Let’s Pick The Best Red Dot Magnifier For Enhanced Range And Accuracy!

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Whenever you will go for hunting, you must think how to get the most accurate hunting scopes for your gun. It’s really difficult to shoot without this device from a long distance. A shooter finds it tough to search for the best red dot magnifier although there are many brands are available to select from.

In order to give you a perfect shooting experience and solve this issue of choosing the right hunting scope, we have made a detailed review.

Best Red Dot Magnifier Reviews

Designed for mounting the best possible way, this magnifier comes with completely multicoated optics for ultimate light transmission, fog-proof nitrogen gas purged body and O-ring covers.


  • Easy to use, compact design and lightweight scope
  • Features the useful push button to utilize the flip mount.
  • Helps you magnify your view easily, improving your accuracy.
  • The lenses are able to transmit light a better way.
  • The multi-coat feature comes with anti-reflective properties that can prevent the unwanted lens flares from ruining your view of the prey.
  • Made of hard-coated aluminum and anodized to make sure to handle lots of abuses.
  • The nitrogen purged tube ensures both fog-proof and waterproof features.
  • Helps you get clear and sharp images always.
  • Features stable and solid mount of the optics.
  • Comes with a high elevation adjustment device to help you set your line of view.
  • Well-suited for rough climatic conditions because of its O-ring covers that prevent dust, water, or any other small particular to get inside the tube and blur the vision by making a strong seal around the lens.


  • Poor eye relief

The EOTech G33 magnifier is an improved one from the previous model. The lenses are completely multicoated and water and fog-proof. This top-notch optic serves the police and military services worldwide. It provides a clear sight picture and the diopter enables immediate adjustment to accomplish the worthiest sight image to the hunter.

  • EOTech is one of the renowned magnifier manufacturer and supplier companies.
  • In comparison with other brands, this model is more equipped with some innovative features which are worthy of your investment.
  • This magnifier presents a quality performance with its red dot feature that begins with solid and tight mounting.
  • It can perform securely even in the toughest climatic conditions.
  • This device is easy for flipping down for optimal convenience while not in operation.
  • It’s easy to install and provides HD clarity of images.
  • It is designed with easy to follow mechanism.
  • Its quick detach lever provides hassle-free attachment and removal to your gun.
  • With holographic sight, this one is the most durable in the industry.
  • It comes with a 2-year limited warranty.
  • Ensures high-performance firing.
  • Offers eye relief.

This exclusive combo includes two leading red dot magnifiers in the industry. Both are reliable, durable, unique, and enriched with useful features for getting a quality red dot sight.

  • Both of these magnifiers enable red or green dot selection with 3X magnification.
  • VMX-3T magnifier comes with a flip mount which offers the selection of 3X or no magnification.
  • The VMX-3T is completely multicoated with antireflective coating on every air-to-glass surface and helps increase the light transmission.
  • The VMX-3T mounts with incorporated shim and flip mount to offer lower 1/3 co-witness.
  • The StrikeFire features O-ring real that offer the resistance from water and fog. Its nitrogen gas purging enables the product to perform in weather from -22 degrees to +140 degrees.
  • The StrikeFire comes with total 10 adjustable settings, and 5 green dot and 5 bright red dot levels. The lowest 2 levels are compatible with night vision.
  • The StrikeFire features Cantilever Ring Mount that puts the optic bore center 40mm above the base, offering the lower 1/3 co-witness with iron views on the flattop types of guns.

How To Choose The Best Red Dot Magnifier?

All red dot sight magnifiers are not same. Hence, we have listed a few basic features that go well with the best red dot magnifier.

Magnification Strength

A gunner must understand the objective of a red dot magnifier completely. This product is not meant for replacing with any other scope by any means. Usually, most magnifiers are fixed and come in the 2-3X magnification range, providing you a perfect shooting experience at distances of 300-400 yards.

With the advancements of the red dot magnifier technology, a few variable red dot sights have stepped to the market.


Strategic weaponry goes through a few greatly precise gunning practices and is generally exposed to less than perfect climatic conditions. Like any type of gear on these weapons, the magnifier scope should perform in any condition and also it does unusually on the range.

Magnifiers must feature a compact design for being capable of fitting into the rail framework at a perfect position behind the red dot sight when keeping the right place for comfortable gunning position.

Eye Relief

Like with every scope, you must be tremendously alert about the eye relief, given by these magnifiers. While utilizing the highly powerful guns, you require a delicate eye relief of several inches for an easy gunning.

While mounting the magnifier to your weapon’s rail framework, it is also vital that your magnifier is mounted so that you can get a transparent view through the red dot glass when keeping a perfect distance also for maintaining the clear picture of the field.

Flip Mounts

While utilizing a scope magnifier, it’s important to mount it to the weapon with the flip mounts. In basic methodical situations, getting red dots with the scope magnifier on a fixed mount can cause serious issues while facing aims at the closest range.

You will get the worst field of view and choosing aims becomes highly difficult quickly. To solve this, you must use magnifiers with a flip mount framework that helps move it fast out of the line of your view and enable you to use the red dot. Many products don’t feature a flip mount, so it’s essential to remember this feature while picking up the right product for your gun.

It’s obvious while utilizing a red dot sight magnifier for hunting, you will surely want to get full freedom in order to switch forth and back as required as you also do not know at what distance your aim is going to present itself.

The Best Ways Of Using A Red Dot Sight Magnifier

After you know what features to consider for picking the best red dot magnifier, you must the proper way of using it. This product can be really costly; so ensure to utilize it a proper way if you want to shoot your target precisely by avoiding every mishap.

  • At the time of utilizing a reflex sight, you must keep in mind that it’s an efficient but easy targeting gadget. If your prey is marked by the red dot scope, it is guaranteed that you will hit it perfectly. You don’t require checking a cheek weld or modifying your views.
  • In order to shoot your prey, modify your rifle to the shooting position. When the red dot becomes visible on the scope, target it at your prey. Engage your target by switching the safety off. At the time of the complete procedure, you must stay your both eyes open and should not keep the focus away from the aim.
  • Never forget to modify the reticle brightness to the greater level in a well-lit surrounding. This will enable you to aim your prey better. You can adjust the brightness to the lower level in poorly-lit areas.
  • Targeting the red dot sight to a particular prey is nearly similar to adjusting the regular gun scope. The single difference is that you require modifying the iron sights if required.


Magnifiers are the amazing addition to every gun running a red dot optic. This equipment offers a versatile and stable amount of magnification for numerous ranges. This excellent tool enables efficient war optic and helps a shooter become more accurate in firing. We believe that every duty gun using a red dot must be backed up with a strong magnifier as a just-in-case tool. All that is left is to choose the best red dot magnifier for your requirement. This depends on your budget and end usage.

For numerous individuals, from beginner to mid-level will work perfectly fine and will be suitable for home defense, hunting, sports firing and even maybe some law enforcements also work. The red dot magnifier combos are the most accurate solution between scopes and iron sights.

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