What is The Best Turret Press in 2020? Reviews and Buying Guide (Don’t Miss #3)

Making your own bullets is challenging but rewarding to shooters. To be honest, you will feel the increased accuracy when you are firing your shotgun or handgun.

However, a lot of you may not know another useful way to better your experience which is to speed up the reloading process.

And you know what, you will not have to do it manually because your best turret press will help you out.

Benefits of Using A Turret Press

Do you know?

A turret press can make your life easy and convenient. If you still do not believe what I just said, there are several considerable advantages of using a refilling press like it:

  • This model works faster in comparison with the single stage press. It is suitable for individuals who do between 200 and 300 bullets per hour like me

  • The price is reasonable, so a turret press is well loved by those who are newbies or on a small budget. Thus, you can save money as well as own a relatively good product

  • It is so easy to set up that a beginner can assemble and operate with ease

With that in mind, why don’t you have a look at key factors of the best turret press?

What to Look For in Your Best Turret Press?

I have learnt that getting the right reloading press is not a matter of finding the most durable, the fastest, and the cheapest product, but the one that suits your personal needs.

Hence, I will take explain some features of the best turret press! Let’s get down to the business


It is understandable, right? You must go with a press featuring heavy duty construction. This will stay with you longer since it can stand your tough usage instead of breaking down.

Some durable materials that come highly recommended are cast iron, steel, and cast aluminum.


You definitely spend your money a tool like this to avoid manual labor, right?

Fortunately, the modern turret presses available on the market are equipped with an auto-indexing mode. The reason I love it was thanks to this mode, there was no need for manually indexing my turret.  

Also, this feature makes the refilling process faster, and less tedious. Nevertheless, if you are interested in the process of creation, skip this and go for traditional models.

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How Much Are You Willing to Pay?

It is not true that the most expensive will be the top quality press. And just like other goods on the market, turret presses come with a wide range of costs.

Hence, the first step you should do is to set the amount of money that you are willing to pay.

Trust me; you will narrow down your options instead of being bombarded with thousands of turret presses you see on the Internet. Likewise, this could prevent you from going over budget.


It does not take pros too much time to name some of their trusted manufacturers. But you are a complete novice in this field, so you had better stick with leading brands for their reliable and quality products.

From my experience, top brands often provide you with customer services and warranty programs after purchase. Thus, you can use it comfortably without becoming frightened if there are some problems.

Okay! Those are just some of the things that I want to share. Here is the best part:

My Picks of Top 3 Best Turret Presses for The Quality Awards

In this part, I will walk you through 3 turret presses that have a good performance, and of course, they are affordable. Come and find your best turret press now!



Our Rating




For reloaders who get a really small budget, you can put this Lee Precision Classic Turret Press into consideration. The Lee Precision turret press is able to load up to 250 bullets per hour.

Another plus point that makes it become one of my favorite presses is the heavy duty construction.

The tolerances are tight so that you will not get any play in the linkage. Its clamp for the lever amp is adjustable for you to suit the needed force for various cartridges.

This product comes with 4 holes and automatic indexing so it could hold enough dices to finish the refilling process as well as speed it up to save your time and energy.

Otherwise, the classic press is used as a single stage press without changing dies.

Not only that, the classic model is user-friendly even a beginner is able to set it up with ease. On the minus side, I don't really like its wooden handle which I feel it can fall off easily.


  • Lightweight and compact

  • Heavy duty construction

  • Works smoothly

  • 4 hole turret head with the auto-indexing mode to save time

  • Can be used as a single stage press

  • Receive a full refund within 30 days if you are not satisfied with the quality


  • Wooden handle does not have the feeling of sturdiness

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It would be amiss without mentioning Lee Cast Aluminum 4 Hole Turret Press with Auto Index. Let’s see interesting features of this pocket-friendly turret press!

The first impression when it comes to this model is its special design and compound leverage.

Different from other turret presses on the market, there is no spring. Instead, it will be locked into a steel ring in order to minimize the risk of tipping during an operating session.

As a modern model, the product comes with 4 holes and the automatic indexing feature.

As I said, they will shorten the reloading process, and even make it a bit of fun. In case you want larger cases, deactivate the auto indexing to facilitate it.

Another plus points that I found them useful were a primer catcher, longer stroke, hand clearance, and comfortable hand grip.

Moreover, Lee Reloading products are guaranteed not to break or wear out for 2 years, or repaired without charge. On the other hand, the holes are a bit too close so some tools might not fit.


  • Solid linkage

  • Auto- indexing feature for faster refilling process

  • Large clearance

  • Long stroke with a comfortable handgrip

  • 2- year guarantee by LEE Precision, Inc.  


  • Holes are too close

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Redding Reloading – T-7 Turret Press with Primer Arm is the last product in today post. This popular turret press can get your calibre refilled with high precision.

Similar to the 2 above-mentioned models, the cast iron frame increases the level of durability and strength.

Setting your next die will be no longer difficult because it brings you a 7 hole turret head. Luckily, you do not have to readjust the depth of its head to fit diverse calibres.

Apart from that, it features a thick and strong linkage making loading of magnum shells possible.

In addition, this Redding Reloading press will work well with all universal shell holders and 7/8” – 14 threaded dies. Thanks to the versatility, T-7 Turret Press model is really preferred by reloaders.

You can rotate its shell holders to get the most comfortable experience you want. The intelligent primer arm is specially designed for seating both large and small primers.

Compared to the other 2 products, Redding Reloading – T-7 Turret Press seems to be heavier. The handle is irreversible which becomes disadvantageous for left-handed individuals.


  • Heavy duty construction

  • Powerful linkage

  • Works with universal shell holders as well as Standard 7/8” – 14 threaded dies

  • Intelligent primer arm to get rid of messy priming experience


  • Quite heavy

  • Not suitable for left-handed people

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Final Verdict

If your objective is to get your best turret press, the list above is a helpful suggestion for you. Whether you a novice or a pro, you will find the product that meets your personal requirements.

In my point of view, I would pick Lee Precision Classic Turret Press. Although it seems to be the most basic tool, the product will give you a solid feeling without strong linkage. It has the auto indexing feature with a satisfaction guarantee from the brand.

What are the most important factors to you when it comes to purchasing a turret press? Don’t forget to take construction, automatic indexing mode, budget as well as a brand into consideration!

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