Best Sig M400 Enhanced Accessories To Enhance Your Shooting Experience

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Now, why should you take all that trouble in investing in the Best Sig M400 Enhanced Accessories? The answer is simple because these accessories help to boost the performance of your firearm by quite a few notches and frankly speaking nobody can resist this temptation. Any serious shooter would like this and we are sure that you are no exception.

You will also be very happy to know that these accessories are built to last for a long time so you will not have to go out and look for substitutes anytime soon. Most of the accessories are quite light so your firearm will not feel heavy with all that weight.

There are many brands out there that make such accessories and we are sure that you will find what you are looking for. Here are reviews of some very reliable accessories to go with your Sig M400. Have a read.

Review Of The Best Sig M400 Enhanced Accessories

Here are some reviews of reliable accessories for the Sig M400. Take a look

When it comes to looking for Best Sig M400 Enhanced Accessories, this is one brand that will never let you down. This was developed by none other than a rifle veteran Larry Vickers. So, it is already evident that this product is worth checking out.

When it comes to quality, this product is undisputed as it is made from sturdy materials. You can count on this sling to last for a very long time. The webbing on this sling has the right amount of thickness, unlike other brands that provide very thin webbings.

The manufacturer has put in a lot of research in creating his product as it has features that showcase its superiority over the other brands. So, now carrying automatic guns will not be a problem at all. We have used this product and we can say that it certainly lives up to the expectations of the customers.

This sling is adjustable to quite an extent so you can go from a tight fit to a more relaxed fit. Now that you are aware of its features it is time that you add this item to your list of things to acquire.


  • This is manufactured in the United States Of America
  • This is attached with a TriGlide
  • This sling features 2-point
  • The product has a molded adjuster
  • Very good value for money
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy construction
  • Manufactured by a reputed brand


  • The fit could have been a little firmer, but this is not a serious issue with the product

What is the point of having a Sig M400 if you do not have a proper mounted light to help locate your target during a critical combat situation, this mounted light could be your new best friend.

So what is it about this mounted light that makes it so great? Firstly, it has features that any user will look for. Most importantly, the manufacturer has implemented vast improvements over the previous models. This model belongs to the Generation 2 series. The construction is quite sturdy as it has a polymer body that is reinforced with glass. This also has vents to eliminate excess heat.

This comes with a bulb of 400 lumens, which makes it perfect for both combat and outdoor use. The light comes with an ambidextrous switch off and on the light. The witch also features two stages of activation. The first stage creates quick flashes, which is very useful during tactical situations and the second stage turns on the bulb to produce a regular beam.

The light can function for 1.5 hours non-stop, which is a cool thing.  The overall quality is really impressive and you can expect this to last for a while. If you are on the lookout for something compact then is what you should get without any hesitation. There is no doubt that this is a good accessory for the Sig M400.


  • Its switch control is anti-slip
  • Clamp interfaces included
  • STD rails included
  • Good performance and high-quality product
  • The body of the mounted light is made from strong a polymer


  • The mounted light feels a little heavy, but it does hamper the performance of the rifle

If you are on the lookout for a reliable optic for your rifle, this is the correct product for you. This is a perfect match for your Sig M400. This product is engineered to help you achieve success. Yes, it that good.

This sight comes with an objective lens of 25mm, which is quite adequate.  The sight comes with 8 different settings to tweak brightness. This is one of the coolest features on this sight for sure.

The sight also has a very strong construction as it is made using 7075 aluminum, so do not expect to be looking for a replacement for a very long time. This is shockproof and is also resistant to any impact. This is also very compact and lightweight, the mounting is not time-consuming.

The red dot is very helpful in letting you locate your target so you can get the most out of every shot fired. The image is sharp and crystal clear at any time of the day. So, if you want to improve your shooting this is what you should get. Use this once and you will never think about switching over to another brand.


  • The distance from the optical axis from the mounting rail is 1.538 inch
  • The eye relief is infinite
  • The performance and quality are both very impressive
  • Good value for money
  • The maximum magnification is 1x
  • Manufactured by a reputed brand


  • This runs on lithium battery that tends to die down fast but that is not a huge drawback

When looking for the Best Sig M400 Enhanced Accessories this cleaning kit is what you should not miss out on. This cleaning kit is very compact and it can be stored just about anywhere. This means you can give your Sig 400M a good cleaning on the go.

This kit comprises of three tools that are more than enough to help you maintain your firearm in prime condition. The kit has a reliable carbon scraper that gets rid of all the carbon deposits from all the important parts of your gun. This is designed to give your firearm a deep cleaning.

The second most important tool in the kit is the fire rod, when used with the carbon scraper this can be used to light a fire. The last and most important tool is the ceramic rod that is used to sharpen knives.

The kit is very simple to use and the results are outstanding and since we have tested this product and so we can vouch for it. You will certainly not be disappointed with this. Don’t hold back and just go for it!


  • This is very user-friendly and can be utilized by outdoor enthusiasts and professional hunters
  • The kit comes in a strong orange housing that can be used in place of a sturdy handle to use the rods
  • The steel scraper comes with flint to light a fire
  • Overall quality and performance are both good
  • Very compact kit
  • Good value for money
  • Made by a reputed brand


  • The ceramic sharpening tool is a bit smaller than expected but it does a fabulous job


We are happy to present these 4 Best Sig M400 Enhanced Accessories, they are extremely useful and will help you get the best performance out of your weapon. Like most products, they too have their drawbacks but the pluses outnumber them by a large margin. They are made from sturdy materials and so they have good longevity.

All of the above accessories are made by reputed brands that are known for their outstanding quality. So, the chances of you being disappointed are negligent. What are you waiting for? Get these accessories and take your shooting skills up a couple of notches.

Featured image source: Tri-State Public Safety

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