Best Scope For M1A – 3 Accurate And Practical Options

The M1A is a semi-automatic rifle popular style M14. It is used mostly for hunting and sniping purposes. To have higher accuracy, users usually equip a scope for M1A. In this article, I will provide some useful tips and information to help you buy the best scope for M1A.


Advantages of Using The Scope With The Gun

Longer Range

The range is one of the essential factors determining the shooting experience. Inappropriate ranges can make shooters feel uncomfortable. And without the knowledge about the range, the users of rifle may be in the dangerous situation that can kill them.

Using rifle scope can help you see the further target, and the distance from you to the target are now much closer. In this case, you have space and comfort and can shoot in the way you like. Besides, the more comfortable space is, the higher the success rate is.

In addition, you can aim and target with the greatest distance. Range is a crucial factor that all shooters have to notice. You are better off locking your target before pulling the trigger to have a successful hunting trip.

Improved Accuracy

Precision is crucial for guns and firing targets. You aim to make sure that you can reach your goal with minimal effort and time. Everyone has days when they are neither happy nor perfect, but this is where a telescope comes in, making it easier to be accurate.

The chances of getting greater accuracy with your riflescope are much better than if you did not use them. Improving accuracy helps you have more successful shots, less time lost and less used bullets.

Self-confidence and Faith

While it comes to shooting, confidence and faith are keys. It implies that psychology plays a significant role to determine whether you are a good shooter or not. To become a good shooter, you need to combine a great rifle with the strong spirit and competent skills.

A rifle scope will be an additional feature that enhances your self-confidence. If you use a scope while using a rifle, you will become a better shooter and greatly improve your shooting skills.

How to Choose the Best Scope for M1A

Size and Weight

If you choose an optimal size, it will depend more on what your purpose is with your rifle than the type of rifle. For example, you do not need a large objective lens if you do not need to shoot more than 100 meters.

However, if you hunt a lot on at the edges of shooting light, it is better for you to have a large objective lens. Be smart and buy the scope with the detailed view.

M1A is a heavy rifle. If you decide to use this normal rifle, it is not hard for you to carry the 9+ pound weight. Adding a scope will make it heavier. However, adding a scope to your rifle is not always a bad thing.

When using a rifle, recoil can become a big problem from the beginning. Adding 2 lbs of scope to this rifle will significantly reduce recoil and facilitate blows to the shoulder and head for long periods of time.

If you buy a telescope that you can use to play in a national game or an excess competition, consider equipping heavy sunglasses and a steel base. This will help reduce the recoil thanks to adding weight. However, if you use your M1A to control pig populations on the farm or as a general-purpose weapon in an emergency, try to maintain a minimum weight.


Budget is a big concern that not many people want to talk about. Scopes are expensive, and good ones can double or triple the cost you paid for your rifle itself. Be wise to choose the best scope for M1A with features that are essential and remove the unnecessary ones.

When it comes to buying optics, the most expensive options you have to pay are exclusive features and brand names. Exclusive features are sometimes great. Innovative companies such as Leupold and Vortex offer a reasonable price scope combining exclusive features and great prices. Companies like US Palm and NightForce take benefit from their brand image and offer fabulous features.

The Diameter of the Lens

The function of the objective lens is to collect light for your scope so that your images are bright and intelligible. Thus, you can see your targets clearly due to the reticle that enhances your accuracy. In other words, the larger the diameter of the lens, the more light can enter the scope.

As a result, a crisp, clean image will be created for your convenience. However, it does not increase the field of vision of your scope. It depends only on the magnification. As a result, magnification and lens diameter are also important for the performance of your M1A scope.

Reviews about The Best Scopes for M1A

If you're looking for a powerful rifle scope to complete your M1A with a reasonable price, Vortex Optics is the first brand you have to consider. Vortex Optics launches the Crossfire II series of riflescopes, which have been selected by several manufacturers for pairing with ready-to-use rifles.

Vortex has found common ground when it comes to finding a match between quality, durability, and value with this rifle scope line-up.

Vortex Optics Crossfire has many benefits for snipers because of the following reasons:

  • Excellent range optic: This product is ideal for people who use their M1A with the target shooting purpose

  • Waterproof and Fogproof performance: You can use this product anywhere and anytime, even in extreme weather

  • Fully Multi-Coated Lenses: This scope includes a 50mm lens and a 24x magnification.

  • Dead-Hold BDC Reticle: The fixed BDC reticle is not in the second focal plane, and the entire scope is optimized for fast shooting

However, Vortex Optics Crossfire has some minor disadvantages:

  • This scope is not ideal for casual hunting shoot or not suitable for common hunting tasks

  • The objective lens needs special rings

If you want to shoot at long distances of more than 500 meters or compete with your M1A, Nikon M-308 is exactly what you want. The telescope closes the gap between a fully tactical scope for long-range shooting and the usual standard look. This is the essence of a classic rifle scope M14.

It includes a BDC reticle for shots at 800 meters and towers for resetting. You can accurately predict and use the holdovers to take advantage of the ballistic potential of an M1A.

With Nikon M-308, you will have great shooting experiment because:

  • The BDC reticle is intuitive and easy to use, and the included target turrets have a very simple learning curve
  • Save money. Nikon M-308 has a reasonable price.
  • The 4-16x magnification is clear across the entire range and has plenty of power to shoot 1,000 meters
  • This scope is suitable for common shooting tasks

Besides the advantages, Nikon M-308 still needs to improve some issues:

  • This scope is not built for extreme duty, or it is not suitable for tactical environments
  • It may not be a good choice if you want to shoot in a very long range

Known for its classic sports rifle scopes, Leupold offers a wide range of modern and innovative designs that tactically match tactical companies. In Realm Scouts Scopes, they create the fantastic Fire Point Reticle that is hard to deny.

This long eye lens is perfect. It includes a modest magnification with a narrow and slim lens of 33 mm. Plus, the fire point reticle is illuminated like a red dot, and you can see why this is the ideal optic for an M1A.

If you are looking for an optic that allows you to reach several hundred meters with a .308 rifle, not to mention the style, you must meet strict standards. This scope is very robust, offers the right features and is available at a great price for anyone.

With Leupold VX-R, you will get many benefits:

  • It is made of 6061-T6 aircraft quality aluminum, so this product is very sturdy and durable

  • A versatile 3:1 zoom ratio erector system and Twilight Max Light Management System makes Leupold VX-R is suitable for extreme shooting tasks

  • This product is affordable, and you can save money when investing in this scope

Leupold VX-R has only a few minor drawbacks but not too much affect the feeling of shooting:

  • Many shooters may not feel comfortable with the large objective lens

  • The magnification of this scope may be too low if you want to have the longest distance shots


In my opinion, the best scope for M1A is Nikon M-308 if you want to have exciting shooting experiment in the medium range. Unlike the other two products, Nikon M-308 is designed for common hunting trips, and it is also lighter.

Comparing with the best scope selection criteria, we can see that Nikon M-308 has a suitable weight for the M1A. It is used for general purposes. Moreover, with this scope, the recoil is maintained at an average level. Besides, the lens diameter of 42mm and 4-16x magnification provide clear visibility. The price of this scope is also affordable for everyone. Hope you have a right purchase.

If you are a hunter and using ar15, I highly recommend the best Ar-15 scope for the money, it is useful.
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