Best Rigger’s Belt for 2023 Can Come up Your Expectation

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Rigger’s Belts are preferred to use by military, police, and even civilians.


Because not only are these belt durable and strong but also provide a variety of capacities such as holding your pants, supporting activities (rock climbing, lining, or roping), or holding multiple tools (knife or handgun).

The best Rigger’s belt is impeccable to get an active lifestyle.

It continues considering our article to select a right rigger’s belt as expected. Go! Go!

Learning about the Best Rigger’s Belt

The rigger’s belt has been launched for a time and has become a popular belt; especially, the persons enjoy using tactical gear, nylon belts, for example. 

So far, we have not found any information mentioned the inventor of this product. Possibly, there are some persons or a group of people created a strong belt from strap material. Or even, the rigger’s belts originated from armed forces.

All are just a theory.

Whether what the origin of the rigger’s belt is, they are also an uber-tough belt.

As far as we know, the rigger’s belts can reach up to 7,000 pounds of tensile strength. The different leather object will provide different tensile strength. To illustrate, the thicker belts will have a higher tensile strength (over 2,000 pounds. On the contrary, thinner pieces cannot have the same high tensile strength.

What Is the Rigger’s Belt Good for?

The rigger’s belts’ design suits rappelling. These belts combine the type of ‘D’ or ‘V’ ring for a carabiner. The purpose is to clip into.

Similar to the instructor belts, the rigger’s belts have a buckle and triple-reinforced stitching. This helps them withstand at least 5000 lbs of breaking strength.

In addition to that, they also feature an anchor point and has the specialized design to hold your pants throughout activities, for example, fast roping, zip lining, and rock climbing.

Best Riggers Belt Reviews for Choosing and Investing

And here is our list of top 3 best rigger’s belts. Based on our own experience and knowledge, we want to introduce:

If you are searching for an aesthetical and durable rigger’s belt, we have a good suggestion for you – the BlackHawk CQB Rigger’s Belt.

The design of this CQB Rigger’s Belt allows standing up to the extreme environmental conditions and does not you miss any beat. It utilizes a hook and loop design to hold safely the running end.

With one and three-quarters inches of nylon, it is especially strong, reinforced, and stiff. Both bring comfort but also maintain the stiffness to support the mounted things.

The large width is an outstanding feature so that you can mount a holster. Let’s have peace of mind! The 1 ¾-inch belts are compatible with the belt-mounted holsters.

The BlackHawk is very precise when offering adapters and buckles with the high tensile strength ~ 7,000 lbs. This means that this belt can meet most of your activities.

There are all four colors to select: Olive Drab, Coyote Tan, Black, and Desert Sand Brown. What color do you like?

Finally, we do not forget to remind that the belt is measured from the buckle attached to the belt to the belt angled tip. So, you need to measure within 3-4 inches and base on the advertised length instead.


  • It has a heavy-duty buckle as well as Velcro on the end for secure fit
  • It will fit more appropriately when adding a holster, flashlight, or magazine
  • strong and sturdy
  • It holds up the pants really well
  • It is comfortable when wearing


  • The area of the holster is not stiffened enough to hold a pistol out a bit
  • It is wide to wear with dress slacks
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The next rigger’s belt, the product from Elite Survival Systems is in the budget to invest. It is both reliable and durable for outdoor activities.

The Cobra Rigger’s Belt is designed with quickly released AustriAlpin D-Ring buckle. Make sure the safety while used.  

Being the belt made in the USA, we do not doubt what the Elite Survival Systems belt offers. Obviously, the specification is perfect and is built-in with 1.75 inches of Nylon webbing construction. As previously stated, this construction is reliable.

It is noticed high tensile strength. This belt provides up to 7,000 lbs.

For the durability and stiffness, you can feel secure because it truly supports a various range of outdoor gears. Those who love the outdoors will like this and so do we.

Anything else?

There is a patented Cobra quick release system with a rescue D-ring. Well, the D-ring buckle has two rates – 4000 lbs and 5000 lbs for straight pulling. These rates exceed standards such as NFPA, ANSI, EN, UIAA, and ANSI Z359.1.

Moreover, to increase the rigidity, the belt equips pouches and holsters supported by the internal stiffening layer.


  • It is a very heavy-duty belt
  • Stiff enough for various attachments
  • Have a great style of clasp for a belt buckle
  • It has a strong and sturdy construction
  • The D-ring is very strong


  • The large buckle leads to removing the one side to get it through the belt loops
  • It pays attention to the sizes (medium is too big while small is too small)

The Spec-Ops Rigger’s Belt is the next product that we want to introduce to you. This belt is specifically produced for police and military to use and is available in many different colors.

As mentioned, the uniform of sailors, airmen, soldiers, or marines will be compatible with the Spec-Ops Rigger’s Belt.

Based on the military standard, the Spec-Ops has built their belt in 1 ¾ inch of Nylon webbing. It fits a matter of various handgun holsters.

Personally, we like how to build a V-ring. It allows hooking to fast ropes, rope bridges, and hersh lines, and even attaching carabiners.

Being one of the strongest belts, the Spec-Ops belt can reach up to 8,000 pounds of tensile strength. This means that you can use it for holding your pack, gear, or weapons. Importantly, it brings comfort and confidence while utilizing.

Don’t stop! The heat-sealed bitter ends help prevent the belt from fraying. As a result, the usage time lasts longer. It combines with hook and loop covering, which avoid loosening the belt over time.

View from different angles, the Spec-Ops Rigger’s Belt works as well as rope belts. It is durable and strong enough to use for a long period of time. Do you think so?


  • It is easier to put on/ remover on normal pairs of pants
  • The Velcro and straps are holding very well
  • The quality is very impressed
  • Made in the USA
  • The use time is no less 10 years


  • The actual ring is not too comfortable on the hips to use
  • It is difficult to secure the Velcro end
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What to Consider When Shopping Rigger’s Belts

Before starting to invest seriously a rigger’s belt, you need to determine:


It makes sure that the chosen belt has to withstand the harsh conditions and support many different activities. Frequently, the belts made of nylon will provide an enormous tensile strength up to 7000 lbs or more.

The buckle system:

It would be best to check the buckle system before making the investment because it contributes to holding the belt secured. You can choose the loop- and hook system unless the D-shaped buckle ring is ideal. Both can hold the belt appropriately.

The layers of stitches:

The belt has the layers of stitches that help hold different gears. So, they must certainly be compatible. With pouch support and holster, it might hold various gears.

Toughness and strength: 

These are also vital factors when you look for a rigger’s belt. The stronger belts will provide a better ability to perform in various activities. Keep in mind!

It Is Clear That

After all, the best Rigger’s belts are a versatile tool to fill a wide variety of roles. Their strength and ability to support a large load are great.

That’s why rigger’s belts are preferred today.

You are actually lucky when having an array of first-rate products to select. The BlackHawk CQB Rigger’s Belt and the Elite Survival Systems Cobra Rigger’s Belt have strong construction while the Spec-Ops Rigger’s Belt provides great tensile strength.

Which one do you choose?

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