The Best Kept Secrets About Best Turkey Mouth Call

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Are you in the market for a turkey mouth call? Then consider yourself lucky today, as we have all the answers to this in this post. The truth is we are avid turkey hunters and we have successfully called in many birds. If you want to learn something about these tools, then read this post till the end.

Not many people like boxed sounds and pots may be a no-no for them. What do they do? Simple, they invest in the Best Turkey Mouth Call. These are straightforward tools that help you do the job. That is, call a turkey!

The 7 Best Turkey Mouth Calls Reviews

Below is a list that may make this post worth a read.

Anyone that has tested calling tools, is aware of the Primos Hunting Hook Hunter series. Besides, turkey calls, they also have elk and deer calling units. This makes them quite a pro in this line of work. Yes, they are and with more than 100 years of experience, they are bound to create quality products. 

To be honest, when we started using a mouth calling tool, this was our go-to contraption. It is considered a boon for purr and kee kee sounds. Yes, their sound is naturalistic that it seems these birds simply can’t resist them.   

The blue may be sweet in tenor, but is clear and the green has a rasp sound. Now, as a hunter, it is your choice of right inventory that would call them in.


  • These make for a good calling tool even while walking
  • A real deal for beginners for sure
  • Fits quite comfortably into your mouth
  • Has an authentic pitch and that makes a lot of difference
  • Highly valuable a product
  • The blue colored one turned out to be a killer of a calling tool for us
  • It is a versatile tool without a doubt


  • Has a learning curve
  • Leaving it unattended in the heat may cause you trouble

Are you on the lookout for Best Turkey Mouth Call? Then you should surely try you the one made by Hunters Specialties. The quality is sure to impress you. The sales package includes 4 different mouth calls such as “li’l strut,” “smokin gun”, sickle cut, and deuce cutter.

All these calls will produce a different sound for you this will work to your advantage as you go out turkey hunting. Honestly speaking the quality of sound produced by these calls is simply outstanding. There is no chance that this combo pack will cause you any disappointments.

So do not hesitate, go out and buy them without any hesitation and enjoy your turkey hunting to the fullest.


  • These have a flex frame combined with an Infinity latex that adds durability and strength
  • The sales package has four different mouth calls and each of them features a different sound
  • They feature reed accents in bright green
  • Every call has at least three thin reeds
  • These are very easy to use


  • These are made of very thin plastic and so the user has to use them very carefully, but the finishing does not hamper the quality of the sound or its function

If you are still looking for an effective Turkey Call then go for this without a doubt. This is known to have   a good deal of rasp which is good when you are out to hunt for turkey. There is no doubt that this is very easy to use. This certainly does not disappoint in any way.

This is your new best friend when you go hunting as it produces purrs, clucks, cackles, cuts, and yelps very distinctively. This features 3 reeds that will give any hunter a good bite and a clear raspy sound.

Honestly, you could ask for more. This is manufactured in America and so you need not worry about the quality as it is top-notch. So add this to your list of things to buy and you will not regret it at all.


  • This produces a very clear raspy sound and offers a firm bite
  • The features Vyper cut along with 3 reeds
  • This is often used by State champions in Florida which means it is effective
  • This mouth call is high strung and produces a strong sound


  • The call is a bit thicker than usual but this does not affect its performance in any way so do feel discouraged from  procuring it

This mouth call from Primos is quite reliable and you should not think twice about acquiring this. This is capable of producing unique and real pitches that will work wonders for you on your hunting expeditions. The manufacturer has combined years of experience and custom design to create this wonderful product.

The overall quality is very impressive and there is no doubt that it will last for a very long time to come. This produces loud raspy yelps which is just what you need to hunt turkey successfully. The good thing is that even as a beginner you will be able to use this without much difficulty.

This blows very nicely and the airflow is smooth too. It will feel a bit different when you bit on it but it certainly does a fabulous job.


  • The calls feature reeds that are hand-cut by professionals with a lot of experience
  • These are capable of producing unique and reliable pitches
  • These feature custom designs
  • Produces very clear and loud raspy yelps
  • Has effective cuts and fly-down


  • Users may take a bit of time to get used to this but this not a serious flaw as the product works just fine

Primos happens to be a reputed name in the industry and you can expect the best products from them. Al the products by the brand are constructed by utilizing high-quality materials that can withstand the worst climatic conditions. 

The sales package contains three mouth calls all of which produce different sounds. The good thing is that the sounds are very loud and distinct and works well for long-distance too. These have a special contour which makes them a perfect fit for your mouth, unlike most other calls that are being sold.

This will not disappoint you in the least, so add them to your shopping list and enhance your experience of hunting turkey. These calls are dependable, versatile, and simple so buying them will certainly be beneficial to you.


  • Comes with a carry case
  • These calls feature a BAT Cut
  • Has a Sonic Dome that features a BAT Cut
  • This can be used by casual, recreational, and professional users
  • These are tested properly and are built for rough use
  • The materials used for this belong to premium grade


  • The calls are a little thicker than what is advertised but they work just fine and you should not hesitate in acquiring them

WoodHaven is one brand that manufactures good quality custom calls that never fail. The mouth calls feature what is known as ghost cut that facilitates smooth kee-kee sounds and clear and distinct hen yelps. These are manufactured using good quality tape and have a locking frame with an adhesive lining.  

The overall quality is very impressive and these calls can be used by anyone. These are created for everyday use and can withstand the elements of nature. The sales package contains two calls and each of them produces a clear and distinct sound.

So if you are on the lookout for something reliable then this should be included in your shopping list. Use these calls once and you will never dream of switching over to another brand. Get these and enjoy hunting turkey to the fullest.


  • These can be used by beginners and pros alike
  • The quality is very good
  • The sounds produced are very loud and clear
  • The top reed features a Ghost cut Which makes it very easy to use
  • The kee-kee sounds are very easy’
  • Manufactured by a reliable brand


  • This will take a little getting used to but overall the product is good and definitely should be acquired

The mouth calls from FOXPRO produce a variety of realism, pitch, and tone. The good thing is that you can handle them very easily. These can be used by anyone and you do not have to be a pro to reap the benefits of these calls. So, if you are looking for the Best Turkey Mouth Call this is pretty much it.

The Spur series are made from a combination that consists of latex and prophylactic, these are known to give a whole lot of advantage when you are in the woods. Each of the calls has their very own design and that is how you know which one produces the right sound.

All the calls are made by hand to the level of perfection. These are manufactured in America so you can be rest assured of the quality.


  • It is a reliable brand
  • The overall quality is very impressive
  • Very durable and strong, will last for a long time
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for everyone
  • The bottom of the calls feature latex reeds
  • The top has a prophylactic reed
  • Impressive realism


  • The calls have a slightly smaller frame than usual, but it does not affect its usage in any way

How To Choose A Turkey Mouth Call?

The “pock,” and “chalk” are a critical part of this game. You cannot take them for granted, as you may get a lot of options to select from. Although, there is no mathematical formula for this, yet we have found approaches that may be of assistance.


Make sure that you use a turkey mouth call that is handmade. This makes them genuine and precise over the others. These are way better than machine-made simulations. You must also ensure that you go for something that made in the USA only.


Make sure that you use something of latex and the one that is hand-stretched makes the Best Turkey Mouth Call. Look for a product that is thick and has a miked uniformity. This makes the sound even and your call more life-like. 

Then again, you get these in prophylactic that is pretty new to the market but is comfortable to use. These sound more true to life and make louder yelps, which is practically the first thing any novice learns to call.


Pick a product that produces a clear sound. Remember that the shape of a reed plays an important role in this. You will get different shapes to cherry-pick from, and our advice would be to stick to uncomplicated shapes in the beginning. 

Your tongue placement, breath, and technique are the most significant things while learning this art. Not to mention, the density, rigidity, and shape of the reed also are a few factors that you must look into.


See, if you have a small palate, chances are high that you suffer from a severe gag reflex. This is why you need to decide on a calling device that is easy to use. In short, opt for something that needs less air for blowing.


The cluck, chirp, chick, chop are not easy sounds to make. They mean something to the birds, which is why they come to answer these calls. Just make certain that the product you are going with sounds realistic, as these tools are the best choice for close-range hunting.

How To Use A Turkey Mouth Call?

In case you're figuring out how to utilize a turkey mouth call then placing in your mouth and leaving it there initially could be one way. As mentioned a few may choke, but you can hold up until that feeling dies down. When it does, you can attempt to utilize the mouth call this way:

  • To call, utilize your tongue to fit the stomach against the top of your mouth
  • Try not to blow air from your lungs
  • Instead, utilize your stomach and not your chest muscles to constrain air through the reed
  • Face the straight edge forward
  • Go after a tight air seal
  • To howl, push air between the highest point of your tongue and the reed
  • You will need to attempt to control your stomach with the goal that you push nonstop air

Bear in mind that running your mouth stomach call with the correct mood, technique, volume, length, dividing, and pitch of notes will improve your turkey calling game.

Benefits Of The Best Turkey Mouth Call

Okay, this is a serious business and no child’s play. Calling a bird is never an easy task, but if you get tools to work with, then it becomes better. The “kee kee runs”, “pee-pees”, “puck,” and “purr” is not easy to imitate. So, here goes the first advantage of a turkey mouth call. It helps you realistically emulate the sounds. Of course, much of this realism depends on your expertise in using your diaphragm as well. 

Nonetheless, we have recorded some more of these benefits that you can bank on:

  • The biggest reality is that they are inexpensive than the other options
  • They sound real and a good caller can call in the birds
  • You can make various kinds of sounds and pitches with these calling units
  • This is a unique skill and is comparatively easy to learn if you are willing
  • Most importantly, this is a hand-free option
  • It is a known fact that handmade tools like a turkey mouth call will any day outperform a machine-made soundAnother thing that makes them a popular item is their being weightless, which means carrying them for trips is way easier

Bottom line is, if you want to catch a few gobblers, then you can do so with these calling tools. In case, you think you will be winning an award as a national champion, then you need to dedicate yourself to it. That means you need to learn how to call in the best possible ways.

Maintaining A Turkey Mouth Call

A turkey mouth call may be a reasonable tool, but it surely needs some upkeep. This can extend the tool’s life as well as keep it safe for you. If you don’t want it to be a breeding ground for bacteria, then you must:

  • Clean it with 5 percent of mouth wash to keep it free of germs and bacteria
  • Rinse it with 95 percent water
  • Let it air dry
  • Then store it and refrigerate it

There are different types of calling that you may learn. Remember practice makes a man perfect and the same rule applies in the case too. Most people do not practice and then they discard the tool as useless. In order to make the most out of the Best Turkey Mouth Call you must practice. 

Besides, we have provided you with the first in class products that you can count on for this. In case, you have a doubt, do get back to us and raise a query via the comments section. We will be pleased to help you, as well as address something that even the whole community may learn from.

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