The 3 Best Scopes for 22-250 – Updated 2019 Reviews

For an avid hunter, an outing in the wood targeting rabbits, squirrels or prairie dog is a satisfaction.

Though aiming small mammals requires much accuracy and concentration, experienced shooters find their favorite scope that works for the best precision.

That said, the 22-250 rifle scopes please many hunters of the niche for a successful varmint hunting.

We are proud to introduce our collection of the best scopes for .22-250 to ensure you won’t return home empty-handed. Read now.

22-250 Rifles and Its Scopes

It is undeniable that this 22-250 rifle has grown its popularity among the weapons used for varmint hunting and long-range shooting.

The rifle has a history since the 1930s when farmers were in need of an aggressive method to chase off the crop-eating varmints.

Time flies, the 22-250 round not only remained its top choice in the barn but also approached the sports industry thanks to its accuracy.

The gun lately derived to a variety of gun types ranging from single shot pistols to high-end target rifles.

While the guns offer precision, it doesn’t mean you can get by with any kind of scope. In fact, specific scopes for .22-250 rifles let you take advantage of the pinpoint accuracy the rifles are meant for.

With an appropriate scope for .22-250, your hunting or a shooting competition with your friend will become more enjoyable.

The Quest for .22-250 Scopes 

To get the best scope out of the market, there are some factors to consider.

Let’s look at the characteristics that determine a quality scope for .22-250.

Reputable Brand

The world of rifle scopes has been literally filled with hundreds of manufacturers many of which do not deliver the quality they promise.

While the field is flooded with Chinese budget imports, some are standing to be authentic companies provide products of true standard.

We can compound the big names such as Nikon, Vortex, Millet, Leupold, or Zeiss.

These manufacturers have been around the market providing only quality products that receive swear by customers.

A good investment in the brand will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Power of Magnification

Here are the general distance guidelines:

  • Close Range:  smaller than 25 yards and up to 100 yards
  • Medium Range: from 75 yards up to 150 yards
  • Long Range: from 100 yards to 500 yards

Very Long Range:  larger than 500 yards

A standard scope allows at least 12 times magnification to optimize vision. Also, it should come with various adjustments to modify to the hunting you are going to.

The typical rate for magnification falls between 4 to 12 times.

For small varmint hunting, a high magnifying scope would be worth spending the money as you will stand in the distance to aim. High-end scopes can reach 25 times magnification allowing you to shoot from a long range.

Otherwise, you can determine the magnification rate you want for your customized hunting. It doesn’t have to be the longest-range scope.

In reality, a super high magnification gets jumpy when you’re after a too moving object; in other words, you will have to rest still to keep the scope focused.

The longer distance it is, the more powerful rifle scope you need. Each range has a level of magnification to work with, namely:

  • Close Range: 3x to 5x
  • Medium Range: 3x-9x
  • Long Range: 4x-12x
  • Very Long Range: 10x to 14x

It is good to know the generalized terms, but it is best to know your own preference once you try the scope. There will be many overlaps to interfere between the magnifications.

Tube and Objective

There are some numbers you should look out when buying the scopes for rifles.

The lens tube should be at least 35 mm while the optics lens should rank anywhere between 40 and 56 mm.

If the lens rate is high, it means you have a broader range to scope out.

This combination will ensure a good aim even in the distance. Anything less than 40mm objective lenses sacrifices the performance making you miss many shots.

Your Type of Rifle

The rifle you use for hunting is different from the one for shooting competition.

A bench gun brings your target closer. The weapon requires an objective lens, larger tube, and powerful magnification to deliver a crystal clear pictures to ensure the ultimate precision.

Hunting guns seek less spectacular with lower magnification. Your goal is to find a scope that enables accuracy to take humane shots without burdening your rifle.

As mentioned above, targeting a prairie dog at 25 times won’t help unless you are a solid rock who rest with no breath to shoot.

The Best Scope for .22-250 Reviews

Here is the best part.

We believe the answer for a good scope at a fair price is here, in this Nikon Prostaff Rimfire.

This BDC bullet drop compensating is a long-range hunting reticle. It is a piece of clear glass.

It is so clear that we could see dragonflies on the target at 200 yards from the base.

We think it looks handsome on our hunting rifle and allows us to make a clean kill to put meat on the table.

Admittedly, Nikon went distances with this scope in our perspective. They’ve thought of everything you need.

With the 100-yard zeros certain velocity, they tell you Magnum velocity is cartridges of approximately 3,000 feet per second. We know “approximately” is not good enough because the cartridge you’re shooting does not fall into either one of the categories.

But no problem. You can go on the Nikon spot-on website and match your exact cartridge to the reticle. That way, we can tell where we’re going to be hitting at crosshair either on top, middle or bottom of the circle.

Speaking about the specs, it’s a BDC 300 muzzleloading scope which can also be a shotgun scope, slug scope. Just match your ammunition, it will tell you where you’re hitting.

What we liked

  • You can shoot 22-250s at distances greater than 500 yards

  • Match the power and yardage of your rifle

  • Have the clear and light-gathering lens

What we didn’t like

  • Sometimes the glass is not as clear causes discrepancy

This Vortex scope is one of the premier scopes on our shelf.

The Crossfire II 6 by 24 has a BDC reticle which means it’s a bullet drop compensator reticle. It’s got a 30 mm tube and the clearest glass matches with the 30mm cantilever mount so that you can have a good eye to shoulder distance.

The scope has a rear focal plane puts the reticle size in the back so it stays the same size, clarity and focus no matter what the distance or how you zoom in and out. This is a good thing if you have an eye problem.

You will have to adjust your compensation at different distances that require lots of practice. But as long as you keep it at infinity yards, there will be no need to modify the distances.

Vortex brings excellent customer service and a lifetime warranty on every product.

What we liked

  • Lifetime warranty no matter what accident

  • Give clear picture and long range shooting

  • Have an objective lens and a waterproof tube

What we didn’t like

  • Weight 23.6 ounces which is a bit bulky

  • Most parts are made in China

We had this scope in the Remington 700. It’s a 35 mm tube with 6-25x magnification.

The scope allows you to do accurate target shooting from 50 yards all the way up a thousand yards.

With the 56 mm objective lens, you will have plenty of light coming in. We liked the 35 mm rings and a sunshade included in the main tube. This tube gets 140 MOA of internal adjustments.

It is also a waterproof, fog proof and shockproof scope weight 2.2 pounds.

This Millet scope has the mil-dot bar reticle which is great for ranging and holdover. It uses the same math as the regular mil-dot reticle. It comes in two options, one with the illuminator and one without.

What we liked

  • Include hard-to-find 35mm rings

  • Equip an enormous objective lens

  • Great for a prairie dog hunt

What we didn’t like

  • The glass is not so clear when you get in the higher power ranges

Final Thoughts

At this point, you should be able to have one scope in mind to add to the wishlist.

If anything is holding you back, go for our top recommendation here. We picked the Vortex Crossfire II to be with us on every varmint hunt. You can give it a try and see why.

Give yourself a treat and enjoy your .22-250 with the best scope we suggested.

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