The Best Scope for M&P 15-22 Draws Shooters’ Attention in 2021

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The best rifle needs to have the best scope. What is mentioning is that, if there are the M&P 15-22 rifles, you will need to have to search for the top scopes

On the market today, there are many options available, but which one is the best scope for M&P 15-22?

You ought to know that the excellent scope will provide the shooter with the confidence. So, it’s high time to put your belief in the following products that can be an ideal scope to use.

Let’s go!

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Scopes for M&P 15-22

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How Is The Range of A Standard M&P 15-22?

It is not too different from most rifles when we talk about the M&P 15-22. At mid-range and close-range, you hardly find any rival passing the M&P 15-22. However, it is not ideal for a long-range.

To the best of our knowledge, the M&P 15-22 is used the most in the 50-100 yards.

But, with those professional shooters, these numbers may be more than. They easily shoot a target up to 200 yards or even 300 yards.

Before we start to invest a scope for your M&P 15-22, it would be best to learn about the hunting range – close, mid, and long-range.

  • Close-range: It is defined under 50 yards
  • Medium-range: Whether you are hunting in anywhere, it is not over 100 yards. Frequently, fluctuate in the range from 50 to 100 yards.
  • Long-range: At least, it can reach up to 100 yards.

In case you want to use the M&P 15-22 for long-range shooting, it is still okay. But, we do not recommend. Because using the rimfire cartridges – a firing mechanism with low pressure, the M&P 15-22s suit for plinking, hunting varmints, and target shooting.

Yes, in spite of not being a good option for long-range sharpshooting, the M&P 15-22 offers cheaper rimfire ammo. Have a give-and-take.

The Magnification You Will Need

The next issue that you can wonder is the magnification. What magnification will you need? As a general rule of thumb, you will need a higher magnification if your target is further.

Now, we will help you list the essential magnification of each range:

First of all, for long-range targets ~ 100 yards or more, the magnification is impossibly under 6x. Have to reach more than 6x and even up to 9x.

The next is at medium range – from 50 to 100 yards. The chosen scope has provided the magnification in the 4x-6x range.

Finally, if there are close-range targets – 50 yards, 1x to 4x will be able to help you do the trick.

As previously stated, the M&P 15-22s are not appropriate to shoot in long-range. Therefore, the very high magnification is likely unnecessary.

Top 3 Best Scope for M&P 15-22 Available on the Market Reviews

After reading the entire information above, we believe that you might determine the right scope.

Let’s get down to pick! Our product list is just below.

Are you looking for a scope in close to a medium range? A good suggestion for you is the Vortex Optics 1x – DRT Reticle Spitfire Prism Scope. Allow you to determine quickly the target.

With the prism-based design, the optical system is both compact and quality.

The lenses provide bright views whether you are shooting or hunting in the low-light conditions. This is due to lenses coated with an anti-reflective layer.

In addition to the reticle etched on the prism, it ensures that your target is always effective at all times. Personally, this feature has a high opinion of us because either shooting or hunting needs an effective point of aim.

With that being said – the reticle, there are different intensity levels illuminated red/green to select, depending on the situational conditions.

For the construction, we recognize that the Vortex Optics Scope is built smartly. From the optic center, you can mount it at a co-witness height (lower 40.4mm) to base surface.

You can even remove the mounting riser if you want to mount under 30 mm.

Finally, to protect the scope from impact and recoil, there is shockproof construction. Plus, O-ring seals support for hunting in extreme weather conditions.

Obviously, this is a sufficient-good scope for M&P 15-22 in the price range. Would you like to own it?


  • Etched reticle with optional red or green illumination
  • Lightweight
  • Attachment wires to adjustment caps
  • End caps offer protection of glass when not using
  • Rails included for mounting a 450 red dot


  • 3x power, instead of 4x
  • Eye relief is not as robust as it might be

It comes as no surprise to us when a large number of hunters and shooters enjoy using the riflescope from Nikon. The Nikon P-RIMFIRE BDC 150 Reticle Riflescope is efficient at extreme sighting speed and accuracy.

In particular, the shooters can easily hold dead on and adjust the elevation turret through the Rapid Action Turret system. This system includes two various sets – Hyper Velocity and Turrets-Std Velocity.

In the event of shooting in the low-light condition, you will get the support of the fully multi coated optics.

Not only do they provide the superlative light transmission and brightness.

Beyond that, the zero-reset turret feature is also noticeable. Nikon has added this feature to all new riflescopes. The purpose is to simplify the adjustments.

By rotating the adjustment knob, you can get the desired range.

Don’t doubt about the accuracy! We tend to choose the Nikon models because of so.

The hand-turn adjustments provide the high accuracy at 50 range while the reticle allows aiming points within 50 – 150 yards.

For the construction, Nikon uses polymer and aluminum to make this cope. The lenses are coated with anti-reflective compounds without arsenic or lead. What a safe it is!

In brief, this is a safe and unique scope for an M&P 15-22 to shoot and even shoot.


  • The BDC reticle circles are more useful in varmint shooting
  • Very clear picture with good eye relief
  • Nice adjustable turrets that turn to zero
  • The magnification is superb
  • The bullet drop compensation in the scope works well


  • The hyper velocity is not too effective
  • The quality of the turrets knobs is not impressive

The following riflescope that we want to introduce to you is the Plinker-22 Riflescope from BARSKA. The model promises to offer impressive performance.

There are reasons why we said so.

The first has to talk about the magnification. It can reach up 9x in the range. It means that this is a long-range scope. Allow you to shoot the further targets as expected.

Don’t let you down! The BARSKA 3-9X33mm Plinker-22 Riflescope has quipped the multi-coated optic system. Resist both water, shock, and fog. You can even adjust them for elevation and windage.

Next, we are as pleased as punch on the construction. The manufacturer built-up it with an optimal weight – 11.5 ounces. The tube has the 12-inch length and one-inch diameter while the objective lens is approximately 32 millimeters.

For indication, show that this is a perfect scope with numbers. In turn, there are 0.375-inch dovetail rings, 10.7-3.6 exit pupil, 3.5-inch eye relief, and 0.25-inch click value.

The last one, the BARSKA Riflescope also consists of the lens cloth, mounting rings, and lens covers. All will help protect it from the damage of the outside environment.

Let’s add it to your shopping right now if this is scope for your M&P 15-22.


  • Come with caps that pull off quickly
  • Easy to adjust windage and elevation knobs
  • The variable zoom
  • The magnification is nice for the longer shots
  • Hold its zero well
  • Water and rain do not create problems


  • There are some minor parallax issues if you wear glasses
  • The reticle is not at a perfect 90 degrees

In Consequence

What are you looking for the best scope for M&P 15-22? It’s high time to give your decision. Your choice is:

The Vortex Optics 1x meets both the quality and price. The Nikon P-RIMFIRE BDC brings the optimum safety while using. Or the Plinker-22 Riflescope from BARSKA satisfies with the numbers.

To give an exact decision, you need to look back on your need and budget. Seriously consider the features that these scopes provide. Which one is suitable for you?

We hope that you can find the right scope to run your M&P 15-22 effectively.

Do it your way!!!

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