Important Facts That You Should Know About Best Universal Sight Pushers

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What Is A Universal Sight Pusher?

Gun enthusiasts all over the world know that accessories are very important. Gun accessories are equally useful for owners. Yes, they also know that it is a vast territory, but are a need for every gun owner. 

In this line of thought, we would like to bring your attention to a universal sight pusher. You need a sight pusher to set your sight into your gun. This means you need it to install and mount the sight on to your gun. In short, it helps you to connect and dismount your sight safely as well. It makes your job easy as well. 

You will be soon come to know that you would need one that is compatible with the rest of your sights. We have jotted down a few names that will help you find the Best Universal Sight Pushers in the trade.

How To Choose The Best Universal Sight Pushers?

The biggest thing is that a universal sight pusher will help you set the sight in place. You need to focus on a few things that will aid you to buy these sights. We have composed a few pointers that will assist you further.


This is the best way to buy anything and a sight pusher is no different from this rule. This is the first thing you should do, you must think of a number and then keep reminding yourself of it. Make a small list and compare them based on their features and price, then make a decision. This will help you refine your search and you will know your range to select from. Isn’t that interesting?


You would purchase something that will be with the money so for this you will need to pay attention to the durability. You must try pushers that will be made of high quality materials. The flimsy ones tend to weigh down your firearm and no gun owner wants that. All you need is to be a bit careful while choosing a sight pusher.


Buy something that is compatible with your gun. There are many brands out there that claim to manufacture universal products but in reality, they are not. You should also keep in mind that every single pusher is different and so you need to understand what suits your needs. These sight pushers are found in different variations, so you need to look out for the one that will suit your purpose.

Complete Kit

Typically you should look at products that come as a complete kit. They will usually include extra materials and a user manual to help you comprehend how to use the tool. Do not buy pushers that will require you to make additional purchases.

Brands Matter

You must buy from reputed brands as you will be assured of getting good quality items, most importantly the manufacturer offers a good warranty on the product which is like a bonus.


These sight pushers are typically designed to make sure that the process of adjustments is a lot easier. So try to go for a pusher that is well designed and has angles body to facilitate smooth operation.


Lastly, a pusher for making adjustments to the sight of a gun should be very reliable and safe. Do not end up using anything off the shelves to use with your guns.

There are countless manufacturers out there who claim to make the best sight pushers but the truth is most of them are flimsy products that you should steer clear off. You must take your time to go through all the options available before making final purchases.

Benefits Of A Universal Sight Pusher

As a gun owner, we know it very well that we all need a few accessories that are essential. Consider a universal sight pusher the same and think of it as a boon for your sight. Here are a few more reasons that will change the way you perceive them:

  • Quite obviously, they help to install a sight, and you may even use it to remove your sight
  • A universal sight pusher will get your sight aligned on your firearm as well
  • Just ensure they are made of quality materials, like aluminum (in most cases) to make sure that your gun remains safe
  • Yes, they help you preserve your gun
  • On top of all this, these pushers make the installation an effortless job
  • They are easy to use and this is another reason these have gained in popularity
  • A universal sight pusher will assist you to work in an organized way

Remember the point is to invest in a quality universal sight pusher. There is no need to fall for cheap pushers that may harm your weapon. You certainly don’t want to regret your decision. This is why we have guided you in the best possible ways to select one too. We believe you will stick to the rules to get the best out of them.

Reviews Of The Best Universal Sight Pushers

Below is the list of the top-notch universal sight pushers that you can count on:

Are you in the market for Best Universal Sight Pushers? Then take a look at the MGW Sight Pro mover, as it will not disappoint you in any way. In simple words, this too is designed to adjust, install, and remove sights on any semi-automatic guns. A good thing about this tool is that it can be used for any gun. So you do not have to carry too many tools for different handguns.

See, the most important thing would be to use a sight mover helps you change sights. It must be sturdy and the MGW Sight Pro is truly a universal tool and this saves you the trouble from investing into expensive tools. It has an angled body of 30 degrees and pusher blocks that is specially designed for HK and Glocks. 

The overall quality and construction of the tool are very impressive. It is made from stainless steel and that makes it quite a robust sight pusher. This has a support shaft that is located opposite the T-handle. There is no denying that this produces good results and it makes the whole process very easy.


  • This tool comes with a user manual that tells you how to adjust and install
  • This has four support pads
  • Features a dedicated knob for a shoe clamp
  • Contains a support bracket
  • The main body has a strong construction
  • It is a professional tool that can be used by entry level gun enthusiasts as well


  • Expensive
  • The shoe clamp needs to be bought separately

If you wish to get the best out of your handgun then you have to make sure that the sight is installed the right way. Period. There is nothing more to say about this. To achieve this you will need the right sight pusher tool. Mention has to be made about the Universal Handgun Sight Pusher that is often used by professional gun owners to maintain their firearm. 

First things first, it has a durable body that is manufactured from 6061 aluminum! This aluminum body ensures that it does not scratch your firearm by any means. The tool is quite lightweight and most importantly is made in the USA. That should be more than enough for some of us. 

Okay, this one is compact in size, which means it does not take a lot of space. Morepver, the screws groove into the aluminum threads pretty easily. Yes, you may oil it to keep it that way. The good thing is that all four sides are capable of holding the gun very tightly without creating any gap. 

Alright, look we have used this and so, we can say that the pressure spreads evenly owing to its clever design. We would like to share a tip with our readers that of aligning your sight to right when installing it. Yes, move the slide right too and then arrange them in a line. That should do it!


  • The aluminum body is very resistant to corrosion
  • The manual explains the entire process very easily
  • The pressure distribution is very even
  • This tool is built to withstand very high pressure


  • This tool can be a bit expensive
  • Leaves an impression that a few may not like

It is true that not all tools are created equal. Like the ATG Patch and NcSTAR Sight Pusher Tool is an adaptable device. It features blue colored anodized aluminum solid body. 

This has some specific alterations which make it very unique. This allows you to rotate your rear sight to 30 degrees or 90 degrees. The sides play an important role during sight alignment. Just another tip while installing this sight, we request you to use some gun oil. Let it soak for a couple of minutes and then wait for the magic. This will really make it easy for you.  

The open sides give you a good glimpse as to how the tool works this will give you a lot of confidence in what you are doing. This is very effective for maintaining your gun. You should consider anodized aluminum if you want permanent results.

Just have patience while working with it or any other sight pusher. You need to know how to work with these tools. It may take some time to get coordinated, but you need to allow it that time. Overall, it is made of steel and it is quite sturdy which means this tool will last you for a very long time.


  • This is very sturdy and does not sustain damage, it will last for a long time
  • The open window system lets have a good look
  • The gun placement has become easier thanks to the adjustable platform
  • This compatible with semi-auto guns
  • Very affordable product


  • The tool is a bit heavy

The key to maintaining a firearm is dependent on how you maintain it. In this light of things, here is a gadget that will help you maintain your gun in prime condition as always. Just give it a thought. 

The construction is really solid as the frame it is made from very sturdy aluminum and it is quite resistant to rusting and corrosion. So, you can expect it to last for a good number of years. 

A good thing about the Wheeler Engineering Armorer’s tool is that it is a professional level instrument. You can alter the sights present on the gun you can perform a rotation on the prong fully and make changes to the sight.

This dovetail sight may need a bit of force while pushing the sight into the slide, but is worth your time. Just align it properly with the slide. 

This comes with big sized adjustment wheels that keep all track of any change in the sights that may cause you to lose the target. The wheel is very easy to operate and it helps you to alter the rear and front sights as the wheel performs a rotation with the rod very effortlessly mostly because the surface is frictionless.

It is a precision tool that will help you accomplish your goals.


  • With this tool maintenance of the firearm has become so much easier
  • Since this has clamps the slides hold in place very firmly
  • Any problem with your sight will be solved with this


  • The pressure is not distributed very evenly

If you feel that your gun’s sight needs to be adjusted or removed you will need to perform certain tasks by using specific tools like this pusher tool. Sylvan is a very reputed brand in the market and has been making such tools for years. Nonetheless, you can be assured of getting the very best for your money from this brand.

The features that stand out are the 6061 aluminum blocks, 9310 steel frame, and CNC machined pusher blocks. All these make the product unique for sure. The aluminum stops any rust from accumulating on the body of the tool. The sturdy frame can withstand a lot of pressure. This enables the tool to function without any problem. To make this better the manufacturer has kept this sight pusher very lightweight.

This tool not only allows you to dismantle sights, but you can also use it to install new sights or push the existing ones. Again, do not forget to soak in oil before you start working with it. You may even use something like a moleskin or gauge to apply in areas that may get affected by the impact while pushing it into the slide. 

If you wish to take down a snake eyesight then this tool will do a brilliant job of it. This is available at a very affordable price.


  • The body is made of aluminum and so it is highly resistant to rust
  • The tools are stored inside a bag and can be carried around
  • You can combine paddings to add protection to the blocks
  • This is a very affordable product
  • This often used by professionals for its sheer brilliance


  • Be prepared to align this for a few times, as getting your sight centered is an art in itself

The great thing about this sight pusher is that it can be used with a wide variety of pistols. It doesn't matter what you have, as this will work brilliantly with it. The manufacturer has taken a lot of care to introduce a sufficient amount of improvements into it. If you are looking for the Best Universal Sight Pushers then give this a go.

This is an adaptable product and is powerfully built. So, once you have this tool, you do not have to buy any other tool. This is way better than the hand tools that scratch your weapon every now and then. It is very durable and you will disappoint you under any circumstance. 

This is made using high quality steel and so you can expect it to withstand heavy usage. You may need a bit of pressure to remove a sight and you may need to rotate at times while moving it into the slide.

This is very lightweight which makes it very easy to use for a longer time and most importantly it can be carried around very easily.

This can be used to adjust both the rear and front sights. The large screws and bolts help to facilitate a smoother job. This has smooth threads that allow the screws to be removed and installed.


  • The large bolts help to achieve very good results
  • The durability is very impressive
  • This is very compatible with a wide range of handguns
  • The pressure is enough to accomplish the task
  • Very affordable product


  • The set-up is a bit time consuming but does not affect the performance in any way.
  • Lacks clearance height

Are All Sight Pushers The Same?

We can say one thing that no two gadgets are made the same way. They may look similar but differ in functionality. It is for you to decide, which one to choose and what fits your bill. As for us, we have provided you with all the information that you may have needed to figure it out. 

We did not want to lurk in the dark and get confused while procuring a universal sight pusher. There are too many in the aftermarket, but which one is reliable becomes a quandary. This is why we bring you the best of the lot. This is a list of devices that you can trust owning to their quality. Read it with care.

We have made everything very clear in this post about the Best Universal Sight Pushers. You need a universal sight pusher to preserve your weapon. Yes, this is what accessories are for. They can prolong the life of your firearms without you having to visit a gunsmith. 

We have named the best in the industry that you can rely on. These are top-notch products that will do the needful. There is no need to look beyond these brands. We hope you like our post and also share some tips with the whole community via the comments section. Go take action!

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