Best Scope for Marlin 60 – The 3 Best Optics for Marlin Model 60

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We all know how classic the Marlin 60 rifle is. It is equipped with a tube fed, chasing squirrels and tin cans. To every marksman, it comes in mind as the very first ideal rifle, pretty and mighty!

With the countless fiber optic sights, the Marlin 60 will be perfect for those who gonna go shooting and plinking in a long time. It has a great rimfire rifle which brings you a well-sighted optic when you are looking for fast-moving objects.   

We know that you quite hurry to find the best Marlin 60 scopes, however, don’t run so fast. Take a couple of time and read carefully throughout some information and the details of the top 3 pick we already prepare for you in the next part:

Quick Answer: The 6 Best Marlin 60 Scopes

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The Marlin 60 And Its Scopes

The topic of rifle often comes with the concept of choosing optics and magnifications. The rimfire rifle optics, in this case, has a slight difference in comparison with the centerfire rifle ( vary by the size of your shooting target).

The normal distance for hunting game with a rimfire is within 100 yards (if your target size is relatively small).

The low magnification is effective in hunting smaller target (from small to very small object) which is easy to be blended well in the environment.

To hunt a bigger target (at 300 yards or more), you may need a 9x power magnification scope.

Thus, if your plan is going hunt at long ranges with the different-size target or competing on shooting combat, beware to bring more than one magnification.

Of course, the Marlin 60 Model is not absolutely accurate by any means, however, it is effective in shooting within 50 yards and hunting for a small target.

Equipped with a slim and trim rifle scope, as well as a low magnification, and we are sure that you will take advantage of any small shooting game with your gangs.

In general, the Marlin 60 is considered as the best rimfire rifle ever for hunting in the wood (or an outdoor shooting game)

Best Scope for Marlin 60 Reviews

One of the noticeable features of the Marlin 60 rifle is that it is so lightweight. Because of 9x in the maximum magnification of the Marlin 60, so you don’t need to worry about wasting too much money on buying decent scopes.

However, if you are confusing in choosing the scope for your Marlin 60, we can help you out of this. We have a list of three scopes from big brands for an excellent price which has been achieving a lot of positive reviews.

All of them has reticle specific for Marlin 60 rifle! Now, take a closer look on each one:

Yes, we are sure that you know about the Nikon, no need to introduce. They are a big name in the industry and specialize in producing high-grade glass equipment (in that case is optic) at a very reasonable price.

The Nikon ProStaff Rimfire is a perfect example in the scope product range of Nikon.  It is a rimfire rifle scope, equipped with a BDC reticle and a huge 40mm objective lens.  It brings an extremely bright and make your hunt never be that easy.

Look at the picture above, you can recognize that Nikon decides to make no-corner on their scope designs, just like their larger centerfire cousins.

The full-size scope has a rimfire rifle placed at the heart with parallax settings and a ¼-inch adjustment. The full-size rimfire allows the ultra-light design, however, it is not popular in all scopes, only a few youth patterns have it.   

The full-size stock, as mentioned before, makes a lot of sense, especially in hunting a target at the small and medium size! The weakness is that it is much heavier than most of rimfire rifle scope, however, it also brings out a better balance than other scopes.

All these excellent features combine with the great optical quality and the special BDC reticle make the Nikon ProStaff Rimfire of the best rimfire scopes on the market for the Marlin 60 Model.


  • Full-sized scope with BDC reticle and 40mm objective lens
  • The ultra-light design is supportive for hunting a target at the small and medium size.


  • The adult-sized scope makes it heavier than other scopes.

Within the price range of Simmons scope,  it is likely to be the best one. Despite the low price, the performance of the scope is still beyond expectations even if you may not looking for that.

In relation to the Marlin 60, a scope with a trivial weight is the important thing to consider. When being installed onto a rifle, this scope nearly pressures nothing to rifle’s weight because it has just 9.6 ounces.  

That also makes this scope convenient for all shooters regardless of ages.

The same as other scopes of Simmons, this scope is produced forcefully to stay lasting in spite of its low price.

Additionally, it is able to resist anything that is not extreme so that the endurance of this scope can satisfy everyone using Marlin 60 regularly.

The scope has also an obligation of delivering a pleasant image for you to see your target at the end of the day. Except for the scope hands over quality images, the scope could be ejected, particularly for its price tag.

In the case of Simmons' scope, almost significant images are delivered by fully coated optics via the exaggeration range.

Imagine that you detect your prey and pinpoint it. However, you also have to adjust your scope to help you see your prey clearly. In that case, you can only focus on your prey or your scope adjustment.

It is hard for you to do two those things at the same time but the SureGrip rubber surface of this scope can support you to do that effectively no matter what you do such as wearing gloves, taking notice on your prey…

That is why this scope is the best one on a budget.


  • Lightweight
  • Ruggedly Built
  • Sharp, Bright Images
  • Easy Adjustments


  • Issues with rings on it
  • Issues when clicking adjustment sight windage
  • Notice on the range to hold zero

This is also a recommended product of Simmons scope to be listed and contribute to honoring the brand's quality.

Not being an exception among other products of Simmons and same as aforementioned scope, this kind has approached the success due to its affordable value and its performance.

The features of this scope may be boiled down when acquiring a target is just a piece of cake that is considered one of the biggest challenges. Some special measures are implemented by Simmons. They want to guarantee the fastest speed of target acquirement of the scope.

Thus, the relief system aids with four-inch eyes are added to do this task.

Thanks to trivial weight and perks during using time, Marlin 60 is really beautiful. Therefore, this rifle requires an ideal scope added the same features as mentioned in the previous scope.

With one-piece shape, this light handling is offered by this Simmons scope. It is also actually portable because its weight is just 8.6 ounces.

The feature of this scope improves its longevity because it is able to withstand all kinds of weather no matter water, fog or shock. It can remain performance regardless of harsh conditions.

The shockproof of this scope is just like a hard cookie, specifically, you do not pay attention to damage possibilities that may happen while recoiling the rifle.

Moreover, you will not be disappointed by endurance and accuracy of the scope.

As mentioned above, a clear view with high contrast is delivered by a fully coated optical glass and in fact, of course, it holds an essential role, especially when you go hunting in dark weather, this feature is absolutely doing its best.

This scope can be the perfect one for Marlin 60.


  • Quick Target Acquisition
  • Light Handling
  • Resistance Against It All
  • High Contrast


  • The unsatisfied eye relief system
  • Just work well for beginner and basic hunting
  • The adjustment is not precise

Close The Subject

No matter what you are looking for a cheap or a premium riflescope matches with your Marlin 60, you always can find the one that totally fit your needs.

Among the scopes mentioned above, we hope that you can find some interesting and useful information and be satisfied with what you choose from.  

Make sure that you are clear about all the requirement, the task and the target you want to try with the scope, so you can decide which scope to equip with your beloved Marlin 60.

The right scope can greatly enhance your hunting performance and help you to hunt down your target easily.

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