How To Choose The Best Slug Gun Scope (2021 Edition)

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If you are a fan of the slug hunting game, you will probably know how important it is to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the weapon.

Equipping your gun with a slug gun scope can be a great choice to achieve better performance.

At this point, you’re probably wondering about how to choose the best slug gun scope. Well, here I have just the right guide for you.

Let’s get started!

My Top 3 Best Slug Gun Scopes

Imagine hundreds of brands with a variety of models available on the market. How will you know which works best? Here are three of the best slug gun scopes that I want to recommend.

The design can assist you greatly in targeting the object. It is about over 11 inches in length and quite lightweight.

One of my favorite things about this scope is its 5-inch eye relief, which helps you to get the best view as well as make use of the light source.

It is also equipped with a 40mm objective lens which is resistant to water and pressure quite well.

Furthermore, this slug gun scope has a BDC 200 crosshair, which is equipped with four targeting circles.

Coupled with the 9x magnification of the scope, the model can help users to get more accurate shots, especially during long hunting journeys

It doesn’t stop there.  With Instant Zero-Reset Turrets, special equipment inside the scope, making adjustments can be done in no time.

Here are some pros and cons of this model:


  • Good eye relief
  • Impressive crosshairs
  • Great magnification
  • Firm construction


  • No illumination
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Despite not being a military gun scope, this slug gun scope is equipped with a glass etched crosshair. This is not a usual thing to see in a sports gun.

The reticle, coupled with the firm construction and durable material, makes Konus 7249 Shotgun Black Powder Riflescope a worth-trying choice for those who are looking for the best slug gun scope.

Moreover, the price of this model is really affordable, considering the extensive features and the high quality it can provide.

In fact, this scope is perfect for slug hunting games. Some might look for a shotgun scope because it is hard to find one exclusively for a slug gun. But you can try this well-manufactured slug gun scope!

Here are some of the pros and cons if this scope:


  • Glass etched reticle
  • Made for slug guns
  • Reasonable price


  • Some users complain about the clarity of the optic

This model has a firm body covered in black. This is one of my recently favorite gun scopes for hunting games.

It is lightweight with a firm construction which can ensure durability. It can also resist very well to pressure and water so you can use it even on rainy days.

But here’s the real deal.  the fully multi-coated lens can provide excellent eye relief. This is important if you want to get a clear view of your target in all weather conditions.

The magnification of this slug gun scope is up to 9x and the lens offers various setting options to adjust if needed. And, it is really easy to handle and can minimize the time when you’re hunting.

Here are some pros and cons:


  • Adjustable crosshairs
  • Fully multi-coated lens
  • Great magnification
  • Waterproof and shockproof


  • No illumination

How Does a Slug Gun Scope Improve Accuracy?

The reticle

This pattern on the tip of the scope can provide a more exact view, thereby allowing you to target more precisely.

The optic

Normally, targeting the objects in the game involves moving around. This can create unwanted noise and scare the objects away With this lens, this won’t be a problem anymore.


Getting a bigger view of the objects over a long distance can provide a lot of advantages when targeting and shooting. For example, if you are hunting a moving object such as a deer, you will see how much a scope assist you.

The weapon is likely to weigh a little more with a larger magnification. But, the benefits it brings are worth accepting some extra grams.

Important Factors to Consider in a Slug Gun Scope

When choosing the best slug gun scope, there are many factors contributing to your purchase decision.

Worried about which features to consider? From my own experience, here are some of the most essential ones to look for before making a choice.


The durability of a slug gun scope depends heavily on the material used to create.

Slug hunting is an outdoor game taking place in various places such as forests and hillsides. Thus, you need to ensure the best resistance to all weather conditions for your weapon.

Also, purchasing a durable slug gun scope with the firmness can save you a lot of time and money because you don’t have to worry much about the maintenance work.


It is suggested that you should go for a lightweight slug gun scope because it can allow you to carry the weapon more easily.

This is extremely important, considering that you often have to move around in the slug hunting games.

Also, having a portable slug gun scope can assist you to target and take shots much more accurately. This is because the weight of the weapon has some particular influences on how easily you can target the objects.


As a piece of optical equipment, a slug gun scope that cannot provide good clarity might not be a good choice

In other words, without the clarity, the scope cannot help you with a good view and, as a result, cannot allow you to target better.


While targeting over a long distance, you have to use the magnification of your slug gun scope to get a clear view.

This is also helpful with avoiding noise when hunting animals.


The simple rule here is choosing the color that makes you visible as least as possible. You will not want to be noticed by the objects you are targeting.

My advice? Go for the plain colors that help you to blend in with the surroundings.


Many hunters like doing hunting in the late evening and in the early morning because it is the perfect time to catch the animals. However, it is a bit hard to get a good view because of the weak lighting.

Thus, remember to look for a slug gun scope that can provide brightness in low light conditions.

But, just because you need the brightness doesn’t mean that you have to get something too bright.

In fact, there is always an amount of light in the field although it is not always strong enough. You can make use of that light source to get more accurate shots.

It is, therefore, not really necessary to spend your money on a piece of super bright light-providing equipment except for when you are in some special needs.

Simple to handle

This is also an important factor to consider when buying a slug gun scope. It’s best to go for a scope that is easy for you to set up, install, and make the necessary adjustment if needed.

Final Thoughts

Above are three of the best slug gun scopes that you can find on the market. If I have to choose the winner among those three scopes, I will go for Nikon SLUGHUNTER BDC 200 Riflescope.

With reasonable price, it offers many values such as the great magnification and water resistance. My favorite feature is great eye relief, which offers an excellent view when targeting.

What about you? Which one are you going for?

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