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You are in the market looking for a good Single Point Sling for AR15, well good for you as a sling will certainly make it easier for you to carry your firearm with ease. The market is filled with various brands so you will never run short of options. Most slings are made from durable materials so you can expect them to last long.

The key to locating the Best Single Point Sling for AR15 is exercising patience and evaluating all your options before making any purchases. Now, you should know that any sling with a single point is very easy to carry around as it offers you a great deal of flexibility. 

These slings are made of various materials and come in various sizes and styles, so before you go ahead it would not hurt to do a bit of research. Here are some vital tips that will help you find the right one. Have a look and make an educated decision.

Best Single Point Sling for AR15 – Buying Guide

Buying a sling is not tough provided you follow a systematic approach. The best thing to do is to proceed by doing a bit of research. Every customer would want the best value for their money and you are no exception. Just remember not to rush and pick up any random stuff from the shelf. Here is what you can do, have a look.

Materials: Always pay attention to the materials that are used for making a sling. Typically nylon and leather are two of the most common materials used to make slings. You should know that nylon offers a great deal of flexibility. Nylon slings are flexible and lightweight.

Padding: You should always make it a point to select a sling that has a sufficient amount of padding. This will add the comfort level considering that you may have to use this for long hours at a stretch.

Quality: To make sure that you receive good quality, always buy from a reputed brand. Good brands usually put their products through several quality checks before being sold in the market. It is safe to buy products that are manufactured in the USA. It is always wise to pay a bit extra and purchase from a reputed brand.

Top 4 Best Single Point Sling for AR15 Reviews

Here is a list of four of the best single point slings suitable for the AR15.

If you are looking for the Best Single Point Sling for AR15 then this is one that you should be looking at. This is extremely comfortable and easy to utilize. Even short people can make use of this sling.

The good news is that you do not have to cut any of the excess material. Personally, we are very happy to use this as it is comfortable and secure. You can make adjustments to this from long to short.

Do not worry about getting a replacement anytime soon as it is made from sturdy Nylon. This is manufactured in the USA. This has a TriGlide attached to it. This sling also has 2 points that are padded for extra comfort.

When it comes to quality and durability this product is undisputed. This will certainly last for a very long time. You should add this to your list of things to acquire and you will have no regrets.


  • The sling is made in America
  • This has an Acetal Adjuster with a TriGlider attached to it
  • Padded at 2 different points
  • Manufactured from high-quality Nylon


  • The sling does not have quick release
  • Takes a bit of time to adjust but this not a deal-breaker

Are you tired of using products from flimsy brands? Try this brand for a change and you will not regret it in the least. This rifle sling is made from very strong Nylon, which makes it very versatile and flexible. How can you refuse such a product?

The good thing about this sling is that the padding can be removed. The length is adjustable up to 56 inches, so both short and tall users can use it equally well. The sling features a strap that facilitates extra tight fit.

We have tried and tested this belt and we are quite happy with the results. The quality is very good so do not expect to go out looking for a replacement as this will last for a long time.

So, do not wait any longer just add this to your list of things to purchase. The sling is made from strong Nylon adding to its strength.


  • Very easy to adjust up to 56 inches
  • The sling features effective swivels
  • The shoulder pad can be removed
  • Free from tangling
  • Made from good quality nylon
  • The sling features strong webbing


  • The fitting can be a bit tight but this not a major drawback in any way

If you are looking for a sling that can be adjusted easily this is your safest bet. The good thing about getting this one is that you do not have to spend too much on it. This is quite suitable for casual shooters. 

What you will love the most is that this can be used with the AR15 and the 9mm pistols. If you are looking for good quality then this will not disappoint in the least. Since it is manufactured in the USA you can expect good value for your money. The Nylon material will make sure that the sling holds up very well over the years.

The sling features a webbing that is non-abrasive measuring 1.50 inches this facilitates quick transition, comfort, and durability. The emergency buckles allow the user to take this off quickly.

This sling has vast improvements over the previous models that have been sold in the market. Now that you know how good this sling is, you should consider acquiring this sling at the earliest.


  • The sling features an emergency buckle for quick release
  • The sling also comes with a snap hook
  • This features webbing that is non-abrasive
  • The sling is made from very high-quality nylon


  • Takes a bit of time to adjust

Are you still looking for the Best Single Point Sling for AR15? Well, let us give you a slice of good news, this sling is not only suitable for the AR15 it will also go with your regular pistols.

If you do not want to splurge too much on a sling then this is what you should be looking at. Interestingly this sling boasts quality that you would normally expect from a premium quality product. You can expect this to last for a very long time to come.

The fit is also very comfortable and you should have no problem wearing this for long hours during a combat situation. The width of the sling is 12.5 inches this distributes the weapon weight evenly.

The good thing is that this comes with a quick disconnect feature. Use this once and you will not feel the need to use any other brand in the market. Do not miss out on this fabulous sling under any circumstances.


  • This is built to withstand different environments and terrains
  • This is made from high-quality materials
  • The sling is put through several quality tests
  • The sling features a quick disconnect mechanism


  • The padding could be a little better


Now, these were the top four slings that have gained tremendous popularity in the market. So, which of these is the Best Single Point Sling for AR15? Well, to be perfectly honest all of them are winners. Yes, like most other products they too have their pluses and negatives but the former outweighs the latter by a huge margin.

These are made by reputed brands that put their products through the glares of several quality checks. So, you can expect to receive products of good standards every single time. Go right ahead and get one of these slings and carry your AR15 around with ease at all times.

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