4 V7 – Defense premium pick

A DD is a serious investment because it costs you a fortune. However, this high-quality AR15 gun deserves what you pay for.

It's with the ideal weight, 6.2lbs, so users find it useful for both defense and other shooting activities. Besides, the flash suppressor helps a lot in defense situations.

This AR15 comes with 5.56 NATO cartridge which is especially to knock out two-legged mammals. The lens is 45mm which is big enough to aim without a closed eye.

For us, this DD is the best shield that you can have.

#2. PA-15 Complete firearms – Budget picks

With a tighter budget, we have PA-15 with many models which cost only one fourth in comparison to a DD.

This brand provides you complete AR15s with reliability. The products include 16'' cold hammer forged barrel, flash hider and quite lightweight.

Wrapping Ups 

Build or Buy AR15 is a question that only experienced shooters can answer. Building a weapon that is qualified to national's requirements on precision and power like AR15 is not legos.

So first of all, let's keep yourself safe with a purchase of completed AR15. Hope the guideline above can help with your purchase. And don’t hesitate to recommend us more and more optimal AR15 that you are satisfied with.

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